Checking in.

I am not sure what I am going to name this post.  I am just going to dive in start writing.  So much whirling in my mind but the one thing at the for front is how I am not present in my real life right now.  As I drove 30 mins to get the garland that I am going to use to deck my staircase tonight (because NO ONE has it in stock yet) I reviewed the last month that I can not even remember.  My favorite holiday month.  Thanksgiving. The month of gratitude I can not even remember.  I was too busy wrapping up work, planning a campaign that I had put off for 6 months and well I don’t even know what else I did because I can’t remember.

How sad is that.  As I was driving to get that garland this afternoon with a car full of kids that I feel like I haven’t really “seen” in weeks outside of school my heart broke.  I wait all year for the days to get shorter and the weather to be cooler so that we can huddle under afghans by the fire and eat cookies.  Really.  I look forward to the fact that we do not have to mow the lawn or clean the pool.  There are less responsibilities and more days full of nothingness.  I blame myself for being side tracked but I also blame our schedule.  Basketball teams and Tae Kwon Do lessons fill the weeks and we are not settling into our house until after 7 or 8pm at night.  This goes on every night.

Not sure what my solution is but the bus is stopping here.  I am not going to look back at December and question where I was.  I am going to be here with my kids.  I am going to pick up the where I left off with traditions and actually tune into what is going on instead of juggling a bunch of things that really don’t matter.  The urge to start preparing for hibernation has hit me.  I will hang the garland tonight and relish in the evergreen smell every time I walk up my stairs.   Just another reminder that the magic of Christmas is right around the corner.

I am excited to take this amazing year out in style and look forward to all the goodness to come in 2015.  Most of all I am grateful that we are all still here.  We are able to celebrate this beautiful season as one.  I don’t take that for granted.

So here are just a few things that have gotten me into the right frame of mind.

4Q3B5760 copy


Fake presents.  I love them.  Wrapped some today.


Holley Maher - Another December

Honestly anything by Holley is amazing but I love the 2 tracks she features on this little album.



Lennon and Maisy are just like Tea and Honey.  I fell in love with them on the show Nashville and regularly check iTunes for new releases but I just love their sweet little Christmas Song - Christmas Coming Home.  If you are listening Lennon and Maisy I would appreciate a full Christmas album I can put on replay all month long.  Please?

4Q3B5732 copyOberweis egg nog is the BOMB.  Let me say that again.  The BOMB!  If you have not had it, get some.  You will thank me.

4Q3B5749 copyOrange winter berries.  I am obsessed with winter berries in general but orange ones, well they have taken me to a whole new level of love.  I buy a bunch every time I go to the grocery store.

AH3A8220 copy AH3A8156 copyMy girl and her dolls.  These moments remind me to play.  Just get down there and make-believe.

AH3A8137 copy AH3A8136 copyFriends visiting from out of town.  My appreciation for my long distance “girlfriends”.   I have no words, but these visits remind me how needed they are in my life and my kids life.

4Q3B5754 copyAnd the damn garland that no one is selling right now.  Well it makes me happy that I have some and gives me that much needed reminder to find ways to hibernate by the fire and invite friends and family along.

So I am checking into my own life.  The real stuff going on around me.  I hope you are too.

Don’t let December fly by.  The magic only comes around every 12 months.

I love you all.  K






2015 Advertising here we come!

It is in your hands.  This will not happen without you and you and you and you.  If you think someone else will do it you are wrong.  We need YOU and your friend and your friends, friend.  We need every single one of you to grab this hashtag #changingthefaceofbeauty and run with it.

It takes 2 seconds and a Facebook or twitter account!  That is it!  A video with a message to a retailer and your friends saying you recognize this is a problem and you want it changed.  You want EVERYONE to feel valued in this country, regardless of ability.  Then challenge someone else to do the same!

Hey!  you can check us out on Ellentube!  Check it out and leave her a comment.  Let her know we need her help!

So lets do this!

