Let me start out by saying that I woke up this morning with a sense of motivation.  I grabbed my comfy sweatshirt and walked straight to the coffee pot.  I then took the coffee straight to the front porch and sunk right into the couch.  I proceeded to answer emails, sip the best cup of coffee and scroll through Pinterest.  Creativity spilling out all over my Monday morning.  Somewhere between coffee and lunch I realized that I had a weekend “hang-over” not the type from drinking too much but from taking too much Friday, Saturday and Sunday in and realizing just how awesome it is to have family and friends around for 3 whole days.  It’s rough when you go from late night bonfires to laundry, homework and bills.  Those things are good and needed too but I have a touch of a regret that it is monday.4Q3B8792 copy 4Q3B8802 copy 4Q3B8815 copy


It probably has something to do with the grey skies, but to be honest I love them too, because they are the perfect reason to teach a little slower, push a little harder for results and rally around the mixer.  We did all three today and now everyone is sitting quietly doing their own thing as I wrap my mind around some events I have coming up this week.  The studio is starting to get busy which is always scary and fun at the same time.  It is funny how I use my camera every day but when it comes time to use if for others there is the anxiety of “will they like their images?”  Some call it resistance, some call it racket, some call it the voices in your mind but at the end of the day all three come along for the ride when you are trying to do something creative. So with the idea of that and the butterflies in my tummy I created my first playlist on iTunes.4Q3B8810 copy 4Q3B8812 copy 4Q3B8944 copy 4Q3B8994 copy 4Q3B9003 copy 4Q3B9065 copy beach


Now I realize this is something most of you have been doing for sometime now but I never knew how to do and now I do!  I slid all my favorite songs over and dropped them under my new playlist titled “Katie”, creative right?  I can not tell you how long I have just been hitting play song by song as I worked.  I knew it was possible to create one of these little events just had no clue how to make it happen.  That is until today, of course.  Now I just click on “Katie” and all my favorites pour out of my device.  Its just the little things.4Q3B9074 copy 4Q3B9076 copy 4Q3B9081 copy 4Q3B9082 copy 4Q3B9083 copy

Play lists and cookies.  When anyone feels a little “less then” for any type of reason, we grab the mixer an go to town.  Peanut butter was the flavor today because we were out of chocolate chips.  It was a team effort and honestly as I watched my 3 kids working together, gathering the ingredients and mixing away, I consciously took note and said a little prayer that if they remember anything at all about their childhood they would remember the billions of cookies we have made together.4Q3B9088 copy 4Q3B9094 copy 4Q3B9099 copy 4Q3B9101 copy 4Q3B9107 copy 4Q3B9111 copy

Feeling good about this week.  Taking some time to really enjoy the small things and up the intensity of feeling these everyday schedules with more patience and appreciation.

We had the opportunity to try out the new line from The Good Ones!  I know you have heard of them, right?  Well my friends Denise DeMarchis and Sam McDonald (formally the masterminds behind Matilda Jane) are working their magic behind the scenes over there and I promise you will not be disappointed! It is all about boys now!  Your not too late either!  They have another summer release coming soon!

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Happy Monday! OX  Katie