Peeking out….

It has been a whole lot of crickets over here.  I apologize for that.  We are breaking for the end of winter and I am madly organizing and putting life in order.  It is time to come out of the nice warm cocoon we have been living in.  Before I will allow myself to fully step out I had to cross some tasks off my list and so I have forced myself to really focus on taking care of things.

4Q3B7407 copy 4Q3B7409 copy 4Q3B7415 copy

It always feels great to get jobs done.  Especially when it comes to make decisions for our future and put them in a document so that our kids are taken care of.  We finished a 6 month process of taking care of our will.  Those conversations are not easy.  I found that getting off the first sentence was difficult, but we did it.  We chose and chose a back up and another backup to hopefully in the midst of all those people our kids will be surrounded by people that love them if we are not here.  Not at the top of my list of things to do but with 6 kids it should have been done along time ago.  Its official we have end of life plans.  That is itself is now something that feels a little more comfortable.

4Q3B7418 copy 4Q3B7429 copy 4Q3B7435 copy

So with that being said I am back.  I am hoping to start spending more time with my camera.  My first creative love.  It is like getting back on a bike when you have not used it professionally for awhile.  Time to take time to find space in my mind.  I miss spending time with clients and working with commercial accounts.  I have been pulled in other directions and I have decided I need to be present with my creative self. I am realizing how closely that correlates with my personal happiness.

4Q3B7442 copy 4Q3B7447 copy 4Q3B7450 copy


This is all just in time for all the new beginnings that spring brings.  Green Shamrocks here we come!


I am super excited about a couple t-shirt designs I made for Changing the Face of Beauty.  I just love them!  Shamrocks and hearts are like the perfect marriage, right?  You can get yours here.  While you are over there make sure to check out the 60 companies globally committed to changing the face of beauty.  It is a beautiful thing to see some many companies come together for on common goal to create imagery that includes everyone.  It is a dream come true.

AH3A2272 copy AH3A2140 copy

Looking forward to celebrating the newness of spring with all of you!

OXO Katie

Teenage Birthday….

Today my first baby turns 13.  I can’t hardly believe it.  When he was born I had a new purpose to who I was.  Life was no longer just about me and everything to do with this new little life that was all mine.  A piece of my husband and I right there, living and breathing.  He has grown into his 13 years, yet unless I look back at pictures I don’t see the changes.  But yesterday while we were cooped up inside I photographed him and saw what everyone else sees every day.  A teenager.

AH3A1795 copy AH3A1708 copy AH3A1929 copy

So today we celebrate everything teenager.  Everything that makes him who he is.  Raising him has and continues to be so scary.  He being the first you just never know.  Is he going to be ok?  Does he know what his values are?  Does he know the right answers in life?  I said to my husband last night the worries we have are so raw because we work on overdrive so that he doesn’t have to feel the struggles with friends, school and overall teenage life that we did but no matter how hard we work he still does.  He continues to teach us that he is his own person and he will make the right decision most of the time.  And when he doesn’t he will figure it out.


The responsibilities of the oldest child are held at another level.  I know because I too was the oldest.  They tend to be more mature and always thinking about what is next.  Instead of enjoying the ride it feels more like a race.  A race to independence because so much responsibility is placed on them right out of the gates.  The parenting thing comes with no instructions and we push them and ourselves to get it right instead of letting them get it right at their own pace.

AH3A1824 copy AH3A1831 copy AH3A1836 copy AH3A1838 copy

Today I want that boy of mine to know how proud I am of him.  All the pressure and responsibility I put on him is my own insecurities about this job that I am learning as he is growing.  I savor the time we have left with him at home.  I know that it will come to a close sooner then I would like.

AH3A1864 copy AH3A1854 copy AH3A1852 copy AH3A1844 copy

13 years from now he will be 26.  He could possibly be married  and expecting his own first born just as his father and I were 13 years ago.  Time never stands still and as much as it breaks my heart to loose days and years I know the future is bright for him and he will find his way on what ever path he finds himself on.

AH3A1887 copy AH3A1874 copy

Liam – Happy Birthday.  I love you more then you will ever know.  Take that with you and live big, dream even bigger and use that beautiful ability you inherited from your father to continue to really care about people.  Make others around you feel important because that will make you feel important.  Speak up and love yourself.  That is secret to happiness and something the rest of us learned so much later in life.  You have everything you need to be successful in what ever you want to be successful in.  Take that and change the world.

