I can’t even believe that October is over.  It was filled with so much we barely came up for air.  Parenting and work are like that sometimes aren’t they?  There is just ebs and flows that consistently burn months away.  Between tutors, practices and escapes to Michigan there is very little time to appreciate the last days of this year.  I hope my kids remember the days off from school when we took a hike with our friend Sue.  I hope they remember the cookies that took a process of 3 days to complete.  I tell them regularly that I love them but sometimes I feel like those words are just that words.  When I look at my actions I see a lunatic at times.  I am always rushing here or there.  Completing this project or that.  Shuffling them out of the room so I can concentrate in a not so nice ways sometimes.  Patience is thin trying to fit everything in day to day.  BUT when there is a day off school, well I try really hard to throw all the must does aside and give them my time, my attention and memories.


I am going with the “you always remember the good times”, moto ad hope for the best.   I hope they remember what is good.  What their Dad and I did well.    As we wrap up these last 2 months of 2015 I am grateful we are all here.  We are all healthy.  I don’t take that for granted for one moment. Maybe that is why OneRepublics song, “I did it all.” is on auto replay.  (You haven’t seen the video?  you better turn around now and click that link.  It is a must see.) Man I hope my kids live a life like that, and they look back and say I did it all.  I think we all feel that way, some of us took a little longer to find that fire that inspired us.  I hope my children find it early on like their father did.

Here is a glimpse of our October.

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Fridays are for Pizza.  AND wild hair

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She is old enough to push her brothers on the swing.

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Dinner out with this crew is always an experience I never want to forget.4Q3B9762 copy 4Q3B9747 copy 4Q3B9741 copy 4Q3B9728 copy 4Q3B9727 copy 4Q3B9725 copy 4Q3B9708 copy

Belly laughs melt me like butter.

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With that I am signing out!  I have some great stuff to share with you in the coming weeks!  More soon!

OXO  Katie