Go Go Go!  We all have a voice and it is super loud when we work together!

Representation for individuals living with disabilites in the media means jobs in the future!  That means a brighter world for all of us.


OX  Katie

Raising boys….

So a couple of weeks ago a friend asked me what it was like raising my boys.   “What was it like when they were little?”, she asked.  I felt my blood pressure rise and then a sense of nervousness in my stomach.  Kind of like when I stand in the Dr’s office and they ask me the birthdate of my one of my kids.  I freeze.  Then I proceed to say that I have six kids and I just need a second to remember the year.   Tt is the year that I struggle wit (The days and months are always there for the record).  They look at me like really lady?  You have no clue when you kid was born.   That feeling.  The “I forgot” feeling.  Well that is how I felt when my friend asked me what it was like to raise the 5 boys.

AH3A6617 copy

I mumbled through the whole answer, they were wild, broke everything and then flipped into a funny story my sister in-law told me years ago about her own mom who raised a lot of kids and that sufficed.  That moment is now engrained in my head.  I literally forgot  how it felt to be the mom of 5 boys.  That is who I was 5 years ago.  The mom who had 5 boys.  Everyone knew who we were just because of the size and gender of our family. AH3A6648 copy AH3A6661 copy

This past week I decided it was time to complete a project I have been working on for the past 3 years (no judging).  I had this idea of how I was going to display my photo books.  The ones that remained stashed away in compartments all over the house.  What is the point in having them if you never look at them.  3 years ago I bought the shelves and after realizing the photo books that weighed 100 pounds are no way going to be held up by floating shelves.  A year later I bought the brackets to support them and a year after that I installed them.  photo

We have taken many walks down memory lane over the past couple of days.  The kids have grabbed books.  We pulled down Patricks birth pictures on his birthday.  Memories.  I took those pictures in hopes that my kids would remember the good and forget the not so good.  My son just asked me last night if I took parenting classes before I had children and when I stated a big “NO” the look on his face was priceless.  I guess I probably should have.  Instead I just walked into the hospital on Feb 20, 2002 and walked out on Feb 21, 2002 with a little boy who was all mine.

AH3A6671 copy AH3A6702 copy AH3A6711 copy AH3A6716 copy

Not sure in the whole scheme of things how efficient that is but how would I know I forgot how it felt!  So after beating myself up over my pathetic answer I have taken a lot of time out to review the past 13 years locked in those picture books.  As I glanced over the images memories flooded my mind of all the milestones, chubby legs and curly hair.  We had all of that and I am still so proud to be raising 5 great boys.  This is the last Christmas before we have a teenager in the house.  13 years is just around the corner.AH3A6736 copy AH3A6767 copy AH3A6769 copy

The one thing I have not forgotten is how much I love these guys.  I am so proud of them and not sure how they have accomplished what they have with us as parents.  We have struggled, it is a lot of work raising 6 children but….. the details.  The details where there.  The special birthday celebrations with cotton candy that blew all over my chandeliers, the magician who took over the front room of our house and the families that filled our home every friday night for pizza, all those details.  So I really hadn’t forgotten.  I just needed some simple reminders of just how amazing it was and remains to be..

Pictures are important.  They are little windows of your memories.  Kind of like reminders that the moments really happened.  If I were teaching a parenting class right now my #1 would be to take them.  Take pictures, but don’t stop there.  Print them, because there will be a day when someone asks you the same question.  What was it like 10 years ago? And I promise you, those picture books will bring you back some of your favorite moments.  Moments that you forgot because your mind is now full of even more beautiful moments but when you remember.  That will be magic.

Happy weekend friends! OX  Katie

Weekend Musings…..

