Ice, Water, Buckets….bring it

SO I know I am not the only one who has a social media feed filled with videos of the ALS ice bucket challenge.  One after another. Some creative and some just, ” I take your challenge”.  It started with friends and family of a very creative man, Pete Frates and it cruised across social media like a wild fire to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  This creative challenge has raised more then 24 million dollars for ALS research.  Never, ever has ALS had such a successful fundraiser.  I would bargain to say that most of the people dumping ice water on their head didn’t even know what ALS was until this challenge.

I sit in conversations all the time where people talk about social media and what a time waister it is.  They grieve the days when you actually had to pick the phone up and call your friend to find out how their first day at the new job was.  I can agree with some of those feelings.  I do believe our society has grown a little less physically connected because of the status updates. But WOW, never in our life time has it been easier for one man to set out and challenge his friends to dump water on their head turning the challenge into a viral frenzy of fundraising. Millions of other people, my family included have now connected to his passion of finding a cure for this horrible disease.

So I say go for it!  Grab a bucket of ice and dump in on your head and if you are able make a donation to the ALS foundation.  Honestly my heart bursts every time I see a new video of someone I know.  Especially when they say not only are they dumping but they are donating too.  Imagine the changes that could happen if we could all rally around each other more often.  Lets help the ALS community find answers to a disease that right now has no answers at all.  Lets continue to celebrate with all the people who are living with ALS by letting them know that we see them, we see their struggle and we are pulling for them.  A little creativity goes along way.  It changes perceptions and the world.  Here is the perfect message from someone who is living with ALS explaining just how much Pete Frates challenge has meant to her.

Click here to see Lorri Carey.  You will not be sorry.

The Driscoll family not only donated and completed the ALS Ice bucket challenge (here and here) we have also grabbed a couple more summer memories before our vacation comes to an end.  This is the last full week home and we are already half way though.  More fun to come but here is our week so far in images.

AH3A4994 copy AH3A5015 copy ballooon battleblog AH3A5085 AH3A5055 copy AH3A5037 copy AH3A5100 copy AH3A5094 copy


Someone in our family took a chunk out of the cake before we even sang “Happy Birthday” so much for any kind of perfection.  I did make this amazing cake from scratch which felt really good and tasted even better!  Happy Birthday Tom! OX


4Q3B2093 copy china

I took my kids to lunch in China town today.  Something I have wanted to do for the last 2 summers.  We made it and it was great but I am not going to lie.  It was hot, Grace was under the weather and the boys complained up until they ate their first bite.  So here we are in this amazing place and i have no pictures!  Just memories.

Happy hump day! OX Katie


Fair time…..

These last couple weeks have been and continue to be jam packed with work, school preparations, organizing and cooking.  YES!  We are eating more meals that have actually have been prepared with a little more then add water and stir.  Anyway my parents live in Springfield which happens to be the home of the State Fair!  Yes!  I grew up going to the State Fair every year.  Last summer my 2 oldest boys experienced it with my parents for and ever since have been asking if they could go again.

4Q3B1958 copy 4Q3B1994 copy 4Q3B2058 copy

Back to we are busy……  I literally have days smashed full of schedules to get everything in before the end of Aug when everyone returns to school.  But during the preparations, the planning, the shopping and working my kids are doing a whole lot of nothing.  To them the only thing that matters right now is getting to that State Fair.  Wednesday night I decided to make it happen.  Thursday afternoon we were in the car and on our way to Grandma and Grandpas.  We had 1.5 days to make it happen and that we did.

4Q3B1991 copy 4Q3B2028 copy


4Q3B2029 copy

I walked all six kids + a nephew in that fair with the help of my parents.  It is funny to return to something that was so grand when you were a kid.  Everything looked so much smaller then it did back then.  The rides the and the animal buildings.  They are all still there.  It reminded us that farming is very much alive in our state.  Something we do not think about when we live in the city.  Something we should think about.

