We are still recovering from ear infections and all the other gross bugs our kids have brought home from one place or another.  It has been weeks of snot, coughs and just plain not feeling well.  I am taking my turn.  This is my week and I guess I can say I finally understand why my kids have been in a over all cranky mood.  This stuff is gross.

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I have been trying to keep the pace around here and thank goodness no one is keeping score because there would be no gold for me.  The kids missed the bus. -1  As I wrapped the studies here at home I realized it was already 1:30pm and no one had been fed.  The boys can grab a bite to eat but Grace was demanding a plate of food.  -1 point

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It is cold here and although we keep the logs on the fire most of the day the sun coming through the windows feels better.  I moved Ryan to the end of the island so that he could feel the sun on his back while he did his math.  Although it did not change his mood at that moment I have to believe it made him feel better.  It sure did me.

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So I spent the day trying to catch up on the housework that never seems to be completely caught up and enjoying the light every chance I got.

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I think the kids were doing the same.  They didn’t even realize that they actually preferred to be in the sunlight.  I love days that I consiously look for details.  Today it was feet.  These kids continue to grow and why I look at their little details like their feet, hands and faces I see that growth.

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I have a prayer request.  There is a sweet baby girl here in Chicago that needs a whole lot of prayers.  She is recovering from a very serious heart surgery and tonight her parents are by her bedside as the doctors work to help sweet Annie stablize.  So as your putting your babies to bed tonight, hug them a little tighter and send a prayer up for this beautiful girl.  She needs lots of them right now.

If you would like to send of gift of support you can do so here to help the family as they are trying to spend as much time with their girl as possible.

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So I am closing with a little message to sweet Annie.  Keep fighting pretty girl.

OXOX Katie