There is always a tinge of sadness after a good weekend ends.  We rocked this weekend out and it felt good.

Sean on roller blades

Ryan on roller blades loving the Saturday

The kids were outside ALOT.  The smell of spring is in the air and it shows because my boys  have stripped down to shorts.  There is some kind of unwritten rule in our house that when the temperature tops 80, boys do not wear shirts!

Time for summer water fights


Boys playing in the water on a Saturday afternoon

Any given time during the summer you can pull into my driveway and you will be welcomed by 5 shirtless and shoeless young boys.  I don’t complain because HEY less laundry for me!
Shirts never come out of the drawer unless there is a car ride in mind.

The boys love to play with Mario

My hubby and I worked on the yard.  The boys helped…..we are getting excited about summer.  I know I know we are just about to enter spring but summer is just around the bend!

We painted the shed Barn Yard red!  LOVE

The boys and Grace help paint the shed barn red

Colin is serious about painting

Colin loves to paint

He built garden boxes…..Wow did he build those boxes.  Love love and double love!

We celebrated the holiday my Patrick is for sure was made especially for him!  Ol St Patrick himself!  My brother was in town and well that is special….he is special and I love to spend time with him.

Husband built amazing raised garden boxes

Green shoes for St Patricks Day

To top the weekend off we celebrated the  perfect birthday for a precious little girl who was very sick just a short time ago.  One year ago to be exact.  We all questioned whether or not there would be a first birthday party.  We questioned if she would ever make it out of the hospital.  This sweet girl was born with PPHN otherwise known as Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension.

Happy Birthday Nora

Well let me tell you she did and sweet girl turned 1!  Her parents celebrated and so did we!  Happy Birthday baby girl!

My brother and I celebrating St Patricks Day

Sweet baby Nora born with PPHN

This week is the celebration of National Down Syndrome Day, March 21st.  I will be hosting giveaways from now till then on my facebook and this blog.  The donations come from the amazing artists Grace has had the pleasure of modeling for as well as some of their friends.  These wonderful people invited her into their advertising with open arms.   Please check out their stores and facebook pages.  You will not be sorry, these women are talented and I am so glad to know them!

Stay tuned to a special post on the 21st honoring this special day and some wonderful families.


Check out Paint, Fabric, Whimsy on Etsy!  She has a wonderful selection of gorgeous gifts for yourself or someone you know!

She is donating a  super soft fleece with a variety of shapes, textures and sizes of ribbon – more fun for baby and more splashes of color for mom! 🙂 This one is a perfect travel size for tucking around baby in the stroller or carseat. It measures app. 18″ x 9″. I’ve triple sewn the ribbons for safety as well. These blankets wash very nicely and make the perfect shower gift!”
RULES are you must leave a comment on this blog explaining what you are excited about right now and visit her on Facebook and leave her a comment saying thank you for supporting the National Down Syndrome Day Giveaway .  What energizes you in the morning!  I wanna hear!
I will start…..This blog energizes me, the opportunity to connect with people I would never meet otherwise and spring….I am so looking forward to flowers blooming, sweet pastels and Easter!  Now your turn….