I love you – Mom

What does Changing the Face of Beauty mean to you?

I am excited to launch a new campaign for Changing the Face of Beauty.  I have been working on it over the past month.  Ordering, printing and setting up a store on our site to purchase t-shirts.  I hope to inspire you to put one on yourself or your child and write about what “Changing the Face of Beauty” means to you.  What does it mean to you?  I think it means something to each and every one of us.  Not just the disability community.  I am talking about the world.  What does Changing the Face of Beauty mean to your world?

AH3A1609 copy

What “Changing the Face of Beauty” means to me……..

That is like a loaded question for me.  I often write about what it means to me as a mother of 6 children.  A mother of a child with a disability.  I rarely write about what “Changing the Face of Beauty” means to me as a person.  Just Katie……so here goes.

AH3A1627 copy

I am the daughter of parents who were married for a very short time.  In fact I can’t remember when they were married.  I can not ever remember my Mom, Dad and I living together.  In fact my first memory is living with my mom and waiting for my Dad to visit.  Those visits were actually at my grandmothers house.  He was young and had really no idea how to take care of a 4 year old girl so my grandmother filled in.  She made the time I spent away from my mom special, with microwave cinnamon and sugar donuts and instant oatmeal.  To this day when I smell a packet of oatmeal I think of her.  Her and I were together a lot and she masked the awkwardness of having parents who were divorced.

My Mom remarried and I attended school where my step-dad worked as the principal.  I remember feeling out of place especially when there were questions asking who my real Dad was and if Mr Beetzel wasn’t my Dad then why did I live with him.  After awhile everything blended together and it became easier to call him Dad instead of fielding questions.  This was 1980 and divorce was not as popular as it is today.  In fact I can not remember another classmate in the same situation.

Growing up I was insecure.  I felt like I was always on the outside looking in.  I had a broken family and I was the only product of it.   I had curly hair, was over weight at times and very little athletic ability.


As an adult I struggled with the same issues.  When a job presented itself I tackled it.  I worked till I mastered the expectations.  Even when I was performing at the best of my ability I still felt I wasn’t smart enough.  I wasn’t professional enough or capable enough.

Being a wife and a mother are the best things that ever happened to me.  Year after year my confidence grew and I felt a real purpose.  I had a husband and children who needed me.  It was a 35 year journey to get where I am today but I made it.  I am still building the confidence that I should have had years ago but I can finally say I am happy with where I am.

So what does “Changing the Face of Beauty” mean to me?  It means opportunity for my young self to really feel a part of something.  I  feel like imagery dictates to all young people what is beautiful and worthy as well as what is not.  I grew up in a middle class family and  I was never exposed to peers who had differences outside of straight or curly hair.  It was not until high school that I met classmates with a different skin color.  I believe the face of beauty teaches us value in others and in ourselves.  I came from a different background then you but what is considered beautiful dictates value for all of us.

Untitled-1 copy


My dream for “Changing the Face of Beauty” is that it grows into something really realistic. That everyone wakes up in the morning and feels like they are seen in this big world.  I want insecurities to turn into possibilities.  I want people to be able to over come feeling inadequate before they are 35.  I believe “Changing the Face of Beauty” provides that possibility and that is why it is so important to me personally.

As a Mom of 6…….I had a conversation with a good friend of mine recently.  We were talking about how it feels to put our feelings out there and really write about the truth.  To put away the “sunny side up” and tell a story honestly.  We both concurred that its hard.  Almost too hard.  At times we feel like others might think we are weak or not good enough which can be scary for anyone.  But I said to her,  ”I am petrified sometimes of writing or being in positions where I am expected to speak on the behalf of my children’s  future or anyones future for that matter.  Sometimes I don’t want to say what I really feel for fear of being judged or saying the wrong thing.  The one person that grounds me is my daughter.  I know that every time I am feeling uneasy or scared of not being liked I remind myself of my daughters future and how she will have to over come those perceptions every single time she steps into a new social situation.”

My daughter will be judged every time she walks into a room and some day she will feel that.   With that thought “Changing the Face of Beauty” will always have a broader meaning.  I will work diligently to make sure people see everyone clearly so that when a young women with almond eyes walks into the room she will be looked at with optimism and the uncomfortable space will be filled with a hand shake and an everyday conversation.  ”Changing the Face of Beauty” to me can offer that to all of us.  The more we see diversity the more comfortable we become with everyone.