4Q3B1999 copy 4Q3B2007 copy 4Q3B2015 copy 4Q3B2016 copy 4Q3B2023 copy 4Q3B2026 copy

My kids got to milk a cow along with the 6782 others.  Cool right?  They filed right up there and grabbed an utter like they had been doing it all their life.  Afterward you get a free carton of milk. Bonus for all milkers.

milking 4Q3B1986 copy


4Q3B1990 copy

The highlight for them is Happy Hallow.  The area of carnival rides that make me nauseous watching but they love them!   By the time we left my feet were killing me and my nerves were on over drive but the kids were happy and although the thought of taking them was completely overwhelming we did it and I am so glad we did. They love going to places my husband and I went as kids.  They ask questions like is that your school?  Did you come here every year? Is this your favorite place to eat?  Do you miss it here, Mom?

4Q3B2091 copy-2 4Q3B2090 copy2 4Q3B2090 copy 4Q3B2075 copy 4Q3B2074 copy 4Q3B2068 copy 4Q3B2064 copy

While we were in the thick of growing our family, trips like these didn’t happen often.  In fact if we made it home for Christmas that was good.  As the kids are growing that is changing and we are venturing out.  Trips are more enjoyable and it feels good to be going home more often.  That is where I am from.  They are the reason I am who I am today.  I am grateful to have places to call home.

4Q3B2052 copy

OX  Katie

Times a changin’

What a whirl wind this past week has been and continues to be.  Between work, and back to school preparations there has been very little time to enjoy the last days of this amazing summer.  My kids are ready for school to start.  They need the new chapter of learning to begin whether they think so or not.  It is the eb and flow of life that actually makes our years interesting.  They don’t know that right now but they will.

AH3A2011 copy AH3A2029 copy

Over the past week my “”Back to School” imagery has flown all over the country and spilled into others.  I am beyond thankful for all the people who continually believe that this message and these images are worthy of being talked about.  There are so many amazing people out there fighting for equality in the media and the fact that I can be a part of their movement makes me a happy lady.  There ia strength in numbers and I am lucky to be standing with all of them.

My husband asked me last night what it feels like.  He wanted to know if I ever in my wildest dreams thought that magazines like People, Redbook and news programs like The Today show would catch on to my imagery and the answer was no.  I am a Mom first and foremost.  I worry about my kids, all of them, and the thought of any of them being excluded breaks my heart so what ever I have to do to stimulate the change needed for my daughter to feel equal to the rest of the world I will do and for me that challenge is with  the media.

AH3A2186 copy AH3A2094 copy

All kid of all abilities are heading back to school this week and over the next month.  They deserve to feel represented.  They deserve to open a magazine and feel included.  I want that for all of them.

Off I go with my kids on a road trip to the Illinois State fair!  It is time to grab a couple more memories for the bank before the next chapter begins!

You can check out my images on a lot of great sites included here!

Good Morning America

Huffington Post

Baby Center

Autism Speaks


Austrailian Womens Weekly


More to come!

OX Katie

Celebrating our boy……

My husband and I have such a hard time deciding what to do for birthdays.  I am more of a practical parent.  My question is always what does HE (our son) want to do?    I ask the obvious.  What type of cake do you want and what do you want to do on your special day.  Colin specifically wanted to hit the ticket blaster at Chuck e Cheese and eat chocolate cake.  Thats it!  Well that never sits right with my husband.  He has grandiose ideas flying around for every single one of our kids.  Something to do with re-living his own childhood.  I let him because whats the harm right?Untitled-1 copy

So instead of ol Chuckie we found ourselves at one of our favorite lunch spots and a water park.  We finished the celebration at the cottage late in the evening with neighbors singing happy birthday while he blew his candles out.  When asked what he thought of the day he said it was the best day of his life.  So our job is done.

4Q3B1829 copy 4Q3B1831 copy 4Q3B1837 copy 4Q3B1860 copy

Colins birthday is always thought provoking for me.  Not that all the births of all our children aren’t, but Colins was unique.  It was the first baby of 5 that the epidural did not work correctly (ouch!) and he was the first of 5 children to be born with a full head of fluffy hair.  At the time I thought he just might be the last one.  I was in the best shape of my life while carrying him and he was just easy.

