Coming off a 3 day weekend full for friends and family inspires me to be better.  To do better.  Time is just, time and unfortunately none of us have a lot of it so making the best of the time we have is always the most fulfilling.  This summer was not exactly what I wished for but some how moments like this weekend remind me that it really wasn’t that bad either.  The cards may not always fall where I want them too but they ALWAYS fall where they are supposed too.  It is all a part of my story….. my friend Gail would tell me, if she was here.

So while I am taking in the new smells of pumpkin candles and peach cobbler baking in the oven, cause that is how I roll!  Always early to the new seasonal trends, its kind of like a race in my book.  I am so grateful for the blessings I have right here, my schedule is calming down (kind of) and just a little bit of routine makes everything smoother.  But the high lights of the past month are not that distant of memories.  As we hugged our neighbors goodbye this weekend and sent our friends on their way my heart sank just a little.  September is always the sign that everyone is getting older.  Either by grade or by year and it is yet another nudge to pay attention, have those longer conversations when ever possible and pass out hugs as you say goodbye because who knows when your paths will cross again.

Here is a glimpse of the last chapter of our summer.

4Q3B5538Michigan Fruit makes us all smile.


Late nights with full decks of people. And lights……have to have the lights.


Labor Day is just short for “Lobster Fest”.

4Q3B5581 4Q3B5590 4Q3B5607

Friends.  Everyone needs them.

4Q3B5611 4Q3B5617


Special people who naturally make us feel special.


Capturing your bestie mid laugh.  Good stuff.

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Here is alittle sneak!

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