2015 is different.  Thousands of families across the world called out company after company asking for their loved one, friend or neighbor to be seen.  They stood up and said #imready.  Because of them marketing firms are listening, 37 companies have committed to using models with disabilities in their advertising and big box retailers are discussing what is next.   Its exciting and it is needed.

I hope “Changing the Face of Beauty” can continue to push the envelope, but not without your help.

I am asking you to continue to ask your retailers to include everyone in their future advertising.  I also hope you take the time to share with all of us what “Changing the Face of Beauty” means to you.  Why it is important to your future?  Your child’s future?  Your neighbors future?  Why is it important to have a realistic beauty all around us?

Please share here or on any social media platform and tag us at #changingthefaceofbeauty.  We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Lets make this happen!  Lets remind ourselves and our friends how important this is to our world.

To purchase a “Changing the Face of Beauty” shirt you can check out our shop.

OXOX Katie

History was made

We are back from NYC and stuck in a snow drift.  Well not really, but it is super cold and there are drifts of white stuff everywhere.  There were lots of oooo’s and ahhhh’s while we watched the snow fall last night and it felt good to know we are safe and sound, surrounded by good friends and lots of food….necessities right?   As I replay the memories  made over the past week.  It’s all really really good.

4Q3B7078 copy 4Q3B7082 copy

We arrived in NYC to meet my Dad and head out to the hotel to meet the lady of the week!  Yes, Ms Jamie Brewer and her Mom were staying in our hotel to make things easier to connect.  We all had butterflies.  Looking forward to spending time with a real celebrity.  It was amazing to watch my son Liam ask her about the show she is an actress in American Horror Story as well as asking her about who she knew and what it was like to be a famous.  Jamie’s personality is peppy and she is so gracious.  She and her Mom made us all feel extremely comfortable and welcome.

4Q3B7115 copy 4Q3B7117 copy

Thursday we arrived early to the show and made sure we were settled before everyone hit the runway.  What an experience to be there during fashion week.  Chatting with photographers and press waiting in line to get into one of the hottest shows of the week.  That moment when you walk in with 200 other people and see Carries logo at the start of the runway with huge video projection on the wall was mind blowing.  It was all happening.  We were really going to witness the first young women with Down syndrome on the runway and better yet we KNEW her.  That moment is one I will never forget.

4Q3B7123 copy

4Q3B7133 copy4Q3B7136 copy


I looked down at Grace as she was jamming in her chair to the music being pumped through the room.  She had no idea what this moment meant but I was taking mental notes so that I could explain it to her some day.  I want her to know that moment and really feel it when she is older.  I want her to know that in the moment a beautiful young women that happens to have Down syndrome walked the runway as an equal.  She walked with other beautiful women who were equally as successful as her.  This moment had nothing to do with Down syndrome and everything to do with “role model”.  She is a “role model” to every young women, girl and baby in this world with one extra chromosome.  They can all now aspire to be a runway model.  They all know now that it is possible.  Anything is possible and that feels really good.

NYFW from katie driscoll on Vimeo.

4Q3B7149 copy 4Q3B7185 copy4Q3B7189 copy 4Q3B7200 copy4Q3B7216 copyDo I want my daughter to be a runway model?  Not necessarily.  I am not sure she would love the runway as much as Jamie did but she will know that she is represented.  She will know that the fashion industry saw her and valued her in 2015 and hopefully beyond.  It is important, that feeling of being seen and represented.  As I explained every detail to my best friend, Michelle, I was reminded of how under represented the disability community really is.  I mean we are talking the largest minority and yet so under represented that these events attract national media.

I met up with a wonderful friend on Wednesday evening.  My friend Becky also has a disability.  As we were talking about what this show might bring the next day I flat out asked her if she every felt the under represented in the media growing up.  She told me thinking about it now she never even expected to see herself in advertising because she knew she was not going to be seen there.  As I heard her say that it confirmed how important it is to change this.  It is almost a feeling of not being worthy of being seen, a fear I have had for my daughter since the beginning.  It is now not ok to continue  to not represent everyone.  Because of Carrie Hammer the decisions of inclusion will be easier.

