The boys are back and the house is full just like it is supposed to be!  They traveled all over the midwest and are planning their trip away with Grandma and Grandpa already for next year.  We missed them, a whole lot.4Q3B1689 copy

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There is something about watching your kids grow and spread their wings.  It is hard for me to even explain.  They are growing so quickly and have turned into young men over night.  I love that they mind their manners and look after each other but it hurts a little knowing they don’t need me as much as they did even 6 months ago.

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I work and work on teaching them to be independent, dress themselves, make their lunch and help around the house but when they do they no longer need me.  It is a whole weird viscious circle of life that is getting harder and harder to understand.

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As they pulled away from the house a week ago all I could do was picture the day we will drop them off at college or at their new apartment in another state.  How will I handle that?  How will I be able to be strong enough to say take care of yourself without turning into a blubbering mess.  I guess just how my parents did the day the dropped me.  You just do it.  They have to fly and I have to let them go.

Thank goodness I have time, but to be honest it doesn’t seem like quite enough.  5 years from now I will be helping my oldest son prepare for his next chapter.  The chapter without Mom.  So through these next couple years I guess I will learn how to take the next step and let them go just a little bit more each year.  I will continue to encourage them to be independent.  Stand on their own two feet and find a passion they can call their own.

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On that note we are loving our new shades from Paxley!  Oh wow they are fantastic and no more squinting.  These glasses and their flexible no pinch style are awesome.  The kids won’t take them off!  I have never had a pair of children’s sunglasses the kids love like these!

AH3A2495 copy AH3A2480 copy AH3A2493 copy gracesunglasses copy

The best part is the enhanced rubber nose pads.  They stick to the nose and for Grace this makes a huge different for her.  We absolutely love them!

AH3A2599 copy AH3A2605 copy

The good news is that they are offering a discount for the readers here!  When you visit their site make sure to type in 5boys and you will recieve 25% off for the next month!  Go check them out!

AH3A2618 copy AH3A2624 copyThe even better news……. I have 1 pair to give away! YEP! You can be the winner of 1 free pair of Paxley sunglasses of any size!  All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me the one thing you want to do with your family before the school year starts!  It is August and I want to pack in a couple more fun outings so share with me what is on your summer bucket list that has not been crossed off yet!  Winner will be chosen on Wednesday of this week!

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Is holding up a long stick in Lake Michigan one of them?  I can’t even say these are my kids but I love this image and the laughter that came from that group as the hoisted it above their heads. Priceless

Happy Sunday Funday Friends! OX Katie