December is here and so is the holiday shopping that comes along with it!  We are decking the halls and packing the tree with beautiful packages for the ones we love!  I am taking a little extra time this year to really evaluate where my holiday shopping is done.  I am supporting companies who encourage the acceptance that is so important to my children’s future.

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Today I celebrate a company that did just that.  They stood by their word and included a child who just so happens to have a disability.  I reached out to Boden a couple of months ago asking them if they would consider including children of all abilities in future advertising.  They assured me that when they found a child that felt comfortable wearing their clothing they would absolutely include them in their future advertising regardless of their ability.  The best part was a couple weeks later I came across this article “Adorable Girl with Cerebral Palsy Lands Major Modeling Gig!”  How awesome is that!?!


(Picture taken from Yahoo Shine – Article referenced above.  Photo credit: Boden/Geoff Robinson)

So I assembled some of the most beautiful kids I know and told them to put on their Boden designs and share in a little celebration!


It doesn’t take much to make a statement.  Just one decision makes a world of difference to a large portion of our world.  It reminds their consumers that they value every.single.person who wears their clothing.

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There is very little extra that goes into including everyone in an advertising campaign and Boden knows that!

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I created a little video using Mindy Gledhill’s “A Christmas Song” with not only images of the beautiful designs Boden is carrying this holiday season but the behind the scenes footage of kids loving each other.  Every time I do one of these projects magic happens.  Parents talk, kids play and we make beautiful images that communicate to the world that people are people, kids are kids and given the chance to shine they will knock your socks off!

Boden from katie driscoll on Vimeo.


So Happy Holidays to the Mini Boden team!  Thank you for changing perceptions and standing up for all children.  Because of you our world is just a little closer to being a more beautiful and accepting place to raise our children.  PLEASE make sure to stop by and let the team know how they are influencing the future of YOUR child.  Advertisers need know what their imagery is communicating.  You can find them on Twitter and Facebook!  Drop them a note and let them know what this decision means to you!

PS can’t wait to share the vendors that believe in all children of all abilities!  That post is coming soon!

OXOX Katie