It was pretty difficult to read through social media this week and not see articles about the history made at New York Fashion Week.  That means advertising executives have been influenced.  Company owners and marketing departments are reconsidering their role in this media inclusion and I am pretty confident you are going to be seeing a whole lot of change over the coming months and beyond.  People are waking up to a new challenge to provide representation to all families, to all people.  There is no one size fits all here.  That is what makes our world unique.

I will be dwelling on the moment Jamie walked on to that runway for along time.  The moment she threw her arms up and really owned the moment for herself and everyone else living with a disability.  The moment was hers from the beginning.  She was the one who was supposed to charm the crowd and the press.  She is the future and I am so so proud to know that she will carry a little piece of Grace in her heart as she changes perceptions in everything she does.  I talk about game changers all the time, she is a game changer and there is a new standard for people with Down syndrome because of her confidence and grace.  She is a role model to not only my daughter but to me as well.

I have said it over and over the last couple of days but “Go Jamie Go”!  Get out there and grab the opportunities presented to you and show them what is possible.   As for Carrie Hammer I send so much gratitude to you and your team for providing a platform for change.  For recognizing now only people living with disabilities but all women who walk with confidence and work hard to change the world every day.

4Q3B7251 copy

I hope you take the time to let them know what this moment meant to you.  You do not have to have a disability or even know someone with a disability to really appreciate what happened this past thursday.  Change came for everyone and the standards of what is beautiful are now just a little more realistic.  All because Carrie took that chance on “Role Models” and not “Runway Models”.

OXOX Katie

NYC Fashion Week here we come!

Bags are packed and there are butterflies swarming in my stomach.  Liam, Grace and I will be heading out for a quick but meaningful trip to the “Big Apple” for Fashion Week.  I am honored to be attending Carrie Hammers runway show.  You might remember her from this show she held just one year ago.  Since then Carrie has continued to use “Role Models” instead of runway models.  This year is extra special because she picked a beauitful “Role Model” for my daughter Grace.


Jamie Brewer from American Horror Story will be walking the runway wearing one of Carries custom fit 2015 designs.  All sounds like no big deal right but it is a very big deal because  Jamie shares one thing in common with my daughter and that is an extra chromosome.  Jamie also has Down syndrome.  So that means history will be made Thursday morning as she steps onto that runway.  She will be the first and only young women with Down syndrome to walk in New York City Fashion week.  Pretty amazing right?Untitled-1 copy 4Q3B7076 copy

This show is so much bigger then my daughter.  Carrie is giving thousands of young women with Down syndrome or any disabiltiy something to aspire too.  She is giving them all a “role model” reminding them once again that anything and everything is possible.

4Q3B7070 copy 4Q3B7063 copy

You might be wondering how this all went down?  Well I will tell you.  Shortly after Dr. Danielle Sheypuk who happens to be in a wheelchair hit the runway I reached out to Carrie.  That moment was a game changer for me.  I knew in that instant that change was possible and there were a lot of people working to bring that change about.  Here is what I said.

“Hi Carrie!

I had to write! Thank you for being the change that is long over due. I could literally cry every time I read an article talking about your decision to include a model who just happens to have a disability! YOU are what this world needed!

I am a mom of 6 children 5 boys and 1 amazing girl. 4 years ago my daughter was born with 1 tiny extra chromosome and because of that she has a diagnosis of Down syndrome. I made a decision to change the perception of beauty when I as given the gift of Grace. I taught myself photography to not only share my daughter but others who happen to be living with a disability in hopes that designers and advertisers like yourself would notice and make a change through inclusion of all people regardless of their diagnosis.

A friend of mine and I co-founded a campaign called where we continue to write and encourage advertisers to take the chance. You have just made our job so much easier. Now I can reference such an amazing event as the 2014 NYFW where Carrie Hammer included a model who just happened to be in a wheelchair on the runway along side everyone else.

Thank you for changing perceptions and opening eyes to see the beauty in your products and people. You have opened up new opportunity for my daughter as well as all people who are living with a disability. I believe to my core that these decisions have a direct impact on the communication needed to show this world that the disability community is capable. Once people realize that acceptance will start to grow and foster opportunity and employment. Something we desperately need.”

Carrie and I have exchanged many emails since this one and I am happy to say we have become friends.  I am sharing this for a lot of reasons.  The first would be that I am extremely proud to make this memory with my son and daughter so that I can remind them to keep dreaming their dreams because sometimes they do come true.  The next reason is a reminder that all it took was one email.  Sometimes words on a computer screen can bring people together from across the country and completely change perceptions.  The third reason is that I am so proud of the community of women I work with every day to really bring media and advertising inclusion to the forefront.  Each and everyone of them are a huge part of this amazing story.

