Hello!  Its been awhile.  So long that I couldn’t even log into my site without numerous texts to my friend and graphic designer Dan.  Tho they were un answered this AM (sleeping??) I figured it out myself AND I am back.

Why am I back? You ask?  Because there is nothing I love more then leaning into this blog on a lazy Sunday and reading my thoughts and reliving our experiences through my images.  Because I need something creative in my life.  Something that fuels what makes me, me and that is my family and friends.  There have been quite a few months (ok a year….or so) that have passed with very little documentation of our life and well……I can never get those moments back.  Good, bad or indifferent they are gone and well……I should have documented.

My friend, Karin has influenced me recently to start journaling in the morning and although I am not getting an A+ in that area right now I am working hard to make it a habit.  There is something about writing down where your gratitude is coming from.  I have a lot of it lately and bottling it up in my own heart is not always effective.  I feel like she is right, spilling it out on a piece of paper helps remind me of where that gratitude is coming from and helps me fuel it to the right places throughout the day.

A lot of things have changed here in our home.  Our happiness level, our anxiousness of new things, and our health journeys.  They are not all perfect but wow! they have improved.  This summer has filled us all with goals and time to be together.  I would like to say without any obligations but we all know raising a family of 8, obligations are part of our every day.  I will say those seem to be less of a BIG DEAL, with more of a go with the flow attitude.

So here is the deal.  Slip ups seem less like face plants and laughing seems to flow just alittle easier around here.  I am grateful for that today.  I am grateful that I have a family to come home too and one that fuels me to live out my best life.  I sure hope that example is something that leads this crew to do the same.

So here we go!  A glimpse into our 4th of July week in Michigan (pre and post) as well as my photography! with friends that feel like family!  My camera feels a part of our family again!

Happy July Everyone!

These 2 and their relationship is so traditional, typical, and special all rolled into one.

Sunset dance parties in sweatshirts blow my mind these days.

Beach fireworks and fires are really my summer love language.

I have maybe 5 pictures that show off these gorgeous blue eyes.  Her smile takes over her face.  I think that is what I love most about her.

Small town parades really rule the world.  You know the ones that consist of families walking down the street waving to their neighbors?  Those!  They are what celebrating is all about.


I learn a lot from raising these kids day to day and one is to give yourself a whole lot of Grace.  Nothing has to be perfect.  Just get off first base, how ever you can.  Just get right off that base and start running!  Oh and then be proud!


More soon friends!  We are growing and learning over here with some big changes coming our way.  New schools, new opportunities and most of all new seasons of life!  With the kids growing and turning into teenagers!  (I have 2 of them now!)  Things look different then they did 2 years ago.  Still chaotic, but still beautiful, just a little different.

Happy Thursday!  Much love – Katie