I am a non-commiter.  I generally hate committing to anything 48 hours in advance.  I like to run our plans in 24 hour increments.  I mean how am I supposed to know how my 7 people will be feeling, acting or reacting more then 24 hours in advance.  It is impossible.  Because of that I tend to wait too long, missed opportunities and our outings are not always planned out the way they would have been if I would have taken the time to schedule. But more often then not the plans turn out even better.AH3A6303 AH3A6338 copy AH3A6361 copy AH3A6364 copy

This years halloween was no different.  It was 2:00pm in the afternoon and the snow was beginning to fall.  I realized that my boys were going to trick or treat all night even if they had to cover their costumes with snow pants.  There was no way they were missing out on the candy opportunity.  Text sent to my friend and confirmation text back.  I knew strawberry shortcake would only be good for a couple of houses and I needed a warm, inviting place to wait it out.  Preferably with great food, wine and even better conversation.  So all 8 (well 9 because we had an extra) set out to get that candy.AH3A6372 copy AH3A6401 copy AH3A6402 copy AH3A6411 copy AH3A6414 copy

I appreciate my friends that are like family on nights like that.  The ones that say, “why sure you are invited and just bring yourself.”  The ones with comfy couches to relax on after lugging kids from house to house.  Feeling grateful for the good ones who never question and just say yes.AH3A6508 copy AH3A6525 copy AH3A6537 copy AH3A6548 copy

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating fall, cooking good food and hanging out with friends.  It was one of those weekends that reminded me just how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many people who love our kids as much as we do.

AH3A6560 copy AH3A6563 copy AH3A6566 copy AH3A6569 copy AH3A6570 copy

Grace was honored with the opportunity to walk in the Monica + Andy fashion show once again this year.  She is a seasoned runway girl now, but I have to say last year went a bit smoother.

AH3A6588 copy AH3A6597 copy AH3A6603 copy

Stage fright set in and her Dad could not get ahold of her.  That girl tried to climb off the stage and stand by her brothers twice!  She made it and as always we had a blast celebrating the 1 year annversary of a fantastic children’s line designed right here in Chicago!  Graces dress was just precious! If you are interested you can find it here!

photo 3

Don’t forget to check out the Mighty Acorn and Changing the Face of Beauty auction tomorrow morning!  There are so many designer that have donated their talent to make this auction a success!  Proceeds will go to GiGi’s Playhouse Oak Forest and the Mighty Acorn!  You can check it out here!

Happy Monday!  OX  Katie

Vacation recap.

Our vacation ended Sunday morning in the 70 degree ocean air and we landed in Chicago pleasantly surprised to a beautiful 70 degree temperature and loads of leaves everywhere.  Maybe it was the 5 days away that made me stop and notice the beautiful reminders of fall in the midwest, but I got it.  Windows were rolled down almost immediately, we drove from house to house retrieving our furry family members and home we went.

4Q3B5448 copy 4Q3B5457 copy 4Q3B5464 copy 4Q3B5467 copy 4Q3B5480 2 copy 4Q3B5483 2 copy

It was good to spend time with my family without distractions.  Very little work and a lot of play.  Early morning donut runs, followed by football on the beach.  We saw family and friends and did a whole lot of exhaling.  It is funny how I seem to forget to do just that exhale.  I charge through my days and nights with my head down and my checklist on the counter.  Dog bath (check), laundry (check), work (check), schooling (check) I could keep going but you get the point.  I never take the time to stop and just be.  I am constantly pushing myself for more ideas, inspiration and goals but come up short handed.  My pot has been empty for a lot of different reasons.  What I realized in Florida was that I never take the time to fill up, to experience the weather…..really experience it, like walk outside.  I mean how do I expect myself to grow and create if I don’t fill my heart and mind up with experience?  Instead fear and insecurity just take the front seat and I remain in my conundrum.4Q3B5492 2 copy 4Q3B5504 2 copy 4Q3B5508 2 copy 4Q3B5515 2 copy 4Q3B5516 2 copy Untitled-1 copyThat is why vacations are good for the soul.  There is nothing else to do except experience and then think about those experiences.  I did that.  I felt the air, soaked in as many different palm trees as possible (did you know there is 100′s of varieties?) and had real conversations with my kids, my husband as well as friends and family.  I grabbed all of that stuffed it in my heart and brought it home with me.4Q3B5530 2 copy 4Q3B5528 2 copy 4Q3B5540 2 copy 4Q3B5533 2 copy 4Q3B5546 2 copy 4Q3B5552 2 copy 4Q3B5553 2 copy 4Q3B5555 2 copy 4Q3B5566 2 copy

