I am BACK!  I am rested and ready to go!  We are still on the birthday Marathon over here!  Our Liam will turn 10 on Monday!  My oldest child and the one that made me a mother.  I am forever grateful for that.  He is growing up and fast, the oldest just seem to do that.

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

It is easy to miss things sometimes with the oldest because are are so concerned about doing the right thing making sure they go to bed on time, eat their veggies and study their vocabulary words that days begin to blend and fly by.  I always look back at pictures of Liam and say to myself he was such a baby then and I think in my mind the high expectations I had for him.  There is something to be said about birth order.  It is what it is.  I am the oldest child I should know what it feels like to be held to a higher standard but I find myself doing the same.  Note to self……stop it!

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

We have been blessed here in chicago with amazing weather this weekend and into next week. I have the tulips on my counter reminding me the days are clicking by till we will be in flip flops and eating ice cream on the back deck!  Easter in upon us but not without a quick celebration of Green!  St Pats Day!  It happens to be our Patricks favorite holiday.  He loves it because he believes it is a day of celebration for him.  He truly thinks that all Patricks are Saints on St Patricks day!  Love him!

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

Today was a fantastic day!  Dani, Grace and I ran out of the house about 1:00 today to go shopping.  Not the shopping you would expect!  We went thrifting aka shopping at the thrift stores!  I have a passion for it!  I have been doing it for a little over a year now.  OH….. the things I have come home.  Every trip is like the lottery.  You either hit it or you don’t but the thrill is awesome.

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

Any day I am able to get out of the house with the girls is a day to remember.  It does not happen all that often but when it does we totally rock it out!

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

Speaking of shopping I must share the most amazing friend I have had the pleasure of working with over the past couple of weeks.  Karol of Bluest Sky is a true giving person.  She puts herself out there and makes others feel important and special.  She is talented in many ways as a mother, artist and friend.  The clothes she makes are just gorgeous!

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

Here is the best part.  I contacted Karol to offer my photography services and she accepted with open arms.  She was thrilled to work with me and was just as excited for Grace to model her beautiful designs.  She went to work asking me about colors and styles as well as measurements.  When she received the measurements she realized that they did not fit the pattern.  She needed to make adjustments to get the best fit for Grace.  This got her thinking…..maybe this is a way to give back to others.   She can offer a little something extra to special needs children by customizing the clothing to fit each and every one.

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

Let me tell you she did a fantastic job!  The clothes fit perfectly and best part is that she uses Organic Cotton!  I am so happy to have partnered with this wonderful Mama and look forward to future projects.  You can find Karol and Grace at The Bluest Sky.  All the outfits above are made with love from Karol, except the first picture.

Grace modeling for etsy vendors

These types of people get me excited….make me happy!  They make me what to be a better person….They make me want to bring it every day!

Don’t forget to check 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook for St Patricks Day hats for babies.  I plan to make a bunch tomorrow and will be posting!

So……. if any of you are nursing the sick I find the best thing to feed them is home made chicken noodle soup!  Homemade noodles and all!  Once you go there you will never go back!  It is amazing!

Chicken Noodle Soup

1 whole chicken
1 pepper
3 stalks of celery
1 onion
handful of carrots

Throw this all in a pot with enough water to cover the chicken and bring to a boil and then let simmer for 1 hour.  Should make 8 cups or so of broth.  Once you are done simmering you need to remove the whole chicken and let cool.  throw all the veggies away.

In the mean time you can make the noodles…..best part

2.5 cups of GF flour
1 pinch of salt
2 eggs beaten
1/2 cup of UNSWEETENED almond milk
1/2 tablespoon of butter (I omit this and it is fine)

Take the ingredients and combine till you have a firm dough.  Sprinkle more GF flour on the counter and turn the dough out to knead.  Knead for a min or so and then roll the dough out flat with plenty of GF flour on the rolling pin and counter.  Once rolled to about 1/4 inch thick you need to cut lines straight down and then across.  Separate the noodles and let sit for at least 1 hour.
Family cooking: homemade chicken noodle soup

Take the broth and heat back up.  Cut up 1 cup of celery, 1 cup carrots, 1 onion and add to the broth.  Simmer for 20 mins till they are all soft.  Then add in the chicken you pulled from the bones and the noodles.  Cook for 10-15 mins and serve.


YUMMY!!!  Solves all problems and makes a person feel much better.