I noticed something last weekend, in-between some projects and travel schedule.  I can’t explain it except it caught me off guard.  I was watching my daughter try and ride her tricycle, something that generally comes so easy to a six year old.  Well that is not the case for my daughter.  She is still trying and it is frustrating for her and for me if I am honest.  I had no idea she couldn’t just get on that Trike and petal but never the less we are working on it.  As I watched her struggle in her cute little striped pants it struck me that life was looking just little more beautiful then it usually does.

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I am sure that sounds little cliche, I mean it kind of does sound that way to me too, but I spent the rest of the day capturing our moments.  Maybe it was just that I hadn’t used my camera with true intent in along time.  Something about that Saturday just kind of took my breath away.

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There has been a lot of growth in our house lately.  Kids growing out of clothes (thank God for shorts), shoes and well now school.  Our oldest is stretching right out of Jr High and will soon be walking the halls of high school.  I am not ready.  I am not sure we are ever going to be completely ready.  I miss the weeks of nothingness when the kids were young.  The doors locked and everyone safely tucked inside until we had to venture out to the dreaded grocery store.  Things were hard then, a different hard but they were safe and I could see them.

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So we are growing…..evolving into a house of preteens and teenagers.  I am sure we will be ok with it all in no time.  But until then I feel the twinges in my heart.  I hope every night as I lay in bed that I was a decent mom, that they will remember all the moments I tried to make special…..you know pizza nights on Tuesdays and our crazy road trips all over the place.  The time we have at the beach during the summer.  I hope they know I love them.  Through all the craziness and frustration of our every day lives I hope they remember we love them.

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We are growing in other ways too.  Our minds are growing.  The big boys are acting on the big stage and our littlest one is FINALLY reading.  She is really reading…..flash cards and Bibs stories all of it.

Grace READS 2016 from katie driscoll on Vimeo.

I wish I could say this process was beautiful but it wasn’t.  There were tears shed….from both of us.  Alot questions about whether or not we made the right decision to take on the teaching role, all of it.  BUT I am proud to announce we did it.  We prevailed and I never ever have to teach another child how to read!  Kind of like potty training…..done!

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I know I will look back and only remember the good when my kids are calling me as they too will be working on these important milestones with their children but for now…..I am pretty proud to say we made it.

So here we are staring SUMMER in the face!  So many great signs of new life….like beach visits on cool afternoons, smores and hotdogs on the fire AND yes GRACE and BLAKE are back together for yet another summer adventure.  Man do that make 2 families really happy when they are together.

Happy Hump Day friends!  Especially to all the Mamas out there!  Celebrate you this week.

OX Katie