Our house has smelled like gingerbread for 3 days now between the baking of the gingerbread houses and then the sugar cookies for our afternoon with our cousins.  We have done a whole lotta laying low and just taking in these last few days of the season.  So here are just a few pictures from our weekend projects.

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The 3 day process of homemade ginger bread houses began on Saturday. Just like we did last year (as well as the link to the recipe).

4Q3B7537 copy4Q3B7550 copyWe love to cook in our PJ’s

4Q3B7558 copyMy assistant is the BEST “cleaner upper” around!

4Q3B7631nlog4Q3B7589 copy4Q3B7585 copylots and lots of sledding…..

4Q3B8327 copy


We had a cookie party with our cousins!

4Q3B8331 copy



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4Q3B8384 copy


4Q3B8343 copy


4Q3B8345 copy


4Q3B8418 copy


cousin Olivia loves to clean up too!

4Q3B8426 copy


4Q3B8432 copy


The best part of cousin cookie parties is when they spend the night!  We so enjoyed having them all to ourselves for 24 hours!

4Q3B8443 copy


4Q3B7713 copy


We are now doing a little happy dance over here waiting for the Little Maven by Tori Spelling Holiday look book to be released!  We can not WAIT to see all the beautiful faces rocking their Little Maven holiday wear together!  We just LOVE LOVE LOVE that!  So keep checking their page.  A little birdie told me it just might be tomorrow!

Happy Happy Holidaying……