Hello there.  It has been so long since I have checked in here.  I have been cleaning up hard drives and my technology in general over the last week and in the process I got caught up in folders of old images that drove me to my social media accounts as well as this blog.  I was reminiscing as I waited for soccer players to finish their practices by scrolling through the past and remembering when those moments as they were in the present.  It always brings a twinge of sadness.   I hate that time has passed but happy I have some of it recorded to remember.

I am coming out on the other side of summer that consisted of three months of a whole lot of work on top of keeping 6 kids engaged and satisfied.  It was rewarding and frustrating all in the same breath.  This summer looked different from past summers though.  A full blown teenager in the house spanning all the way down to a 5 year old life was interesting to say the least.

I am grateful for the amazing travel we were able to do with and without kids. The time I was able to spend with some of the women in my life.  Old and new friends, weekends and days together working as well as playing.  The time was really a gift.  At the beginning of the summer I lost a friend to cancer.  A friend who just happened to be a mentor.  A mentor by example.  Someone who challenged others just by being and supported others through her actions.  Although I only physically spent time with her on 2 occasions she was very much a part of my every day dreams of the future.  She was smart and so very good at what she did.  I looked up to her and aspired to be as successful at my passion as she was at hers.  Although there were so many other people, so much closer to her then I, I personally felt a void when she was gone.  A void that I am not sure can completely be filled again.  The security of knowing her, and her believing in the same future that I dream about was comforting.  I miss that.

What she did do before she left was plant a garden for her family and friends that consisted of amazing people.  People you can call on in a moments notice and they would drop what they are doing and help.  Really a garden of friends that are forever and that support one another to be better.  As well as believe in each others dreams.  As I get older I realize how important it is to be surrounded by people who are reaching for a bigger future.  Those that aspire for a better world, for themselves and the ones they love.  It is really an empowering place to be, even though reaching can bring insecurity and fear.  I guess what I have learned this summer is that our time on earth is short and because of our limited time we have to prioritize as well as make the most of what we have left.  We need each other for support and we need to pull each other up as we build ourselves up.

I am more ready then ever to push for something better.  Even if some days it is just a kick a** new soup recipe.  I want to reach, in all areas of my life and take more risks.  I want to be in the game so that I might have a chance at winning.  So too all the ladies I have had the opportunity of spending time with I am so grateful for you.  Your stories and your personal motivations inspire me.  You have all taught me the possibilities of what the power of friendship can achieve.

So I guess that is my explanation as to why I have not written much.  I have been processing my own place in life.  I have been observing and learning from others and sometimes when you are taking so much in you just don’t have anything to put out.  Writing for me over the past couple of months has seemed impossible.   Now that life has found its schedule again I look forward to sharing more here.  Most of all I look forward to picking up my camera.

Here is a little glimpse of the past month.

A quick Michigan vacation.

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A trip to California to meet with some very special friends.

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{Its pretty amazing to see the design drawings of a t-shirt made to help build your dreams.}

A perfect little trip to Florida to celebrate 15 amazing young girls and catch up with old friends.

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Birthday celebrations.





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Back to school…

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and evenings in the back yard.

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It was all good. Yet I know there is even more goodness to come.  Bring it Labor Day aka Lobster Feast.  More to come!

Happy “almost” hump day!

OX  Katie