4Q3B7047 copy

So I am signing off……I will be posting on Instagram over the next couple of days!  I hope to keep you all in tune as Jamie prepares to WOW the crowd!  So excited and thankful for her and her family.  Thursday this young women will make history.  Thank you Jamie for giving us all someone to look up to!

OXO Katie

Its the little things…..

So Chicago is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, DEEP snow.  It has required “over time” on snow removal and my husband and boys have thankfully taken the lead on that.  The weather makes you want to click the door lock and do a whole lot of baking cookies and laying around in an afghan neither of which should I be doing.  I have felt quite hermit like, which isn’t really unusual so I should say I have felt a little more hermit like this week.

4Q3B7020 copy

Anyway I had a meeting yesterday.  One big boy home sick (or we could say with morning sickness because all was fine when the bell for school rung) so I could scoot out with just Grace for an afternoon meet and great that was long over due.  I have been searching for the right person to help me with some set designing for some shoots and well I came across the sweetest flower shop and the rest is history.  So I trudged out through the snow with my girl.  I thought about texting to see if I could bring coffee but with the weather I didn’t have time.  So off we went, a little off kilter, I must say because this lady (me) rarely leaves the house without a pass through McDonalds for a large coffee with 2 creams but I decided it was ok to take this trip with an empty hand.

tea copy

We arrived to the most beautiful little spot and Grace proudly walked in, waiting for us was the person I have been looking forward to connecting with.  As we walked in she greeted us and invited us back to this big old table covered with beautiful spring blooms, gorgeous vintage green glass bowls and vases soon to be filled with her creations.  ( You had me at hello)  She pointed to a cozy chair with a cup of hot vanilla chi tea.  Yes, made especially for me.  So we chatted about what I needed, her flowers and how we might be able to help each other out.  All of it.  I am going to be honest here.  I could have stayed all afternoon.  My girl climbed up next too me and we poured her a couple sips of the same warm tea… see where this story is going don’t you?  I am talking about the feeling you feel when someone does something so personal just especially for you.  Like brewing you a warm cup of tea just because she thought you could use one.  That.  I felt it.  A feeling I haven’t felt in along time.

4Q3B7034 copy 4Q3B7033 copy 4Q3B7032 copy

Most of the time we ask.  Can I help you out?  Is there anything I can do?  Can I pick you up a cup of coffee?  Sound familiar?  She took it to the next level and just did.   If someone asked me if they could get me a cup of coffee I would come up with every reason why I don’t want to put them out.  All the way down to I am not worth the $2.50 a cup might cost.  At the end of the day that feeling of someone just doing something special and unexpected for you, that is where the feeling really is.

4Q3B7010 copy 4Q3B7007 copy 4Q3B7002 copy

So I took my own advice.  I paid the feeling forward.  I myself got caught up in the “hey can I watch your kids or bring you anything” when my own friend was in the hospital.  Since I hang in similar company of course she said “thank you so much for asking but I will let you know.  I will be ok.”  So the week went by and she was on my mind but until that cup of tea I didn’t realize how much she too needed to feel that “your important to me” feeling.  Everyone needs it.  So last night I went to the store and packed a bag of all my favorite things.  Things that make me feel like all is well and going to be ok and I dropped it by her house.

4Q3B7013 copy 4Q3B6999 copy 4Q3B6998 copy

Selfishly I probably got more out of the gesture.  The feeling of giving that feeling that I felt back to someone else.  I just wanted her to know that I get it.  I am a mom too.  If you have not read this essay read it.  It stands for so many situations in life.  We as moms, daughters, sisters and mothers get it.  Even when we don’t think we do.  We really have it.

4Q3B7017 copy

I have come across a precious girl who is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I can’t spot thinking and praying for this beautiful girl and her family.  If you are on Instagram check in with them and if you feel comfortable let them know you are  sending healing thoughts as well.  She is the only sister to a slew of 5 brothers.  Everything was alright and then everything wasn’t.  Life is short, quick and scary sometimes.  It goes by too fast not to make sure that everyone in your life feels how much they matter to you.  You can find them here.

TGIF friends.