Tuesday morning was back to reality.  I was up early making coffee and starting the bacon for the kids.  Moms with 6 kids generally make bacon under the broiler but not that day.  I cooked each piece like it was a science experiment.  Savoring the way the iron skillet cooked that bacon and the way the kitchen smelled.  Today I took time to step foot outside.   Not just to run to the car for errands or to grab the mail, I really stepped out with the kids and a whole lot of leaves.  We raked and burned leaves for about 2 hours.  The smell and crunchiness of the leaves as well as the huge fire we created brought more thoughts of possibility then I have had in months.4Q3B5560 2 copy 4Q3B5564 2 copy 4Q3B5573 2 copy4Q3B5589 2 copy 4Q3B5598 2 copy

I am enjoying real life.  Home rearranging, cooking, baking and just being.  But being with the intention of remembering and appreciating.  We are entering into the month of gratitude.  We all have it, but tend to forget about it.  I read an article on the plane in O Magazine talking about how to remember to be grateful.  It is really pretty easy,  If you are grateful let people know it.  She them a note, the real deal, with a stamp and an envelope and let them know what you appreciate about them.  It is sad we have to read something as simple as that in order to actually pick up a pen and find out note cards but it works.  Being grateful reminds us that we are grateful and that is a good thing.  It is important to wrap our gratitude around the ones we love.  It helps and it keeps me checked in and that is exactly where I want to be this holiday season.

Happy Gratitude. OX  Katie


I have spent the last 2 days packing, organizing and planning for a little trip we are taking for the kids fall break.  I think a lot as I grab, fold, refold and organize my kids clothes.  I usually come across the t-shirt that never got filed to the bottom of the pile this past summer.  Instead it was worn 5 out of the 7 days of the week.  The t-shirt that I tried my hardest to loose and always found its way back home.  Everytime I run into those relics a flood of memories come back to me.  The stains from afternoon pop cycles and the little hole from getting caught on the fence as one of the boys tried to fetch a ball.  I always think about how big I thought they were then and how old they are now.

That whole thought was only magnified by the process of changing out my hallway photos of my kids.  I do it every fall.  New head shots for each of them!  The pictures greet me every time I open my front door or come down the stairs in the morning to make lunch.  Some days I notice them more then others.  The changes in their hair, face and features, but one thing I always notice is how young they looked “back then”.  How young they looked on that day that I thought they were so grown up.

AH3A6155-2 copy AH3A6182-2 copy AH3A6164-2 copy AH3A6169-2 copy AH3A6152-2 copy AH3A6209-2 copyI have witnessed friends and family saying good-byes to their children as they head off to college or off to start the next chapter of their life.  The chapter that doesn’t include their hometown.  I mean I did the same thing to my own parents.  Off to college I went, returned home only for short stints until I started my job in the big city.  What I have realized is that all the pushing, expecting, fear and encouragement ends up creating confident and independent young adults who move out.  Adults who look at the world as an opportunity instead of a scary “what if”.  And we are left questioning why.  Missing the yesterdays and wondering where the years went.

AH3A6236 copy AH3A6234 copy

I know my time is coming.  It isn’t long till I will be waving good-bye to one of my boys.   I mean next year I won’t even have a child in footie PJ’s.  I have been buying them for 12 solid years.  There has always been a child in need of 3 pairs of carters, snuggly, warm footie pajamas every year.   I threw the traditional 3 pairs in the cart this afternoon I knew next year I would be looking at those Pj’s and wishing I was where I am right now.  Holding the hand of a little girl who wears 5T snuggly, warm and soft Carters PJ’s.