4Q3B1867 copy 4Q3B1870 copy 4Q3B1879 copy 4Q3B1887 copy 4Q3B1895 copy

When we decided to have just one more child to round our 6 pack out I knew that Colin would be an excellent big brother.  A couple months after I found out we were expecting I found out that our 6th and final child would be coming with an extra chromosome.  We were devastated but hopeful.  We knew there was a bigger picture and we began searching for it but I remember holding Colin who still took a bottle at the time and rocking him in the chair in his room.  I rocked him to sleep every night and as that baby was growing in my belly I remember saying to myself.  Enjoy this.  This is it for the typical American family.  I would cry and rock him a little longer questioning what I done.  I had 5 healthy boys, why did I push my luck?

4Q3B1902 copy 4Q3B1904 copy 4Q3B1927 copy

Well here we are 5 years away from those thoughts and I know why.  Our family needed that 6th and final baby.  We needed the exclamation point to symbolize the end of one chapter as we entered into a the new chapter of raising children.  Colin needed his sister to look after, to grow with and to push him.  He needed a partner just like everyone else.  They shared a room for quite a few years and now he has moved in with his brothers but he checks on her and she can never get more then a step away without him guiding her back.

4Q3B1884 copy

My fluffy haired baby has grown into a child who understands responsibility a whole lot more then I ever did at that age.  So proud of my youngest boy and it felt good to celebrate him this weekend.

PS I am loving all the response I am getting on the Back to School post.  I am really proud of the images as well as the models that came together and proved that when given the opportunity all kids look fantastic together.  If you have not seen the post check it out here.

Please do share it with your friends and family.  The more we talk about the need for a more integrated media and faster things change.

OX Katie

We are all going back to school, right?

A month ago as I was driving across state boarders with my children, I felt butterflies in my stomach as thoughts of lunch boxes, school clothing and shoes were flashing through my mind.  All the anxiety of a new school year, school supplies and to do lists were creeping in.  I then thought about the children who learn differently or have a different ability then the rest of the school children and the worry those children and their parents must be feeling as they begin to prepare for yet another year.

We all know how it feels to be standing in our local shopping mall or surfing our favorite boutique online while asking ourselves what product, sweater, coat or pair of shoes will help our child fit in just a little better this year.  This is a concern for all of us.  We all want our children to stand out in a positive way.  We want them to be recognized for their strengths.  We definitely do not want our child to be “that child”.  You are following me right?

My stomach is turning just typing this out.  It is tough to talk about even the possibility of our child or any child being “that child”.  The one who is not noticed in the hallway, the one that has no one to sit by at lunch.  The one that children are scared of. “that child”

Although there are many great stories of children with different abilities  having successful school careers there are that many more of children who fall into the category of “that child”.  As I thought about this of course my mind went directly to our advertising world.  What are we communicating to our new students and parents each year?  What are we looking at as we scroll through websites searching for the perfect first day of school outfit?

Well I ran a search in my email.  Just a “Back to School” search and because I am a professional online shopper, I knew I would pull up at least 20 “Back to School” ads that were directly emailed to me.  So I scrolled through the beautiful imagery and you know what?  I didn’t see anyone that resembled my daughter.  Not one model in close to 50 ads included one child with a disability.  Not one.

backtoschool backtoschool2 backtoschool3

Am I mad?  No.  Were conscious decisions made while casting the models to represent these back to school brands? YES!  We need a blonde, brown and red haired child.  We need a boy and girl.  We need a minority.  But you know what?  They need a child with a disability too.  It doesn’t matter what disability but they need to represent the largest minority in the world.  We need to see a child with Down syndrome, or a child who needs help walking or uses a wheelchair.  We need children that represent differences.  I firmly believe that the thought of using a child with a disability never even made it to the table.  Never even entered the planning conversation.  They were forgotten.

Our media and advertising defines what is important in our world.  They dictate who looks good, hair styles and the most fashionable shoes.  They are the ones who give us the heads up when skinny jeans are the way to go.  They tell our youth who matters.

So where am I going with this piece?   I did just that!  I casted my own models and I too made conscious decisions when deciding who would be a good fit for my own back to school images.   When given the opportunity children blend together perfectly.   The exciting part was reaching out to children’s clothing lines.  I am extremely thankful to RUUM, SEAM Collection, CHOOZE, The Good Ones and Tea Collection for believing in my idea.  They partnered with me and clothed these gorgeous kids to show the world how amazing all kids of all abilities look when captured together!

