So today we woke up little early and made an extra strong pot of coffee.  Something about today is just a little sweeter then yesterday because today is the day Tori Spelling launched her Little Maven Holiday look book campaign.  This campaign celebrates all the beautiful children of the world and encourages every Mama to send a picture in to Little Maven for the chance to be featured!

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So today the kids put on their Little Maven outfits and we had a dance party because A. we love Tori B. we love Little Maven and C. we LOVE celebrating beautiful children of all abilities!!  It is like a trifecta!


If you are new here you might not know about the letter I wrote to Tori.  When I decided to create a little advertising remake of her current JCP flyer I could feel it in my heart.  I just knew she would hear me.  She is a loving Mama, she is passionate about people and she has an amazing friend Lisa who has a son named Blake who just so happens to have a designer gene. This campaign fit perfectly into her vision of Little Maven and I am sending her tons of virtual high fives!  Tons!  You can check out her thoughts on her blog ediTORIal.

Lisa Blake & Tori collage

(Tori’s friend Lisa and her son Blake,

You can view the details here and don’t forget to ENTER!  This is a contest and the chosen models will be picked by Tori herself!  How exciting! It is so important that we support this campaign because in return JCP will hear us, the world will hear us and see how important it is to include children of all abilities all the time!  Lets let Tori know how thankful we are for her support and more importantly get out there to your nearest JCP and get yourself some Little Maven!   They want to see YOUR child…..every single one of you!


Times are changing, people are changing and perceptions are changing every day because people are stepping up.  They are reaching for a world that is more integrated.

It is exciting to see media projects continue to move in the right direction.  Kelle Hampton leads with her beautiful imagery.  Through Kelles images she continues to change perceptions of what it is like to raise children of all ablitites.  You can see her work in Land of Nod, Target, Infantino, Step 2 and she is a regular on BabyZone!  Colette Coskey celebrates her son as well as all children who happen to be living with a disability by creating a campaign called “Everybody Plays” carried out by the company she works for.   Infantino and Step 2 toys celebrate all children together.  We continue to have amazing actors on Glee and most recently Good Luck Charlie that are supported and staffed by a passionate Mama named Gail Williamson with Down Syndrome in the Arts and Media.  These projects are important, they are the roots of what our country believes to be true about individuals with disabilities.  The more they are included in the media the more accepting our society will be, I can feel it.

I will never forget the comments that came after my daughter was born.  Some aren’t worth remembering but the one that stands out was that she too could be the next cheerleader on Glee.  I am so thankful that my friends and family had an understanding of what was possible for Graces future because there was a character in the media they could relate to.

I love these Mama’s and today I celebrate with all of them!  I am excited about the future of advertising and from the bottom of my heart I send a huge thank you to Tori, Lisa, Mehran, Casey and the Little Maven team for believing.

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Share, Share, Share and make sure everyone BELIEVES what we believe.  All children of all abilities should be included in advertising and the media all the time!  Lets celebrate what makes your children unique! I entered my child will you??