Life has moved a little faster then I personally like.  Birthdays have flown by and now we are looking forward to Memorial Day and summer break.  I am soooo excited.  Although it is a huge challenge to have all 6 of my kids home I am up for it!  I am so looking forward to day trips and beach fridays.  I can’t wait to reconnect with friends we have not seen since last summer!  I am ready……

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One of Gracies “Bestest” friends.4Q3B8009 copy

So over the past week my middle Son Ryan turned 8!  Yep he is a big 8 year old and WOW am I proud of him.  He has taught me that hard work pays off and a diagnosis means nothing.  He gives me the strength to believe that we can all achieve goals in our own time.  Learning new things does not come easy for him but not for lack of trying.  He works hard every day and he makes me proud Mama!


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side note, we found ice cream made from bananas with dairy free hot fudge!  Score!

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We had the most amazing treat last night!  The call finally came from the local Orchard owner with big news!  The blossoms are here!  Yep! We have Apple Blossoms here in Chicago and they are beautiful!  I have never had the opportunity to walk through an orchard while the trees are blossoming, it is beautiful and they smell so good! (To see more Apple Blossom images check out my photography page – I am offering evening sessions through next week when the blossoms will be gone.)

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We are gearing up for a weekend off!  I wish a beautiful and very happy Mothers Day to all.