Let me start out by saying that I woke up this morning with a sense of motivation.  I grabbed my comfy sweatshirt and walked straight to the coffee pot.  I then took the coffee straight to the front porch and sunk right into the couch.  I proceeded to answer emails, sip the best cup ofContinue reading

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Happy thursday everyone.  I really mean that.  I love thursdays, they are by far my most favorite day of the week.  I love thursdays for many reasons, one is that it is a great day for TV.  My favorite shows air on thursdays and even if they don’t I watch them on thursday.  It is alsoContinue reading

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What a week!  What a week!  I am excited…..big happenings over here. Seriously checking off the bucket list!  Movin’ right on down that list! 1/ Raise money for the families involved with Reeses Rainbow trying to provide a forever home to a child with Down Syndrome. 2/ Start a blog! 3/ Start a photography business.Continue reading