We went away for spring break and among the souvenirs we brought home was the word WHY.  Grace has used why about 2.5 million times a day for the last 2 weeks.  She is questioning everything as clear as day.  I tell her to put her shoes on and she says, “Why?”  I ask her to bring her plate to the sink and she says, “Why?” I tell her to put her shoes on and she says, “Why?” You get the point, right?  Everything I say and do is questioned the whole day.

I love the way it sounds.  It is clear and inquisitive.  She uses it at appropriate times but it is wearing on me.  Why? Because I am your mother and I told you so.  Hmmm.  Is that where I want to go with this every single time?  Maybe this is a wake up call to engage her in a more intimate conversation.  I have used it as an opportunity to explain why it is a good idea to wear her shoes outside.  She is asking so it is the perfect time to give her an answer she will remember. Right?

AH3A6630 copy

I am spinning that word around in my head right now too.  Why?  Why does the circle of life sting so much.  Why do kids ask why?  Why do we gossip?  Why can’t we wish the best for others?  Why am I even questioning any of these things?  Why why why.  Thankfully for my family I am not asking these questions out loud.  At least most of the time.

4Q3B6123 copy


4Q3B6253 copy

A friend told me recently that when life gets over whelming she shuts the computers down and focuses in on what is important.  She went on to say that she is pretty sure that 98% of what is most important in life is right in front of her and not buried in a computer or social media.  I took her advice today and I spent the day with friends.  I noticed the sky, the forest preserve, the antique store!  All things that I have missed lately.  Lunch and the conversation felt good.  I have missed the personal connection of friendships.  The real life personal connection that gets put on hold while we have make ourselves so “busy” we can’t even notice.

4Q3B3646 copy


4Q3B4223 copy


4Q3B6311 copy

I don’t like change at all.  As ironic as that is.  My heart is hurting and I am working on digging in to find peace in all the change.  I am taking those whys and I am pocketing them.  I am going to work hard to use the answers to remind myself why it is important to keep myself on track.  Keep my eye on the ball, the stuff that is really important.

OXOX Katie

Personal Connections

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has a meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

4Q3B9993 copy 4Q3B0012 copy

This quote has been on my mind for 4 days now.  It is such a beautiful way of talking about how real life can feel, if you open yourself up enough to feel it.  I can’t figure out why I feel so in tune with life right now.  There have been a lot of transitions these past couple of weeks.  Changes that I was not really ready for but had no control over.  Maybe that is why.  Maybe it was me realizing that I am not in control of every aspect of my life and my solution is to really dig in and feel the changes, ride the emotions and appreciate the moment.

4Q3B9982 copy 4Q3B9727 copy

What ever the reason is I am feeling it.  It has been along time since I have been this in tune with my emotions and it feels good.  This past weekend I invited a fantastic clothing line, Matilda Jane to have their designs modeled by beautiful models of all abilities.  I reached out to family and friends for help organizing the morning.  It was a team effort.  Everyone working together for the greater good and future of advertising.  It was magical.

AH3A0262 copy AH3A1082 copy

Denise and Kris from MJC came and witnessed what is possible when you gather a bunch of beautiful girls together of all abilities.  They loved on those girls and their Mama’s.  We laughed and danced through the whole shoot.  The girls were hugging and touching the entire time.  The only way to explain it was “magical”.  Magic happened in my studio that morning and I can not wait to see how those beautiful girls change the hearts and perceptions of others through their gorgeous images.

AH3A1155 copy AH3A1173 copy

The love in that room was overwhelming.  The moments brought me back to the hummingbird and how delicate their grace is that it reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has a meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.  I saw it and I felt it.

AH3A1144 copy

I lost my friend this morning.  Gail is dancing in heaven free of pain and sickness.  She made it and I know she is ok.  It is us that feel the emptiness of her absence.  I know my connection with her has a whole lot of meaning and she fostered laughter like nobodies business.   Lessons learned and remembered.  As time passes life will fill that emptiness with new connections and laughter but she will forever be in our hearts.  She taught my children lessons I would have never been able to teach them.  I can only hope they will grow into the type of person she was and pass those gifts on.


Tonight I am grateful and have a whole lot of gratitude for the personal connections I have in my life now and look forward to the new ones coming.  I am optimistic and hopeful for the future.