AH3A6130 copy AH3A6125 copy

I am happy to be at a place where we can travel.  Pick up and go on a road trip or visit my family a little more freely then I could in past years, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss those memories.  Last years Christmas and birthdays.  All of it.  They were so big but now they are even bigger.  Yet another reminder to slow down and be more deliberate.  Instead of crossing out a tradition, I am going to start new ones.

076A9787 copy 076A9845 copy

I am happy to share with you a designer that I have watched grow over the past 3 years.  I have absolutely adored her raincoats since the moment I set my eyes on them and am so excited Grace finally has her own.  If you are not familiar with Oil & Water you must visit their site.  You will fall in love, instantly.  They are so unique and practical.  We got stopped 3 times in one afternoon to find out exactly where Graces coat came from! Best part is that it is lined! Perfect Christmas gift!

AH3A6110 copy AH3A6074 copy balloon ball3 ball2 AH3A6087 copy AH3A6059 copy AH3A6021 copy AH3A6018 copy


PS….if you ever need a pick me up.  Give a girl a balloon. You are bound to smile.  More on our little vacation here.

OX Katie

I’m home…..

I have returned…..  I am back home after a long weekend in the city with my friend Michelle.  This is becoming a bit of a tradition.  I think it has something to do with 40.  40 years of experience, raising kids, growing, learning and loving.  Life evolves and the wants and needs of ourselves and our children change.  I have finally reached a stage in my life that I give myself permission to grab my bags, kiss my babies good-bye and head out the door for a weekend with my girlfriend without guilt.  Honestly I am not sure why it takes 40 years to reach this point.  My Mom has whispered in my ear many times over the years to take time out for myself but I thought, “What does she know? I am a Mom and I can’t be selfish like that.”  The sad thing is she knew it was selfish not too.  Every time I leave I come back a relaxed, inspired and a grateful Mom.  A better Mom.

4Q3B2985 copy 4Q3B2986 copy

This trip could not have come at a better time.  The last couple months have been a roller coaster with tons of good and tons of reality.  All of it wrapped together leads to some sleepiness nights as well as pushing myself to limits I didn’t even know I had.  There are a lot of lifes worries that I tend to shove right back down when they surface themselves and my heart questions what the future holds especially when it comes to my kids.

Insert – We baked Cookies

4Q3B2958 copy 4Q3B2953 copy

Being this is Down syndrome awareness month my friend, Kelle, wrote a beautiful piece about raising a child with Down syndrome and how it relates to siblings.  It was beautiful and it raised some hard questions for me.  I have been struggling with them for the past week.  Truth is I tend to not even think what the future holds for Grace and her siblings because one thing I have learned while being a Mom for almost 13 years is that you can not control the way your children think about anything.  When I was a new Mom and raising toddlers I worried that one wasn’t feeling loved or I would question if I hugged one boy more then another.  I would make sure I included all of them all of time.   It was a vicious circle of worry that never was satisfied.  It was and still is impossible to make everyone was happy all the time.

4Q3B2947 copy 4Q3B2940 copy

As we were blessed with more children our rooms filled from one child to 2.  Moving them in together stressed me out.  I grew up in a house where everyone had their own room, their own toys and virtually shared very little except our parents.  Our parents took us on vacations every year.  We made it to Disney at least 3 times!  We wanted for virtually nothing.  I was the only child in our family who was a product of divorce.  I never remember my biological parents being married but I always had a Mom and 2 Dads that loved me unconditionally.  But guess what?  I have good memories and bad.  I remember feeling insecure and scared.  I also remember feeling loved.  Everything I felt are my feelings and there is really very little my parents could have done to change those feelings.  They did the best they could and they loved me.  I know that.  Yet still there are memories of wishing my parents were together.  Questions about how my life would have been if they never divorced.  As well as dreams of what type of family we would have been.

