Fridays are like the hot fudge on our sundaes here at home.  There is something about them. The excitement starts Thursday evenings at our house with just a little more relaxed dinner because we are already feeling that “You did it” feeling.  You know what I am talking about right?  The feeling of, you made it!  Time to celebrate the fact that you made it.  It happens every week.  I won’t even go into the TV shows that confirm the weekend is just around the corner (a hum, Scandal.  Nuf said right?)  All of that rolled into a big ball of awesomeness so Friday mornings are smoother, we know there are no practices or after school activities we have to schedule around.  The boys show up at 4:00pm and the weekend begins!

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So homeschool is done first thing in the morning with the hopes to grab all the things we need to make the weekend less hectic and just a little smoother.  I love it.  Generally around lunch we pile in the car and I promise the kids lunch out.  They are easy, and a Costco hotdog falls in the top 5 eats for them.  We shop, talk about the weekend plans, they tell me any and everything that comes to their mind and halfway through the trip I am wondering when we can enjoy just a little bit of silence.  I mean, Mom?…..Mom?…..Mom? ok, but sometimes I remind myself that these conversations will get older and more sophisticated in just a matter of time so I slide into listening just a little closer.  I try and memorize exactly how they go down.  What stimulated the conversation in the first place.

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They started like this, this week.

“Hey Mom?” – Ryan

“Yes Ry”

“Have you ever been on the Ellen show?” – Ryan

“Um, no Ryan I haven’t” (thinking really? with a chuckle)

“You should go on there. You could get tons of publicity.”

(laughing) “I think you are on to something Ryan”

“Mom?” – Ryan

“Yeah Ry?”

“If you had to pick one word to describe Changing the Face of Beauty, what would it be?” – Ryan

“Hmmm, well probably Inclusion”


“Ok” – Ryan

“I want to be a news reporter when I grow up.” – Ryan

“Awesome, that sounds like a lot of fun Ry”

“Do you think you could take some pictures of me for Changing the Face of Beauty?” – Ryan

“Sure Ry, you have been in some of the pictures in the past for CTFOB”

“Yeah, I know.  I just like it.  Its fun” – Ryan

“I wanna be a chef” – Colin chimes in

“That sounds great Colin”

“Mom won a cooking show once” – Ryan

“Yes that I did, at Steves flowershop I won the cookie contest”

“Really Mom?  I want to cook” – Colin

“What kind of cookies where they?” – Ry

“Chocolate chip”

“Oh yeah, those are your best” – Colin

I will not even go into the 20 min conversation explaining that Crystal their COUSIN is having a baby and not Crystal our dog.   Don’t you wish you could just hit a tape recorder to remember those thoughts that come flying out of their minds?  They are giving us just a little insight on what they are thinking from moment to moment.  I am 6 kids into this world of motherhood and it still blows my mind.  They are so open.  So willing to say what they think with not a worry in the world about what someone might think about their thoughts.  Just free little minds floating around from day to day.  What a beautiful place to be.

Bits and pieces of moments I want to remember below!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We are sure going to try!

OX Katie