Happy Monday friends. OXOX


A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a great line of clothing that was not only stylish but soft.  Softs goal is to make clothing for kids that is not “itchy” or uncomfortable.  This is especially helpful to children who are sensitive to certain seams.  They have no seams.  All the seams are on the outside of the clothing.  How cool is that!

AH3A9467 copy AH3A9464 copy AH3A9453 copy


They want to style kids in a comfortable easy way! Their designs are interchangeable which makes dressing your children so much easier.

AH3A9418 copy AH3A9523 copy AH3A9600 copy


There are great women behind this brand and they 110% believe in children of all abilities!  I am super excited to be doing more imagery for them coming this week!

AH3A9623 copyThe best part of this is that they want YOU to try out the line!  I will be giving away a $50.00 gift certificate on Wednesday of this week!  You can enter by checkout on their Facebook page, click here and leave them a note telling them how you feel about including children of all abilities in advertising!  Then leave a comment here sharing the same thing and SHARE this post.  I will pick the winner via random.org on Wednesday evening!  Ready.set.go!



Friday musings

I celebrated 40 years this week and I have to say I was so caught up in it I had absolutely no time to write about it.  In fact I am not even sure I want to write about it.  I am struggling with this milestone.  I mean I am happy to grow another year older and wiser but I struggle with what comes next.  40 years have a lot of hype around it.  Big parties, milestone celebrations and the whole new chapter.  Oprah always said you really understand life at 40.  All of that is a little over whelming for me.

DSC_6265 copy DSC_6239 copy DSC_6205 copy DSC_6190 copy

I told a friend I have decided I am not into birthdays anymore because there is this whole, depend on others to make you happy thing that goes along with it.  The control freak that lives inside my head is not into that.  I like to be 100% in control of my own happiness at all times.  Maybe I take after my Dad who also has issues with the whole birthday celebration.  I am pretty happy most days because I choose to be so from now on I will do the same on my birthday.  I choose happy.

DSC_6176 copy

As for the new chapter, I am looking forward to that.  I do feel a little smarter then I did at even the beginning of the week.  Turning 40 is like a rite of passage.  It allows you to really stand firmly on the ground and believe in what you believe in.  There is no need to look to the person next to you for that nod of approval.  I have 40 years that tells me I got this.  The confidence boost is a welcomed addition to my self esteem.

4Q3B9969 copy 4Q3B9905 copy 4Q3B9903 copy 4Q3B9899 copy

I am not sure I have life figured out at this point.  I definitely know a lot more then I did even 5 years ago about life.  I still do not have everything figured out.  The life and death part is kind of on the forefront right now.  This rite of passage brings with it the fear of endings and that is uncomfortable.  Up until now I pretty much felt invincible and now not so much.  In fact I have worried a lot about death over the past week and have pretty much decided I have to live till at least 100.

4Q3B9862 copy 4Q3B9835 copy 4Q3B9825 copy 4Q3B9815 copy

Today I had to say good bye to a beautiful person.  Someone who has become a huge influence on not only myself but my whole family over the past 3 short years.  I wrote about my friend Gail a couple months ago.  She remains a big part of our life and always will.  We pretty much can not walk outside without thinking about her and her love for nature.  Gail is getting ready to end her battle with cancer.  She did not loose that battle her body has just decided that it is tired.  Even though I know she is gravely ill right now it is so comforting to know that as I type this she is only a few hundred feet away in her living room surrounded by her family and a lifetime of friends who adore her.  She is exactly where she is supposed to be right now.  As I told Gail how much I loved her and exactly how much I was going to miss her she looked at me with her half smile and winked.  She told me she was good and that she was going to be ok.   Then she told me she would see me when she see’s me.  She will.  I know that.

4Q3B0371 copy 4Q3B0369 copy

My oldest son was sitting next to me so strong.  He took it all in.  Gail hands out love so easily.  He told me later when I was struggling to hold in my tears that Gail is looking death right in the eye and she is winking at it.  What a lady.