Go ahead and judge for yourself!

backtoschool4AH3A3125 copy AH3A3196 copy backtoschool4 backtoschool5 backtoschool6 backtoschool10

Here is a little behind the scenes action.  This video shows you that there really isn’t anything extra needed to include children of all abilities.  They just need the opportunity.

Back to school shoot 2014 from katie driscoll on Vimeo.

So as we enter the 2014-15 school year think about all the children returning to school.  Choose brands as you are shopping that believe in the same things you do.  You have a choice and the only way advertising changes is if you show them what is important to you.  Talk about differences and encourage your child to go the extra mile.  Ask them to be the one who encourages a child who is feeling defeated, to lend a hand when a classmate is struggling and to make a friend with a peer who doesn’t have any.  Lets make this year about working together, building each other up and sharing in the celebration of learning!  Isn’t this what advertising should be about?

Encourage our children to #beuramazingself and to #choosekind

OX Katie

And the boys came back! (and a free Giveaway!)

The boys are back and the house is full just like it is supposed to be!  They traveled all over the midwest and are planning their trip away with Grandma and Grandpa already for next year.  We missed them, a whole lot.4Q3B1689 copy

4Q3B1681 copy 4Q3B1697 copy

There is something about watching your kids grow and spread their wings.  It is hard for me to even explain.  They are growing so quickly and have turned into young men over night.  I love that they mind their manners and look after each other but it hurts a little knowing they don’t need me as much as they did even 6 months ago.

4Q3B1672 copy 4Q3B1681 copy 4Q3B1669 copy

I work and work on teaching them to be independent, dress themselves, make their lunch and help around the house but when they do they no longer need me.  It is a whole weird viscious circle of life that is getting harder and harder to understand.

AH3A2594 copy

As they pulled away from the house a week ago all I could do was picture the day we will drop them off at college or at their new apartment in another state.  How will I handle that?  How will I be able to be strong enough to say take care of yourself without turning into a blubbering mess.  I guess just how my parents did the day the dropped me.  You just do it.  They have to fly and I have to let them go.

Thank goodness I have time, but to be honest it doesn’t seem like quite enough.  5 years from now I will be helping my oldest son prepare for his next chapter.  The chapter without Mom.  So through these next couple years I guess I will learn how to take the next step and let them go just a little bit more each year.  I will continue to encourage them to be independent.  Stand on their own two feet and find a passion they can call their own.

AH3A2515 copy AH3A2559 copy

On that note we are loving our new shades from Paxley!  Oh wow they are fantastic and no more squinting.  These glasses and their flexible no pinch style are awesome.  The kids won’t take them off!  I have never had a pair of children’s sunglasses the kids love like these!

AH3A2495 copy AH3A2480 copy AH3A2493 copy gracesunglasses copy

The best part is the enhanced rubber nose pads.  They stick to the nose and for Grace this makes a huge different for her.  We absolutely love them!

AH3A2599 copy AH3A2605 copy

The good news is that they are offering a discount for the readers here!  When you visit their site make sure to type in 5boys and you will recieve 25% off for the next month!  Go check them out!

AH3A2618 copy AH3A2624 copyThe even better news……. I have 1 pair to give away! YEP! You can be the winner of 1 free pair of Paxley sunglasses of any size!  All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me the one thing you want to do with your family before the school year starts!  It is August and I want to pack in a couple more fun outings so share with me what is on your summer bucket list that has not been crossed off yet!  Winner will be chosen on Wednesday of this week!

4Q3B1712 copy


Is holding up a long stick in Lake Michigan one of them?  I can’t even say these are my kids but I love this image and the laughter that came from that group as the hoisted it above their heads. Priceless

Happy Sunday Funday Friends! OX Katie


Back to school, baby…..

Ahhh, I have been working like crazy this week to get my studio back into gear after a little hiatus over the summer!  Cleaning, rearranging, building, painting….I am still not done but in a much better place then I was at the beginning of this week.  I have some great projects both for Changing the Face of Beauty and commercial clients coming up in the next couple weeks that I am super excited about!  So that requires a whole lot of creative thinking, shopping and creating!  All stuff I love!  So took advantage of the time so that I  can feel like I am ahead of the game instead of trailing behind!

