Since the delivery of 3 inches of snow and freezing temperatures it has felt good to be home.  The tree is up and settled in along with lots of white lights.  It feels even more like home then normal.

4Q3B7320 copy

We are preparing to start the count down to Christmas and all its excitement along with gingerbread houses that I hope to make this weekend!  This will be the third year I make the houses from scratch and gluten free at that!  It feels good to be a little more like “Suzy Homemaker” around the holidays!

4Q3B7314 copy

I even made a new mantle piece!  I love the word JOY!  The letters can be found a Target.

4Q3B7311 copy


The swag I made with a cut up burlap coffee bag.  I love the way it turned out.  I wish I could take full credit for it but I was inspired by a picture on Instagram and as soon as I find that picture again I will give credit where credit is due!  By the way if you are on Instagram you can find me here!  It is so much fun over there!

4Q3B7313 copy

Although a lot of our week has looked much like this…..

4Q3B7309 copy

all I can say is at least it is glitter!

4Q3B7317 copy

4Q3B7315 copy

I have a beautiful princess I spend my days with that is determined to clean out my cabinets.  She organizes and reorganizes my cabinets daily.  When she is done with that she loves on her new friend “Dog” who was given to her by some very special friends.  This cutie is from Poochie & Co. and we just love her!  There have been quite a few cookie parties with “Dog”,  glitter and all!



(This is a new face for us.  I kind of love it!)




4Q3B7169 copy


4Q3B7166 copy


Happy Home everyone!  A fire and a cup of egg nog are calling my name.