A big ol WELCOME to October!  We are stretching our arms out and embracing the leaves, all things pumpkin and Targets Halloween section.  I mean how do you enter that store and not run to the back for all that goodness.  The masks this year OUT.OF.CONTROL and so fun to play with.  A far cry from the plastic face masks I wore with the tiny piece of elastic that broke on the way home!  Although look no further they have those to!  Can you believe it!

We ran away to Michigan this weekend.  Some of us stayed the whole weekend (ME!) and others returned home for soccer but when my husband and I laided our heads on the pillow last night we looked at each other and felt full.  We both felt like we got what we needed from those 3 days and that was what mattered.  Time and a little recharge, we are ready to accomplish the weeks events.  It is crazy to me how marriage evolves.  We are 15 years in and although our priorities are different, he is the first person I think about when I am scared or worried, he is the first person I think of when I see something that I think is amazing, and he is the first person I think of when I think of home.  He gets it and he gets me.  So when we are apart it is that stretch we both need to just be who we are because we know we have someone waiting for us on Sunday night to get through this crazy week of kids, work, dinner and well just every day life.

As I put my daughter to sleep tonight I actually got excited about snowy nights, a fire in the fireplace and the thought of going nowhere.  It is coming.  Hibernation and I’m ready.  Until then it is all things yummy, gooey and scary.  Hence the bag of chocolate covered raisins I just polished.  Yikes.

Here is our wild life.  A glimpse of it anyway.

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These kids are completely into playing the part.

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We have some great stuff going on over at Mamalode.  Have you seen?  They are celebrating BEAUTY and Changing the Face of Beauty all month over there.  You guys, its beautiful over there. You have to stop in and see all the goodness.


PS….we have Halloween Shirts!  Changing the Face of Beauty has Halloween shirts.  Check them out.  I think you just might want one.


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OX Katie