AH3A2470 copy

I currently have an over abundance of product that needs to be stored carefully.  I had boxes stacked all over my desk and I wanted to feel just a little more professional then that.  Earlier this week I was driving to Target to pick up a rack.  One of those plastic things that if you touch it the wrong way it falls over.  You know what I am talking about right?  those.

Anyway I remembered my love for galvanized pipe and did a u-turn, like right in my tracks and hit the home improvement store!  2 trips later, a little paint and wheels, I have the perfect vintage rack for all the designs that come my way.  I absolutely love it and I am already thinking of other “pipe projects” I am going to have to dive into.  Have you seen the pinterest page?  You can do anything with galvanized pipe!

AH3A2469 copyAH3A2468 copy

We are traveling this weekend but look out for us Tuesday as we will be in Chicago at the Open Books Bookstor again for the sweetest back to school shoot eva!  I have a fantastic group of models.  Everyone will see exactly how awesome children of all abilities are together! Because all kids are excited about returning to school right?

A huge shout out to SEAM Collection, RUUM, TEA Collection and Chooze Shoes for partnering with myself and sharing the message to #beuramazingself this 2014 school year.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Mom, Dad, Teacher, Grandparent or child of ANY ability.  We are all anxious about the first day of school.  We are out there in stores buying new tennis shoes, book bags and the first day back outfit.  Why shouldn’t every child be able to relate to ads in the sunday paper.  Every child has a wish list, things circled that they would like on their back to school list.  Shouldn’t everyone be represented?  I sure think so and that is why I plan to rock out this shoot and show the world the way our back to school ads should look!  Send me some good vibes!

AH3A2471 copy AH3A2474 copy

You can follow the shoot on Instagram live at 5boysand1girlmake6.  Hope to hear from you all!  I plan to be back this weekend with a great give away! Stay tuned!

Happy Thursday everyone, it just so happens to be my favorite day of the week! OX

Lets “change the face of beauty” together!


I am so pleased to announce that we have set a date for a little project that has been in the works for the past 4 months.  Calls and emails have taken place across the nation to discuss exactly how we can make this project amazing and I think we are on the verge of amazingness!!  We just need 15 beautiful girls to join us!

MA casting

On September 15 and 16th of this year the 15 girls that will be chosen in the next 10 days will come together with The Mighty Acorn Foundation along side Changing the Face of Beauty and represent the way advertising should look.  Times are changing folks.  The world wants to see themselves represented in print and digital media.  We are no longer ignoring people who might be considered different.

I am so excited to be photographing this project.  Every time I am part of a project like this I feel just a little closer to change.  A little closer to a world where all my kids are seen all the time.  That has always been the goal and when images are created with children loving on a moment together, well….. it is magical.

The Mighty Acorn Foundation is the perfect organization to communicate change because their mission is to restore hearts, ignite dreams and empower the futures of children across the world.  They are already on the road to doing just that with their work in supporting an orphanage in Kitale, Kenya and their most recent gift to a local girl from Chicago by giving her family a handicap accessible van so that she can travel comfortably.  This project is just one more step in empowering futures for my child and yours.

So here are the details!  The shoot will be in Palos Park, IL on September 15th and 16th and the participating child must be local or have a way to get here.  This project will specifically be working with girls ages 3-9.  To be considered you must include a picture as well as size information and age along with a detailed 2 paragraph summary of your childs story.  We hope to represent as many ethnicities, abilities as well as backgrounds as possible so please tell us why your child would be the perfect little girl to represent this message of inclusion in advertising.  You can send all that information to

So lets do it!  Lets change the perceptions of what beauty is along side designers like Matilda Jane Clothing, Persnickety Clothing Company, Livie & Luca and many others!

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful smiles coming our way!

Meanwhile my mind is spinning, twirling, flip flopping with a cartwheel or two about this project.  So much to think about and plan.   In the midst of a whole lot of brainstorming these are the things that are giving me inspiration.

gracestorecopy 4Q3B1577 copy 4Q3B1575 copy

Shopping trips at craft stores.

4Q3B1582 copy 4Q3B1578 copy 4Q3B1588 copymobile


Crafting with my kids, something I haven’t done for a really long time.