4Q3B9810 copy 4Q3B9809 copy 4Q3B9774 copy 4Q3B9768 copy 4Q3B9751 copy

So 40 years, so what.  There is no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring.  The best advice I can give myself is to keep doing what I am doing.  Bonfires, fireworks and beaches this summer.  I can’t look too far in the future because it becomes too overwhelming.  The story is already written.  I just need to remember to keep living and paying attention for as long as I can.

So I am saying Happy Birthday to the first 40 years and cheers to the next 40.

This quote came today from my cousin and his girlfriend.  It sums up my week perfectly.

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has a meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

Happy Friday friends!  I will be back tomorrow night with a giveaway from an amazing designer SOFT.  You are going to love their designs!

OXOX Katie

Vacation – Part 2

We are home.  For 2 days now we have dusted the sand from our sandals and tucked them away for 70 degree temperatures (that are hopefully in our future).  I have sifted through the vacation images smiling at the beautiful place we were able to stay for 10 days.  My husband and I were never big vacationers.  In fact 3 days into trips it would not be abnormal for us to say we were ready to abort the rest of the vacation and go home.  That has changed.  I guess it is the whole seize the moment.  I have become much more content where I am, no matter where that might be.  So as it feels great to be home, I was so comfortable where we were.  I like that.

Untitled-1 copy


4Q3B9455 copy


4Q3B9442 copy


4Q3B9456 copy


4Q3B9463 copy

As I look over the images from my trip certain things stick out.  Moments of frustration with each other and then magnificent sunsets where I watched my kids run up and down the beach as silhouettes.  I know the crazy frustrations will soon be a distant memory because who needs to remember who brushed who in the line for Splash Mountain or the fact that we remain the meanest parents in the world because we choose to go on this ride instead of that one.  Those memories will be filled with the good stuff.  How it felt to get off the plane and be smacked in the face with warm weather and the afternoons at the pool with a margarita in our hand.  And Disney…..Disney.

4Q3B9495 copy


4Q3B9504 copy 2


4Q3B9501 copy


4Q3B9528 copy


4Q3B9562 copy


4Q3B9568 copy


4Q3B9578 copy

I guess that is how we cope with the good and bad that comes with raising kids.  Vacations remind you how difficult it is to keep 6 little bodies happy in the “Happiest Place on Earth”!  But because of the way we compartmenalize those memories we continue to go back.  I think that is ok.

4Q3B9492 copy


4Q3B9489 copy



4Q3B9655 copy


4Q3B9659 copy


4Q3B9591 copy


4Q3B9678 copy


4Q3B9687 copy


4Q3B9698 copy

Right now my heart is bursting with gratitude for a week with my Dad, my sister and my family.  We don’t take many weeks off like that and my brain was able to reboot with new ideas and a fresh perspective on spring.  I told my husband I spent a good 10 days with no anxiety.  No worries of right or wrong.  It felt good.  As we were unpacking and I was getting caught up on work I turned to him and said it is back.  He looked at me like I was crazy and I said, “The anxiety, it is back.”  He laughed because he knows that is how I thrive.  I think there are good and bad things that push us.  Anxiety is one for me.  It drives me to keep moving.

4Q3B9721 copy


4Q3B9723 copy

I have some great things coming up this week.  One is a giveaway so keep checking back!

Happy Sunny Sunday!  OXOX Katie

Springbreak (part 1)

It is hard to believe we are half way through our spring break vacation.  It seems like a lifetime now since we organized, packed, tucked and lugged 5 bags and 6 kids across the airport and into a plane to Florida.  I guess the ocean and sunshine do that to you.  They both erase the effort you had to put forth to enjoy them.  We are enjoying the moment with the thought that very soon we will be trekking across the airport again and will be back to where we started.

4Q3B8963-2 copy


4Q3B8967 copy

I have to say this has not been the smoothest trip with 2 down with the flu and that included me for 2 days but it feels good to be typing away on the porch right now in my bathing suit.  General family vacation frustrations are relieved with an ice cold beer and pretzels after a long day in the sun.  No one cares about 6:00pm exactly who stole the 12 towels my father bought for the beach.  All that matters is where we are going for dinner.  These vacations only come around once a year and so I am savoring this little bit of paradise while it lasts.

4Q3B8979 copy


4Q3B8993 copy


4Q3B9004 copy


4Q3B9013 copy

So forgive me if I don’t have a lot of words.  I just have a whole lotta pictures of the good stuff.

