An amazing day we had.  Once again we enjoyed 50 degree temperatures and I decided we have to get out of this house!  We forgot about laundry and finished up our school/therapy so that we could hit the local ICE CREAM Shop!  50 degrees and ICE CREAM go hand and hand don’t you know!

Some of us feel more comfortable with out shoes even at the Ice Cream parlor.

Since Ryan, Colin and Grace can not have the cream in the ice cream they were able to choose from 4 flavors of sorbet…… the next best thing!  Ryan picked Strawberry so it was strawberry for all.  We brought our own Gluten free cones and they scooped them right up.

 I indulged as well, something I normally don’t do but today I was in Rome and when in Rome you eat Ice Cream!  I chose cake batter and WOW where has that been all my life!  Seriously I do not think I have ever had a better ice cream cone in my life. (That Rhymes!)

Grace has never had sorbet because I really don’t give her sugar at all.  I decided today would be the day she would have her own cone.  I was all set up….. camera in hand when I gave her the first ice cream cone of her life and she took a lick and dropped it on the table.  I tried again and again…. sister was not interested in that sorbet at all.  I am still in shock!  She enjoyed watching her brothers lick around those cones to keep the ice cream from dripping on their hands, shirts, pants and shoes.  We were a sticky mess leaving.


We then hit the park.  The boys were so excited to be there.  We even had a bonus friend to play with another 3 year old boy there with his Mom.

All was fantastic till the boys decided tag in the tennis courts would be a good idea.  I like tag and all but tag in our house is all fun and games for the first five and then the game goes down hill quickly.  I held Grace and chatted with the boys mother while biting my lip hoping for the best.  Five went by and then down they went…… to the ground….. the three year olds where arguing and and rolling around on the ground.  REALLY!  I thought in my mind…… Is this really happening…..I could not get through that gate fast enough.  Long story short the mother gathered her son and shortly after decided to head home.  Hmmmm I wonder why….. while my boys were saying things like, “there is something wrong with that kid” and “He Started it!”

These 2 pictures were taken directly after the altercation…even though these boys were not completely involved they were not happy with their brother or his new friend. The lessons we learn.

About the time Colin buried my phone in the mulch I decided I think it is about time to head home.  After I found the phone of course.  We will be holding park etiquette classes in our home next week.

It was a gorgeous day though and Grace absolutely loved welcoming everyone to the park with huge HI and BYE waves.  That girl never stops smiling even when her brothers are rolling around on a tennis court.  She is outside and that is all that matters to her.

I have to share this gorgeous boy and his little brother.  If you read Graces story I spoke of a mother Angela. She was a huge resource to me when I was pregnant with Grace.  Her two gorgeous boys are Frankie and Johnny.

Her son Frankie has a designer gene just like Grace.  Angela and her husband were not aware of this until Frankie was born and they wasted no time at all.  She researched and found her way.  It shows because this boy is attending an inclusive preschool in their school district.  The teacher tells Angela how amazed they are at his progress.

Angela educated me on the importance of an Organic clean diet for our kids and continues to follow it with Frankie and Johnny.  She has always given Frankie goats milk because it tends to be easier to digest and does not cause the mucus cows milk generally does.  I remember Angela telling me that her Pediatrician would tell her when he/she would see Frankie for well visits that he should be the poster child for Down Syndrome because he is so amazingly healthy.  He is the poster child…… because this boy has already been published in 2 calendars for Celebrate Differences.  The information she gave to me a little over 2 years ago I can never repay.  OXOXO Angela, you are an amazing Mom!

Lastly, it is no secret I love blogs! I love reading about the amazing things other Moms do with their kids or projects the do with their family.  Who needs cook books when you have women whipping up recipes at home that would put Julia Child to shame.  They just make me happy…..

There is one blogger that stands out above the others on my blog list.  Her name is Kelle Hampton and her blog is Enjoying the Small Things.

Her daughter Nella is 1 month younger then Grace.  I found her blog when Grace was 3 months old and I am so thankful I did.  When Kelle wrote about the first year with her daughter Nella her words were the same words in my heart.  If felt good to hear that what I was going through was normal.  We all seek that normal and for some reason when we think we find it we feel better.  Kelle has a campaign going for Nella’s2-for-2 Pay it Forward  this post is so beautiful and it is worth a look.  It sums up the dreams we have for our children.  She has a way with photography and words! What a warrior Mama is all I have to say!  This girl knows how to get things done and it shows.

Make your week A – MAZ – ING!!!