Weekends….I love them.  I look forward to the anticipation that starts on Wednesday.   Planning what we will eat and where we will go are some of my favorite parts of every week.  This weekend was free from extra curricular’s and so the anticipation was even higher.

I packed as much grocery shopping, organizing and working into the 3 days proceeding so we were free to go and do what ever came to mind.  Michigan is always number one on our list and the neighborhood there was filled with the neighbors and friends ready to send off another eventful season of beach and late nights around the fire.  I had to meet our nephew and his family for an early morning photography session on the local beach and that was like the cherry on top of everything.  Being there with their kids, as the sun rose on a beautiful beach that was empty for miles, well…..my adrenaline started pumping.

The day ended at our neighbors house for one pretty crazy and awesome lobster boil.  It was mentioned the night before that they were holding the second annual boil in honor of the local “Lobster Fest” at the grocery store Barneys.  So at 8:00am I texted them and basically it went something like “Hey I am getting 6 lobsters now can we boil them with all of you?” I didn’t even wait for the answer.  I stopped in, found the man dressed in the lobster costume and asked which direction I go to get myself a live lobster.  He pointed to a small table with 2 huge coolers.  The ladies wearing lobster hats grabbed 6 threw them in the bag and off I went.  Worst case scenario I knew the kids (and my husband) would have a fantastic time playing with them.

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Sister was not into getting friendly with our new friends.




I arrived home and instantly my husband lined them up on the table.  At that moment I knew a new tradition was born.  Lobster would be had by all on Labor Day weekends from now into the future.

Memories and traditions just like lobster fest are what keep me engaged.  These opportunities to make memories with the kids are what I hope they remember most when they grow up and have their own children.  I seriously sit around and think about what they will say on Labor Day weekend 20 years from now.  Will they tell their kids that every Labor Day their Mom got up early and picked up fresh lobster to cook with the neighbors?  Will they till them their crazy Dad lined them up and took picture after picture with them all in crazy positions? “Lobster Selfies”?  I hope so.

Here is just a snip-it of the goodness that packed our weekend.

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Date night painting session. 

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Lunch with new and old friends.

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Lots of these beautiful moments.

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Breakfasts on the deck.

Happy Tuesday friends! K