Its easy to give up….

I decided to really take my health and put it in the forefront this year.  Maybe it is a New Years resolution and maybe not, but one thing I know for sure is it needs to happen.  40 years are catching up to me.  I am tired, the glow in my skin is…..well not glowing, and my midsection is quite a few inches bigger then it used to me.  All those things equally frustrating.  I have tried different diets, exercises, and google searches to get to the bottom of it.  I even have the greatest friend who literally takes time out of her day to evaluate exactly what I am putting in my mouth. Don’t laugh because I need all of these things to get off home plate.

So with all that and along with a fitbit logging 15,000 steps a day you would think I am on the road to success and that would be incorrect.  I am failing miserably and I am frustrated with myself and the process.  Geez….I don’t ever remember having to work this hard and I had 6 kids.  Honestly I have thought about throwing in the towel but I know long term it won’t work for me.  I feel better when I take care of myself but for some crazy reason I won’t carve out the time to make sure taking care of myself is successful.

So I am not throwing in the towel (yet).  Atleast not this week.  I logged my steps and paid attention to what I put in my mouth all day.  I am mentally exhausted thinking about it but tonight I am patting myself on the back.  It is kind of like quitting smoking.  (Yes, I did that too) I would tell myself that today there would be no smoking and then I would tell myself the same thing the next day and if I fell off I would go right back to the beginning and it worked.  So tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow there will be no candy bars or chips…..ok well there won’t be those extra snacks and and I WILL log those steps even if I am tired.

I am going to take the road of, I believe in myself.  I can do big things.  When I am rocking that one piece this summer it will feel good. HA or at least it won’t feel bad.  New Years resolutions are not for me.  I think I need daily resolutions, I mess up and I need the motivation to get right back on and try again.  So anyone out there with good advise outside of counting your calories (my dear friend helps me with that) send them my way.  There is always strength in numbers and I need more strength.  What are your tricks?  I probably know them but it feels good to hear them from others.  Oh and don’t forget….you are worth it.  We are all no where without good healthy bodies, that is what I am telling myself!

This past week a foot of snow was dumped on the midwest which resulted in a snow day perfectly placed right after super bowl sunday!  More time to recover from a long weekend and spend time running up and down a sledding hill.  Here is our weekend…..

4Q3B6827 copy 4Q3B6806 copy

eating apples brings JOY to all of us.

4Q3B6892 copy 4Q3B6889 copy 4Q3B6880 copy

snow day and donut day are the same thing in our house.

4Q3B6866 copy4Q3B6898 copy 4Q3B6902 copy 4Q3B6910 copy 4Q3B6914 copy

Graces 2015 ride down the snow hill.  She’s good until next year.

4Q3B6933 copy 4Q3B6959 copy

Sunsets and sleds make for a perfectly happy family. 

4Q3B6974 copy 4Q3B6990 copy

Afternoons in our house are my absolute favorite.

Heres to looking out for ourselves.  Taking time to eat well and take care of our bodies and to not give up. (I am not giving up, today!)

OX Katie


TGIF! in all caps! That is how I feel this friday morning as I sip my coffee and prepare to inspire my 3 home schoolers.  I had to stop in and let you all in on some major excitement!  I had to let you know that a sweet little friend of mine and her family will be in a McDonalds commercial this Sunday during the 2nd quarter of the SUPER BOWL!

Grace copy

I will back up!  Months ago a friend and I were talking about big wins in the advertising world and she blurted out…..”Commercial during the SUPER BOWL, imagine how amazing that would be!” What Kelle was talking about was how cool it would be to see a child with a disability in a Super Bowl ad.  To clarify….. not an ad promoting an organization or a certain disability just an ad with ordinary people of ALL abilities.  The type of commercial you really have to look at.  Like hit pause and go to the screen and say to yourself is that a leg brace or wheelchair?  Or wait does that child have Down syndrome.  You get where I am going with this right?  An ad that communicates the, “Hey we all living in this world together.”  That ad.

4Q3B5266 2 copy

So as Sunday was approaching I started thinking about that ad and how we missed the mark this year but there is always next year.  I had put it on my bucket list the second she said it.  I assured myself that THIS would happen, next year.  So yesterday as I was minding my own business painting my living room I get a text from my friend Holly who happens to be Graces Mom.  She said,

4Q3B5257 2 copy

“Wanted you to be the first to know…Gracie, my son and husband are gong to be in a McDonalds commercial Super Bowl Sunday, second quarter of the game…how crazy!! Long story but they went to mcdonalds one day for breakfast, dinner can’t remember and mcdonalds was there filming. Only 13 families picked out of a lot…so excited!”

