It is no lie that I have had a crazy, black cloud over my head.  Barely keeping my head above water as I referenced here and HERE!  Seriously, I am trying to rock out to jingle bells and things just keep getting in my way!  When my husband and I find ourselves in these situations we pull the boot straps up and put our eye on the ball.  Usually when we are sitting in the middle of these disasters as they might seem we had taken our eye OFF the ball.

4Q3B7358 copy

(there is no question this girl is mine.  she was less then thrilled to be out in the snow.)

That is what this week turned out to be.  I listened more talking.  I engaged more then ignored and I am coming out of this week a better Mom, a better listener and my patience cup is closer to the top of the cup instead of the bottom.  I know I am blessed with a well rounded life but isn’t if funny how easy it is to forget that when entrenched in a major basement problem or a frustration with your child.  That!  I forgot.

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I was reminded that conversations don’t just have to be just on the surface.  I can go deeper, even it if is with someone I hardly know.  I had 2 very important conversations this week with 2 different people that I hardly know and I will probably wipe tears from my eyes every time I think of them for the rest of the month because they were the life preserves I needed.  The threw a hand out and pulled me right out of pot hole I was sulking in and I am thankful for that!

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I learned two very valuable lessons this week.  One is to trust my faith a whole lot more.  I have faith but it often gets pushed behind the more pressing and less important things in my life.  This just complicates things even more.  I need to lean on my faith when I am scared and worried instead of throwing up my arms in defeat.  The other thing I learned is that pre-teens are just going through stuff.  Life changes, crazy hormones and the uncertainty of their own future.  I kind of knew this, as I too was a pre-teen at one time in my life.  There just wasn’t a name for it then!  How about a little slack for the pre-teens!  Instead of trying to rationalize what they are feeling how about just let them feel.  Let them be.  They too just like their mother will figure it out.  Trust them to figure it out and guide them in the right direction.  HMMM that just might work better then feeling like a total failure.  I get it and I am on it!

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Everyday is not happiness and bliss unfortunately.  Wouldn’t live be great if it was?  Well maybe not because the valleys are when makes us appreciate the hike to the top of the mountain, I guess.

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Life and this holiday season continue to amaze.  I always thought the learning curve stopped after college but I have learned that is when it really starts.

All that and some time with these great people I get to call my friends.  All is right with the world right now.




Friday is here! Make it great! I sure plan to! OXOX