4Q3B1562 copyBreakfast on the back porch on a dreary Michigan morning.

AH3A2417 copyTrying some of my ideas on for size.

4Q3B1618 copy 4Q3B1638 copy 4Q3B1644 copyand drinks out of the garden hose.

More to come soon!  Happy Summer Memories. OX



My husband and I had a great weekend, just the 2 of us doing things we used to do before we became a Mr and Mrs with 6 kids.  Day trips, breakfast out, all of it.  I felt naked running out the door without the worry of the dogs following or kids breaking the perimeter. They were in good hands and it allowed us the opportunity to be just Tom and Kate.

So many unfinished thoughts were finished this weekend.  There is something about opening space for ideas to grow.  It just takes a little less responsibility and my mind soars !  About 48 hours into it I turned to my husband and said that I was sure I was not missing anything.  All those afternoons when life got out of hand and I was longing for a road trip with just him and I.  It all sounded dreamy but the trips are not the same without the 6 kids in tow.  I missed them, like really missed them.

4Q3B1469 copy

If you find yourself in Saugatuck, Mi stop in and see Mike at Amsterdam.  You will not be disappointed.

4Q3B1466 copy douglas

So we woke up this morning, grabbed a scone and hit the road.  It felt good to walk into our house and be just as missed.

I am looking forward to seasons shifting.  Gathering up as many memories that August 2014 will allow and preparing our family for another successful school year.  I seriously can not believe I am writing those words.

4Q3B1514 copy 4Q3B1518 copy 4Q3B1510 copy

What I learned this weekend is although everyone needs that time away to spread their arms and really grab onto the future.  It is not a comfortable space for me.  I am Mom.  It is my number one job and although I struggle with it pretty much it is where I am most comfortable and I am glad to have slid right back into my roll this afternoon.

We wrapped the weekend with a homemade pie and the beginnings of some refurbishing projects I am working on.  Michigan delivers when it comes to vintage treasures. (More to come!)4Q3B1482 copy

4Q3B1507 copy 4Q3B1498 copy 4Q3B1485 copy

Happy Sunday friends.  My mind is chocked full of ideas that I look forward to sharing with you all over the next couple of weeks.

Getting away… we go….

So the weekend is here!  The 1 weekend a year my parents travel to our house and watch our kids so that my husband and I can get away for the weekend.  Just the 2 of us.  Ahhhh. Writing that makes me want to relax!


To say I am excited is an understatement.  We usually go on our annv weekend but this year life happened and my parents we unable to come.  I look at this way, sometimes the wait is the best part.  I love anticipating weekends like this.  Dreaming about what we are going to do.  Relax, pack it full of things we always wanted to do but can’t with six kids, so many options.

I know for sure we will enjoy each other.  Something we only get to do once a week on our “date night”.  We usually bring friends on this weekend but this year it is just us.  I felt like this year it needed to be just us.

So off we go!  Pure Michigan here we come!  You can follow along on  Instagram (I am 5boysand1girlmake6) as we travel the coast of Michigan, spend time with our neighbors in up there……alright….and pack every possible thing in we can between 7pm tonight and 12pm on Sunday!

A huge shout out to Grandparents, both sets!  It takes a village and we sure appreciate all of you!

I did some imagery for the sweetest bookstore in the city this week.  Check out Open Books Bookstore.  It is total eye candy filled with used books at a great price.  It is worth your time.  You can see my images here.

AH3A1972 copy AH3A1974 copy


I worked on a little project for our local playhouse families at GiGi’s Playhouse Oak Forest this week.   Ahhhh the faces and messages of excitement!  I can’t wait to share with you the result!  All kids regardless of their abilities are super excited about what the school year has in store for them!  Here are some behind the scenes!

AH3A2202 AH3A2118


(these 2 and their friendship.  good stuff)


If you are interested in staying up to date on my photography work.  Please check out 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 Photography.  I update the site with my latest and greatest sessions.  I am looking for additional commercial clients!  If you are a business owner looking for imagery please feel free to email me at



If you are local – Check out my Facebook page for a way to win 100.00 off your family session this fall!  All you have to do is share the post and comment!

Happy Thursday friends!  Make your weekend great!  I sure plan to!

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