4Q3B2926 copy

I thought  a lot about that this weekend.  I thought a lot about how my kids will feel when they are my age.  What will they think of their childhood and will they look back on having a sister with a developmental disability and find it a gift or a burden.  It stings to  even think about.  So here are my thoughts and what I told myself.  I don’t care.  Honestly as you read above, even though my parents divorced before I can remember them being married I was given 2 sisters and a brother.  I was given a second man to call Dad.  I was given a whole other extended family of cousins, aunts and uncles and even grandparents!  I mean really?  How lucky am I?  You know that is a whole set of additional Christmas and Birthday presents, right?!  And guess what?  I still have insecurities.  There is nothing my parents could have done to change that.

4Q3B2923 copy

So all I can do is love my kids.  Remind them that they are important and encourage a whole lot of “love your siblings”.  What they do with that is up to them.  The road to adulthood with my 3 siblings has not been a smooth highway.  It has been more of an old, bumpy country road with pot holes and a lot of dust.  Put us in a room for longer then 3 days and nerves are on high alert. But you know what?  I love them.  I would do anything for them and I can’t imagine my life without them regardless of the differences each of them have.  Regardless of the differences I have.  They are my family.

Down syndrome is just that Down syndrome, nothing more.  Grace is our daughter and their sister.  When questions arise from the kids, such as “Mom how long has Grace had Down syndrome?” I answer, “since she was born.” “Oh”, they say, “she is so cute Mom.” Ahhh that she is.   They are right, she is cute.

4Q3B2921 copy

So I am laying this to rest.  I am giving myself a break.  I don’t care if someday my sons think it is a burden raising a child with a developmental disability, because for me, it is not.  For me it will never be.  The sky is the limit in my mind for her and the boys.  I expect greatness from all of them and the definition of greatness is not the top of their class and the captain of their sporting team.  I expect each of them to leave their mark on this world.  I want them to busy themselves with caring, loving and experiencing life.  I believe that is the only way to true happiness anyway.

XOX Katie

Our house.

We spent the weekend finishing things up and preparing for new things.  I didn’t pull out my camera once.  It was freezing on Saturday and after spending 4 hours in sleet, rain and SNOW (yes you read that right, it snowed!).  The couch and a fire was where it was at for the rest of the afternoon.  So tonight when I looked out the back door and saw my family laughing and playing I knew these moments are few because they usually start out all laughter and turn into he did, she did…..its not fair Mom.

Not tonight.  The boys and girl played for a good hour chasing each other while playing a made up game called “peek – a – gettem” or “pooka – boo”.  There were 3 or 4 names for it but basically the gist of the game was run around the yard dodging your brother and sister with the noodle and bat.  No rules just go gettem.

AH3A4325 copy AH3A4329 copy AH3A4335 copy

So I grabbed my camera and captured some of this.  I will look back on these images a year from now and my heart will hurt because they will be a year older.  The laughter in the backyard.  The dirty feet at dinner.  All of it.  If just goes so fast.

I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest little family yesterday.  They are parents of 2 little ones.  The oldest 3 and the youngest 6 months.  I saw them walking toward me with kids in their arms and diaper bag slung over the shoulder.  Years flashed through my mind.  I remember those days like they were yesterday.  Those days of no sleep and juggling life around, lunch, nap and snacks.  I suddenly missed my babies.  I missed when by 2 oldest were small and we had play dates and met at the mall so the kids could play in the center play areas.  Those days.  It seems like a 100 years ago.

AH3A4336 copy AH3A4340 copy AH3A4346 copy AH3A4349 copy

So these moments are captured and forever saved on my hard drive and soon to be put in a book.  I appreciate the Monday afternoons filled with laughter and not tears.  I look forward to looking back and seeing a realistic view of our house.

AH3A4352 copy AH3A4370 copy AH3A4373 copy AH3A4383 copy AH3A4392 copy AH3A4418 copy

I am super excited to announce the winner of the cape and panel pants for Kana!!  Congrats to Tiffany Orr!  You are the winner!  Please email me at so that I can pass your information on.