Yes…..that!  It still gives me goosebumps to read.  It happened all by itself.

4Q3B5238 2 copy

I immediately FLIPPED!  Paint dried up as I texted back and forth, announced on social media and told my husband about 100 times, “OMG Tom, this is it, the Super Bowl!”

AH3A0972 copy

There are so many reasons this is awesome.  The first of course would be that I KNOW THIS FAMILY and I have had the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous girl.  I know first hand how beautiful she is and can 110% understand why they chose her and her family.

The second reason would be the MOST amazing.  You see she was picked out of a crowd standing there with her burger or pancakes.  Mc Donalds saw the perfect “hamburger and fry eating girl”.  This had nothing to do with that magical extra chromosome she happens to have.  This had everything to do with her and her brother just being kids.

AH3A0956 copy

The third reason!  ahhhhhh……this commercial is about the customers that go to McDonalds!  YES!  The people who walk through their doors and order up a coffee or a big mac and eat!  Through this commercial they are telling their consumers that they really see ALL of us.  None of us are invisible!  We are there, we are represented, because  Grace is there.  She stands in for one of the largest minorities in the world.  McDonalds is telling the world through their imagery that they value the 225 BILLION dollars that is spent yearly by people living with disabilities.

This is such a breath of fresh air.  This is where advertising is going and should be going.  A huge win for the world.  This is a perfect little step in the right direction.

AH3A0913 copy

So I for one will be GLUED to the TV this sunday celebrating with my family and friends but I will be that person who will freeze that commercial and confirm my friend Gracie is on that screen.  I will be replaying that commercial just to relish in that huge win for all of us.  I will be the one sending a thank you note to McDonalds to let them know that I noticed and I appreciate them not ignoring the thousands of people living with disabilities eating at their restaurant.

I encourage you to do that same because guess what they READ them!!  You can reach them right here. or better yet TWEET them during the game! here

How fun would it be to see people from all over the country Tweeting McDonalds in honor of Grace and her family! LETS DO IT!

Have the most wonderful weekend you guys and I hope you are all playing the air guitar and doing some high kicks with me in celebration of a little girl and her family who are “changing the face of beauty” just being them!

And here they are! McDonalds Commercial!

OXOX Katie

A little competition never hurt anyone, right?

So writing has been the furthest thing from my mind over the last week because I have a little unspoken (ok maybe spoken, a little through email) contest of who gets their steps in each day with our neighbor Sue from Michigan.  Yes, I have been bitten by the fitbit bug.  I know some of you have had these things for years but this is new territory for me and honestly where has it been all my life.  I feel like it is just what I needed to get my lazy you know what off the chair.  Steps, genius, although it is now one more thing on my list of “to get done” in a day.  I feel accomplished when that bracelet vibrates and I reach my goal!  Is it a little weird that I wanted to announce to everyone when I am beating all of my friends?  I wanted to throw out a, I WON! even if I am only ahead for about 12 hours.

I am generally not competitive.  Could care less about games and sports but something about a personal challenge.  There is no holding back.  I am all about showing anyone I can keep up and pass up!  So tonight after wrapping the steps on the treadmill I sat down to organize my pictures from the weekend.  I always love when some time has gone by before I pull the pictures off my camera.  I seem to appreciate the moments more as time goes by.  In fact 2 nights ago I went back and read past posts here.  I started about a year ago and found myself mesmerized by how things looked.  The kids a whole year younger.  It felt good to have little reminders of important events and some not so important.  I guess I was looking for some warm and fuzzies.  I found them.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of what really feels good in the every day.  It really has nothing to do with how many steps I get in and a whole lot to do with running this house smoothly.  So lately there have been more home cooked meals and a stronger commitment to the kids education.  I am lucky to have a husband who invests in them just as much as I do.  I hope they know how proud we are of them.  The stressful assignments and lessons.  The questions of why don’t you understand what I am saying.  We are for sure not perfect parents but I believe we give them the opportunity to do the best they can do.  That is all I expect.  Time in and satisfaction out.  You can’t buy that, only encourage it and I believe it is one of the most important factors to personal success.  If you love what you are doing and you love doing it there really can’t be anything left but personal success right?

