Ahhhh November you have delivered……and delivered well.

We have absolutely loved the extra days of autumn we have had here in the midwest.  Sunshine in the morning and beautiful mild evenings that we could spend by the fire.  Probably one of my most favorite places in world.  There is something that just makes life a little sweeter curled up by a fire, inside or outside.  We are easing back into the week with a dreary Monday.  The best kind.  The ones that allow you an excuse for having just one more cup of coffee, extra time to make a call and bake cookies.  All of it.

With the holidays approaching I just can’t help but think about how lucky we are to be together.  As a family.  Traditions will begin in the next couple weeks and we are all here to enjoy them.  I guess the music, the smells and the twinkly lights remind me of the friends we have lost and the friends who have trudged through illness over the past year.  the reminders make me grateful for the time I had with them and reminds me that life is short.  As our family moves into these coming weeks I will remember to be eternally thankful for today.

Who am I kidding.  I am in holiday mode.  I am ready to dive in head first.

Our weekend in a few images….


Saturday night dance parties with Blake and Grace are priceless.

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Sunday morning walk with dad. She loves this guy so much.

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Boys, boys, boys outside with no coats and bare feet.  

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Family and friends that have become family.

4Q3B0230 copy 4Q3B0243 copy 4Q3B0251 copy

All for now.  There are some gingerbread boys waiting to come out of the oven.  First batch complete.

Happy Monday OX Katie