Its Saturday Morning and I am finally able to throw something out into cyber space.  As I wrapped some left over business from the week first thing, a song on Spotify, “Walking Stories” by Jilian Linklater triggered something in my heart.  I am not sure what is happening lately but inspiration has been falling from the sky.  In the littlest things.  Maybe I am paying more attention then usual, putting my ear to the ground and listening?  I am not sure but I am grateful.  I have waited years for answers to big questions.  I guess that is what makes them so inspirational, those answers, when they come to you after waiting so long.  But I love the phrase, “Walking Stories” I love where my mind goes when I read that.  It instantly went to the owner of the t-shirt company that I interact with regularly.  He feeds and befriends the homeless.  Then I thought of my dear friend Kelle who pours her creative soul into showing the world how more alike then different my girl is, and hers too.  My gratefulness started pouring over the rim of my hear this morning and I just let it flow.  There are so many people in my life doing great things, most of them are great just doing themselves.  Somehow their person is a pretty magnificent statement on this earth and the people they interact with.  I wonder how all our “walking stories” will end, because they will come to an end and all that will be left will be pages from our personal journeys, memories and I hope love.

I used to worry about the end.  A lot more then I do now.  Until I had a l conversation with my dear friend Gail who’s ending is now written.  She reminded me that all our stories are written by God and it is our job to actually live them well, enjoy them.  I believe her.  I believe that is true and I try to pass on her words of wisdom that changed everything for me to others who are scared or are carrying the same worries.

So fall is always the perfect reflection of living for me.  Saying yes more then no.   Embracing those people who make my life better.  Nurturing my people right here at home.  All of it.

The past 3 weeks have been busier then ever with work but somehow we have all found time to connect.  Whether it was through some chocolate muffins or a glass of wine over a pumpkin candle. Life has found ways to drop reminders of what makes life so precious.  I guess it is Gods way of reminding us he loves us.

With that….some of our special connections over the past month.


Baking pumpkin chocolate muffins together.grace2 grace

Dinners prepared by little hands.

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Independent studying.

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Fall decorations and details that remind me of how special our home is.

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Celebrating big accomplishments with friends.

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Preserving the beautiful details of my brand new nephew.  Watching my sister and brother in law soak him in is so special.

Welcome Taylor Ryan.

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Photographing these beautiful faces.

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