So with that being said happiness for me lies in completing these steps and embarking on a little spring project.  There is a wall in my living room that will be painted black tomorrow and I am excited about it!  More to come on that little project but until then our weekend.

4Q3B6714 copy


This girl loves to clean.  Give her a broom or a rag and she is good to go for hours.  Passionately sweeping and scrubbing  floors.  Heavenly.

4Q3B6721 copy 4Q3B6724 copy

Sometimes a little hand holding is necessary.

4Q3B6737 copy 4Q3B6738 copy 4Q3B6740 copy

Our beautiful beach….frozen.

4Q3B6748 copy 4Q3B6755 copy

Ms Independent.

4Q3B6757 copy 4Q3B6758 copy

We never carry Grace anymore.  She is 5 years old and we try and treat her as a 5 year old and require her to walk but sometimes when you are cold your Dad gives you a lift.  This is her face saying, “HA check this out Mom.  He is totally carrying me home.”

4Q3B6765 copy

Impromptu dance party turned into a sore elbow but I could not resist this love all around him.  We always thought Grace would need her brothers but I really think they will need her more.

4Q3B6768 copy 4Q3B6772 4Q3B6774 copyLastly this big blue machine that surfaces at every store I frequent.  I really don’t like this thing.  My kids on the other hand LOVE it.  Look at the happiness on their faces just because they are riding in it.  I still just don’t like it.

Happy Hump day friends! OX  Katie


Checking in

Wow! Are we seriously ending January?  We are off to the races of February.  It amazes me.  I have not been able to keep up here because I have been a fitbit wearing, water drinking, Changing the Face of Beauty wild women.  Really.  Not much else outside that has been given much attention except of course my family.  Putting my thoughts into words is hard because my emotions have been a little wonky since the new year.  Never the less here I am and I must say my every day is good.  Not easy, but good.

AH3A9872 copy AH3A9869 copy AH3A9868 copy

The other day I enlisted a neighbor to do the “grey be gone” treatment on my head. Something way over due.  We chatted about our kids, raising boys and just overall stuff.  We started talking about things that worked for our kids and things that didn’t and in the whole scheme of things if someone was listening to our conversation we sounded like we totally had it together.  Like it was easy.  It was funny as I discussed the process of taking 3 of my kids to the other side of gluten like it was just something I just decided and achieved one day.  It was actually something I decided but was it easy?  HELL NO.  It was freakin hard.  Still is.

4Q3B6707 copy 4Q3B6691 copy 4Q3B6706 copy

Our whole conversation changed actually when I admitted to her that for 6 months we fought with a child morning, noon and night about the affects eating flour would have on his system.  Insert full blown out, I hate you’s and my life is over.  Hows that for feel good parenting.  HA!  3 years have gone by now and those conversations are much easier to have and my son understands how sick he will get if he sneaks just one of those donut holes.

4Q3B6659 copy 4Q3B6658 copy 4Q3B6656 copy

What I came to realize is that when having those conversations in the future I need to remember back to when I started.  I need to communicate exactly how it went down and not just what by ego wants to communicate.  Lord it is hard, every day is hard but at the end of it, when the day is over and we sit down and really feel the stillness of the house we are reminded that we made it.  We are all still here, and we have the opportunity to try a different way tomorrow.

4Q3B6591 copy 4Q3B6581 copy 4Q3B6567 copy 4Q3B6540 copy

This parenting is not for the weak.  It is hard work but fulfilling but hard  So note to self….. help encourage buy being truthful.  No sugar coating here because the jelly in the middle is what really matters anyway.

Just some musings for the weekend.

4Q3B6609 copy 4Q3B65024Q3B6532 copy 4Q3B6606 copy

I am diving into hearts this year.  Frankly I can’t get enough of them.  YEP!  looking forward to lighting up the house with a little love over the next couple of weeks that just might remain until spring break.

Saving the best for last.  My friends from The Mighty Acorn came to town this morning and  along with some dreaming and planning we were able to hand a big beautiful check over to Tinley Park GiGi’s Playhouse to help support the amazing programs they provide their families!  That is good stuff.

AH3A9905 copy

TGIF friends!  I promise you will be hearing more from me over the next couple of weeks as I am feeling super creative and inspired.

OXOX Katie

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