4Q3B9019 copy


4Q3B9040 copy

4Q3B9053 copy


4Q3B9074 copy


4Q3B9095 copy


4Q3B9129 copy


4Q3B9181 copy


4Q3B9191 copy


4Q3B9200 copy


Life is a BEACH!  At least this week! tomorrow the most magical place on earth!  Disney!



Good Things.

Good things come to those that wait.  I have heard that a million times but it never sits well with me.  I come from the generation of now.  I am sure there are some of you out there that can understand.  I had a conversation with my friend Gail a couple months ago about the future and she assured me the story was already written.  She told me to sit back and live instead of waiting to see what was behind door number 3.  Best advice ever.  So that is what I do.  I do what I love and at the end of the day I go to bed with very little expectations of the future.

AH3A9396 copy AH3A9401 copy

The past couple of weeks have been amazing.  Bigger then my wildest dreams.  To wake up this morning and see our faces on the cover of the Chicago Tribune was almost unreal.

Special thank you to The Tribune for this beautiful video!


Cell phones pinging with, “I just saw the paper” and “OMG” was pretty awesome.  My whole family continues to feel the love from everyone as we watch you all send big high fives across social media.  The best part of it all is that this has very little to do with me personally and everything to do with all of you.  You are the ones sharing and spreading the news and YOU are the ones that make this mission “Changing the Face of Beauty” a reality.

AH3A9386 copy AH3A9382

Change in any form does not happen with one person.  It happens with an idea and it is what we all do with that idea that changes the world.  I feel rumbling.  I feel change coming.  I can’t stop thinking of the advertising executives that opened the paper this morning and saw a plea for inclusion.  It just takes one person to answer that plea.  Just one.


I had the opportunity to do some amazing sessions this week with not only one awesome designer but two.  Lemon Loves Lime and The Good Ones both sent clothing for a mini shoot to show their customers that they too believe in children of all abilities!  As you view these images I think you will see abilities and definately not disabilities.

AH3A9137 AH3A8990 AH3A8961 AH3A8401 copy AH3A8223

This is what I hope is communicated to our world.  We are not working for the next campaign, we are working for change.  Our hope is for inclusion all the time.  I believe that dream can become a reality.

Grace and I traveled to the city today to celebrate our friends Ryan and Steve (The Blossom Boys) and their amazing flower exhibit at the Macy’s on State street.  Their participation in this flower show is just another reminder that anything is possible if you wait.  We clinked glasses and chatted about the, remember when…… and the can you believe it????  It felt good to spend the afternoon with close friends who continue to push and encourage our world to step it up and be a better place.

4Q3B8907 copy 4Q3B8911 copy 2

As we walked back to the car I turned to see my girl taking in the city.  Walking the streets and laughing at the huge buildings and the bustle of the cars.  She really enjoyed the little independence she was given to walk by herself even if I was close by.  Two years have really gone by quickly since Steve and I began this campaign.  Grace has gone from a girl who couldn’t walk to a toddler reaching for more independence every day.



4Q3B8921 copy 4Q3B8928 copy

Tonight I am going to sit by the fire with my husband and just breathe it all in.  All the love and friendship we have gained from clients and families.  It feels good.

Thank you for your support, your well wishes and I promise you I have more ideas!  More projects soon to come!

Speaking of that…..I am launching a little campaign here on my blog.  I have featured friendships in the past and now I want to showcase individuals.  I believe anything is possible for anyone and I love a good story!  I want to hear from adults who just happen to be living with a disability.  I want to hear about your successes.  What you are doing to rock this one life out?  It might be your independence, your job or your impact on your community.  I want to hear about it and I will be featuring some of these stories on my blog.  Feel free to email me at tkdriscoll2000@yahoo.com!

I am signing off with a big huge happy heart!  You can check in with me on Good Day Chicago on Fox at 9:20 Tuesday morning.  Tune in to hear more about Changing the Face of Beauty!



Dear World #Iamnotsad

Dear World-

My husband has asked me to write you for sometime now.  As we contemplate life and the future of our children he always suggests a letter to you.  He wants me to communicate that #Iamnotsad.  I am using a little tool called a hashtag because that is how we people communicate these days.  I want this letter to you to be searchable so that you can use it as a teaching tool.  I don’t want you to keep this to yourself.  Please share.

