So as we fell right into fall, and into pumpkin candles, crunchy leaves and beach sunsets.  It was beautiful.  Juggling 2 different sports schedules, homeschooling and weekend projects we did our best to milk the goodness out of the season.  The kids are growing and stretching their independence and it feels a little awkward but all the more reason to load them in the car and drive east to Michigan for weekends.  There is something about crossing that boarder and slowing down.

The best part of this fall has been the introduction to the wonderful world of Plexus.  It is taken me some time to get comfortable with using products from a direct sales company but honestly when I thought about it I realized I have been using those types of products for years!  I mean my daughter wears Matilda Jane, a company I adore.  I use Rodan + Fields and wouldn’t want it any other way!  Both these products are products I would never want to live without.  Honestly they are the best of the best so why wouldn’t a health and wellness company be the same?  Well it is and I have signed so many people up and 99% of them have come back and said this change was so needed and wanted.  They can’t put their finger on why, but they absolutely love the products.  I have personally decreased my anxiety, brain fog and have taken off 13 pounds of extra baggage have had packed on over the past 3 years.  I feel better then ever which has allowed me to get back to things that I LOVE!  Like baking and photography!  I bake for my family and I am still available to say no to the extra treats.  It has honestly changed my life.  I never realized how out of control I was taking care of me.  If you are interested in peaking into the Plexus world feel free to click here.


In other news…..

Our yard is wrapping for the season and soon we will need coats, boots and gloves to enjoy it.  The flowers are finished blooming and late nights around the fire pit are coming to an end.  2016 was good to us.  All these endings make room for new beginnings and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.  Some how I am ok letting go these days, making room for bigger opportunities and can’t wait to sit down with family this week and celebrate life.  Its not an easy life but it is full, busy, and busting at the seams with opportunity.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here is a glimpse of our days….

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Happiest Thanksgiving to you and yours!

OX katie