Katie Driscoll Bio Picture

Hi. My Name Is Katie!

Welcome to my space on the internet!  I am a creative at heart.  I love to write and share life through my lens.  I use them both to live out my purpose.  that purpose stems from  believing all people should be seen and heard in this world.  I also believe in working every day on our best lives.  I work toward these passions with the nonprofit Changing the Face of Beauty I founded  and my health and wellness business.

I believe linking arms with people looking for more in life is the key to living out a life with more happiness and less regret.

My greatest accomplishment so far would be my family!  I found a husband who challenges me every day to be better and my 6 kids, Liam, Patrick, Ryan, Sean, Colin and Grace.  Setting an example for them is where my soul is ignited.