4Q3B5828 copy

You are probably wondering where this letter is going.  Here goes.  Today is World Down Syndrome Day and I thought today was as good a day as any to let you know.  4 years ago my daughter was born with one measly little extra 21st chromosome.  That chromosome was a complete game changer for her.  Because of that teeny little extra piece of genetics she will live the rest of her life as a person with Down syndrome.  Even though we as her parents advocate for you to use her name first, you still so often forget and refer to her as a Down’s child.  Although that drives me crazy I want you to know that #Iamnotsad.

4Q3B6233 copy

My daughter works every day to have stronger legs and clearer speech.  She often engages you with her crystal blue eyes but because of her developmental delays you look away.  I want you to know #Iamnotsad.

4Q3B6086 copy

We dream for her the same way we dream for her brothers.  We strive for independence and employment.  We hope she develops a passion for something that makes her really happy.  I look forward to watching her daddy walk her down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress.  Even though in your eyes these dreams seem unrealistic. #Iamnotsad.

4Q3B1669 copy

Her Dad and I are not sad that our daughter has Down syndrome.  We don’t even see that tiny extra chromosome most days.  We see her smile and her feisty personality.  We think she is beautiful.  In fact I would take almond eyes any day of the week.  She is Grace to us.  That is what we call her.  No need for a description, just Grace works perfectly for us.

4Q3B8684 copy

If you are asking yourself why I am writing this note, I am getting to that.  I would like you to go out and spread the word.  I want you to let your people know that #Iamnotsad because I am raising a beautiful young girl with Down syndrome.  I want you to tell your people that they do not have to look away.  Let them know that you do not have to fear her or us.  We have the same skin we did 4 years ago.  It takes some time to get where we are but we are there and we are definitely not sad.


In fact we are very happy.  We have the opportunity to raise both boys and a girl.  We have the opportunity to look at the world through unfiltered glasses.  We see everyone, all the time.  We are compassionate toward others.  Now that you know all these things you have to be realizing that I am telling you the truth about our feelings.  #iamnotsad.

4Q3B3568 copy

I am not here to say we live happily all the time.  There are moments in our weeks that bring sadness but that has nothing to do with our daughter.  Our worries come from you and the way you measure value in others.  We lay in bed at night concerned about your acceptance of all our children.  We see you judge others based on ability and that is what makes us sad.

4Q3B0378 copy

So today on March 21st, 2014 we celebrate our loved ones that just happen to have that 1 extra chromosome.  Today that makes them extra sparkly and exciting.  It calls for a party with crazy socks and funny instagram pictures with #WDSD.  We celebrate how far we have come as a family and how far we plan to go.  I would love for you and your people to join in!  Play a little air guitar and lift those hands.  Celebrate what makes us all unique no matter what that is.  Don’t make it about you versus us.  Make it about everyone.  Every single person who is lucky enough to call your big self their home.

IMG_8487 copy

Let this be a reminder to you that parents of children who happen to have that extra chromosome are not sad.  They are very very happy.  Please don’t ruin it for them.  Let them be happy. Let them dance in the rain if they want to.  It sure would be more fun if you jumped in too.  I can see it now, a whole world of people drenched with their hands in the air laughing and celebrating life – together.

4Q3B4221 copy

Sincerely – Katie

PS #Iamnotsad

When I grow up….

When I was growing up I remember muttering those words.  I was 5 years old and then out came, “I want to be a circus performer.”  Yep, I wanted to travel with the carnival.  I couldn’t imagine a more glamorous life then sleeping in trailers traveling from one location to another.  I dreamed this dream for many years.  I was the butt of many jokes but I wanted it.  The sparkly outfits, the tight rope, I wanted it all.  Years passed and I started dreaming about saving the world and raising a family but the circus was never out of reach.  The funny thing is that I was and still am a great big home body.  My comfort zone is not far from my front door.  I guess that’s what dreams are for.

