I was reminiscing as I was planning this post about the past couple of weekends.  Weekends that gave me the opportunity to step away from my every day life and out into the world alone.  It was like dipping my toes into a pool of water that was right temperature.  The kind of water that makes you want to jump right in, clothes and all.  I kind of did.  Spending time with old and new friends in the city and then celebrating my Moms 65th birthday in Florida.  Both amazing experiences and tons of great memories made, the best of all my husband can rock the responsibility of taking care of 6 kids, 2 dogs and a house.  Lucky me right?

I have had quite a few moments over the past couple of weeks where I have also taken note of the growth I have made as a person, a mom, a friend and even a daughter.  Rewind just a couple of years ago and there would be no way I would have boarded a plane without my entire family let alone schedule time away from my children over a weekend in the city.  I think it is good to realize how far we have come.  These opportunities make me feel little more like a grownup, little more in control of my own life.  I have cried way more then I am comfortable with and laughed harder then I have in months.  I realized again how important it is to connect with friends, stretch out of my comfort zone and spend time with family.  It all is exactly what I needed.  I am recharged and now even more grateful for my little corner of the world that I call home.

I think reminders like these help during the afternoons that nerves are wearing thin.  The reminder of how grateful I am for what I have is good.  It reminds me to respect my people because my people are important to me.  Life sure ain’t easy but when it runs “semi smoothly” (is that even a word?) how sweet it is.

Here is a glimpse at re-entry.  All the little moments that make life worth it.

4Q3B1801 copy

how about…. lets hear it for the little dish washer emptiers in our lives.  heck yeah!

4Q3B1882 copy 4Q3B1888 copy

birthdays.  not one but 2.

4Q3B1892 copy

barefeet and valentines cookies. even if they were delivered 2 days late.

4Q3B1896 copy 4Q3B1902 copy

Daffodils.  enough said…

4Q3B1910 copy

the reaction to getting exactly what you want for your 9th birthday. (never mind that I told everyone he was 10)

4Q3B1926 copy

a goggle fashion statement.

4Q3B1939 copy

a 14 year old?  What?

4Q3B1946 copy

pulling mattresses into the living room for saturday night sleep overs.

4Q3B1947 copy

Lazy sundays…..nothing better.

AH3A8092 copy

heart sun glasses…..can’t even comment on them.

AH3A8102 copy

friends who show up and give the encouragement needed to rock a little runway show.  thank you Ayla!

AH3A8107 copy


AH3A8127 copy AH3A8146 copy molliecopy

people who surround our family and make it that much bigger and full.  Mollie we could never get enough of you.

And the best of all….the email reminder that says…..  “You have a trip coming up soon”!  Why thank you Southwest Airlines!  You are right in exactly 30 days I will be boarding the plane yet one more time.  This time it will be with my people as we head south for spring break.  All I can say to myself is slow down time.  I know I will be looking back and wishing I could have all these moments once again.  So to that, I will savor each and every one of them……just little longer.

Happy love month all.  Ox  Katie