Ox Katie

A camera, a girl and a cape AND a giveaway!

It has been awhile since I pulled down the background paper and created something just for Grace.  I have been so busy with work that grabbing her and having some fun with the camera was just not on the list of things to do.  She has grown up in front of the camera,  posing and just being.  It has always been a special time we share together.  Shut the door, crank the music and dance.  Don’t forget the cute outfits.  Those are always the best part.

AH3A3542 copy

Recently a very special box came from Kana, a clothing line that I might have a little crush on.  Inside that box was the sweetest cape and panel pants you might ever see!  In love.   What can I say I am a total sucker for capes.  They are so Mary Poppins and frankly I want one for myself.  The best part of this one is the lining inside. Its WARM.

AH3A3559 copy AH3A3599 copy AH3A3616 copy


Grace loved the feel of the pants and the fact that the cape suddenly made her feel like she could fly.  Really.

AH3A3635 copy

AH3A3669 copy AH3A3687 copy AH3A3756 copy2 AH3A3758 copy



The best part for YOU is that Kana will be giving this whole outfit (Cape and Panel Pants) away to a deserving follower! (They have sizes 2-10) You need to go here  and follow along (like the page is what I am trying to say) and go here and let Kana know what you think about their gorgeous outfit as well as leave a comment on THIS BLOG telling me your favorite outing in the fall!  I need some new ideas. This cape will look amazing on your little one playing in the leaves, I promise!  Ready set go! You have till Monday! will be choosing the winner but I will check to make sure you followed all the steps.  It is super easy!

TGIF friends!

OX Katie

At home…

Beautiful flowers brought to you by myself.  This “self” decided that she deserved a vase of pretty orange flowers to look at.  It makes the whole process of breakfast, lunch and dinner special.  So there you have it.  I felt I was deserving of these beauties because well I deserve them.  A little fun fact I do this every week!

AH3A3761 copy

Believe me there are many days and weeks that I am not deserving of such a beautiful little reminder of “your special” but this week just happens to be different.  This week I feel like we climbed a big mountain and are resting at the top enjoying the beautiful fluffy clouds.  Things just seem easier this week homeschooling, therapy, cooking, schedules all of it.  I seem to be in the car instead of running behind it.  Now forget about the part where we made it to Tae kwon do without the belts.  (that is not allowed btw) or the fact that I had to run to the store twice for two different ingredients for the cookies we are making in these pictures.  I gave myself yet another pass and some how things still seem a little easier.

AH3A3496 copy

I think it has a lot to do with a lighter work schedule and just being here.  My focus is solely on my job as a mother.  When the slates are clean (and that is not often) and the extras are cleaned out life just is easier.

This week I will savor it.  We are working on new things and I see little buds growing on the brains of my children.  Struggles we have had in the past are now not as big of a concern. It feels good to know that your hard work is paying off and there is a bigger foundation to grow from. So we celebrate with a cookie.

AH3A3504 copy AH3A3508 copy

We made cookies together.  They are like therapy for me and probably a big reason I go up a jean size every year.  They are my staple.  Friends and family can rest assured they will be there waiting when they come for a visit.  My kids get them for good grades, half days and just a late night, there is nothing to eat in our house.  I can whip them up in 10 mins flat.  In the oven they go and they transform the whole atmosphere in our house.  Happier is happier and frowns are turned upside down.  Its a fact.

AH3A3508 AH3A3510 copy

We do this so much I wanted to capture some of the feeling that goes into each batch.  It has been a bucket list thing to pull out the camera and use the remote so that I could be in the images with my kids too.  I love these because they are who we are.

AH3A3517 copy AH3A3524 copy AH3A3528 copy

This family loves cookies, home, a good show on TV and our friends and family.

Check back this Friday for a great giveaway!  Girl moms you are not going to want to miss this! More to come on Down syndrome awareness month!

Happy hump day!  Heres to easy weeks.  I love them!  OX

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