Untitled-1 copy


AH3A7851 copy


AH3A7852 copy

Our Monday began with a mad dash to get all six kids ready  and out of the house early because it was field trip day for my 1st grader.  I was excited to be going even if I would have 3 other kids with me.  I always wanted to be the field trip mom and because of life and obligations I seem to be failing myself and my own dreams of how motherhood should look.  I jotted an email to the teacher letting her know that I would be meeting her and the class there.  Thank goodness for good teachers who care, because she immediately picked up the phone and called me to let me know that the field trip was next Monday.  Insert – That was a close one and I now have a whole day that is wide open for possibility.

AH3A7776 copyAH3A7780 copy

We took advantage of being prepared early and started crossing off the list.  The first stop blood test.  As we were pulling into the children’s hospital Ryan shouted from the back seat that he wanted to be the owner of a toy store when he grew up.  My response was, “Thats great Ry.  Sounds like a good job.”  Colin piped in and asked him how much money he was going to make and Ryan proceeded to tell him that it wasn’t about the money.  He wanted to sell toys to help kids.  His main purpose for opening a toy store was to support children’s hospitals.  Insert – melting Mama heart.  Seriously, I thought.  I wanted to be a circus performer when I was his age.  He wants to save the world.

AH3A7864 copy


Untitled-1 copy 2


AH3A7769 copy 2


AH3A7743 copy

Ok, job done in my mind!  He gets what most of us never get.  A good life is doing for those who can not do for themselves.  Ryan will live a long time with that bursting heart of his.

AH3A7758 copy

What will our kids be when they grow up?  Will they be happy?  Will they feel successful?  We all have these questions spinning around in our heads.  As I watched Grace contemplate the next block for her tower I asked her if she would be an architect and she smiled softly and gave me a giggle.  Will she?  I wonder?  What will interest her?

AH3A8056 copy

The sky is the limit.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a funeral for a lady I did not know.  I was there capturing memories for her amazing family.  While I was there I listened to the stories of her daughters talking about what a great mother she was for many reasons but the one that stood out was that she always encouraged her children to do what ever they wanted.  She told them at any given time the sky was the limit, it didn’t matter how far fetched their dreams were.  Their words brought tears to my eyes.  What an amazing Mom.  Those stories and that moment as I was listening to them are etched in my heart.  I want to make sure that whatever my kids dream I remind them that anything is possible because it is, right?  I mean who sets the limitations?  I believe in them and believe they will be whatever they are supposed to be.  I am so happy I get a front row seat to the show.

AH3A8045 copy

Here are a couple of product reviews for designers that I follow!  Here is a little about TAG and Amy & Ivor.

Graces outfits are from TAG.  They sent us a package to try out their gorgeous designs.  The clothes are made by artisans and are so soft.   I loved how they fit her so comfortably and the styles are so simple and easy to move in.  As soon as she took them out of the package she wanted to put them on.  She is a girl that changes her clothes about 15 times a day.  Today she was perfectly happy in her TAG outfit and did not ask for a change at all!  They really have great stuff for toddlers!

Her shoes are from Amy & Ivor and they are the sweetest moccasins ever!  We are so excited to start the summer off with grey and yellow but they have every color of the rainbow.

Happy Hump Day!  OXXO Katie



10 things I love about St Patricks Day

Here it is.  The holiday we celebrate everything green and we do it big around the south side of Chicago.  So today I will tell you my 10 favorite things about this special day!

1/ Green – It is the new black you know.  It makes me feel like spring is in reach.

4Q3B6905 copy 4Q3B6909 copy 4Q3B6912 copy

2/ Spring – St Patricks day = spring to me

4Q3B6897 copy 4Q3B6932 copy

3/ We come out of hibernation and see friends we haven’t seen since the Christmas decorations hung around the house.

4Q3B6947 copy

4/ Discussions on the many uses of green felt hats from the Dollar Store.

4Q3B6941 copy

5/ The accent.  Top-a-the-day-to-ya.  You know what I am talking about.

6/ The Guinness and the Irish coffee.

7/ Daffodils

8/ Sitting around a table with friends and family

4Q3B6950 copy

9/ Food – Corn beef, Cabbage, soda bread….need I say more?

10/ My husband looks more Irish this day than any other and I think that is pretty sexy.

4Q3B6949 copy

Wishing you all the happiest of days!  Breakout that green and wear it like it’s your business.

OXOX Katie

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