My middle son asks me at least 4 times a week to tell him about the day I met his dad.  He also notices that people need to stop littering and misses great-grandpa pretty much every day.  He remembers everything and notices details.  He worries about the earth and how we don’t take care of it.  He also cares for animals and is in tune with their feelings.

You are probably reading the above and your heart is melting into a puddle.  Mine sure is as I typed it.  Today he asked me again what day it was that I met his Dad and I said I could not remember the exact day as I was shuffling them out the door for a meeting, with school bags and snacks.  On the way to the meeting he reminded me we needed to go to the store because we were out of lunchmeat and peanut butter and I nodded.  He asked me why people littered and I responded with a “I have no idea”.  Not as heart warming at all.  Beautiful mommy story ruined.

This happens every time I get overwhelmed.  Too much on my mind, spreading myself too thin.  Instead of cutting back and redirecting myself I cut myself off from that sweet little boy who just has a lot of important questions.  Legit questions that need answers.  I have filled my mind with so many other questions and answers of my own I have nothing left.  Then comes the end of the day and I think back to all those moments when I could have stopped and really paid attention to what was being asked.  I instead of shrugged them off with a generic answers and very little thought.  The eb and flow of motherhood.

That balance we are all looking for.  I am convinced there is no such thing.  Some how we all pray that good days and busy days balance themselves out.  I am always grateful when I can look back at my images and see those details in the days that were slower and my mother hat was snugly on my head and my attention was on taking care of my family.  Hoping for more of those days or at least the balance that I am missing right now.

Lots of fun stuff happening…..roller blades have been dusted off, warm sunsets at the beach, movies in the afternoons with friends and Sunday morning pancakes with the windows and doors open. Its all good, busy or not I can feel summer at the tip of our fingers.

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We celebrated “Changing the Face of Beauty” this past Saturday.  100 companies committed globally to changing their advertising to include models of all abilities.  So much excitement wrapped up in those words and more to come.

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