How could summer almost be half way over.  I have not recovered from Memorial Day, Graduation and all the other other events that have gotten in the way of “slow down” this past month.  Don’t you just wish you could hit the snooze for a week and forget about all the things you need to do?  We are hoping for a little of that this weekend.  I was up early this morning, editing, preparing a press release for the new PSA for Changing the Face of Beauty and stopped it all.  I realized it has been over a month since I updated this blog and although in the whole scheme of life that really doesn’t matter but it does to me.  I love going back to these memories and reliving them through my thoughts and images.  These kids won’t stop growing.  They are determined to be taller, wiser and more worldly then their mother.  But they can’t take my memories with them.  They are mine to remember exactly how I want to remember them.  So with this exhale I give you the first half of summer 2015.

It has been a beautiful one.  We celebrated Memorial Day with wonderful friends and family at the beach.

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A day later we watched as our oldest son walked across the stage and right into high school.  It was rough.  I can’t believe we have made it this far.  It seems like yesterday Tom and I were new parents.  His entire journey has been scary.  Mainly because we don’t know what the heck we are doing.  He has excelled in spite of us.  Sometimes I wonder how much he really needs us, but he does, and we need him too.

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We celebrated him, back at the beach and lets just say it was a good one because I forgot to take pictures.  I always know when I am fully in the moment because well…..there are no pictures to remember it by.  Frustrating as it is I can never have it both ways.

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That threw us smack dab into Fathers Day!  We have one of the best Dads around and we made sure he felt extra special.

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And everything else is a “mishmash” of homeschool, baseball, late nights in the pool and well just hanging on.  Unfortunately our summer as not been one of refection.  It has been more like hold on we are moving forward a a rapid speed.  Please keep all arms and legs inside the book of life.  Do I want that to change?  Yes.  I want to really feel these events.  the here and now because every time I blink we are in the future but I must say the fullness feels good too.  I am constantly reminded of all the beautiful people in our like and man to I feel blessed.

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And here we are.  At the halfway point to all my kids another year ahead in school.  To the routine of school and the holidays.  Until then, well…… we will breathe when we can and toast to what we can not change.  Happy 4th of July friends!  I hope your flags are flying proudly this weekend.

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Happy Happy weekend!  OX  Katie