This last week was a blessing in so many ways.  The days started the same as they always do, a great big cluster of get dressed, eat breakfast and grab your lunch…… oh and DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK?  It seems to be our regimen and it is not calm, it is not inspirational and it probably doesn’t prepare the kids for a learning but it is the way we roll.  1-2-3 out the door, don’t touch each other on the way to the bus and focus on what is important.  Ahhh mornings.  They are all the same.  What fills the middle of the off to school and off to bed is good.4Q3B8552 copy 4Q3B8539 copygrace2grace4Q3B8570 copy4Q3B8571 copy4Q3B8530 copy

Coffee with a friend, phone calls and texts preparing for future plans.  All of it good because for me the anticipation is almost better then the actual moment.   The best was the conversation with my best friend Michelle.  The conversation about how we became the moms of big kids.  The biggest question we had for each other was how in the world did we get those babies to where they are today?  It is a blur and then a blink.  We enjoyed it.  We even savored it.  The long days at home, burping, feeding and diapers.   I feel lucky to share this parenting journey with good friends.  You know the good ones!  (that is a clothing brand btw – and they just launched a great new spring line!) The ones who make our days a little bit brighter and just full.

The ones that make me feel all sappy and grateful.

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We are planning, dreaming and searching for summer.  Sand, road trips, out of town friends and long days in Michigan with no where to be.  We can taste it.  Until then we are testing out the beach on the weekends.

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I had the opportunity to see our friend Jack in a play this past week called Hairspray.  The production was sponsored by Ups of Downs a local parent group that strives to provide supportive programs to families as well as children and young adults with Down syndrome.  Well it was nothing less then amazing!  Outstanding!  Fantastic!  The production consisted of actors of all abilities, together, on that stage as one.  Working, acting and supporting one another.  There were stars shooting out of the roof of that place.  We were there on opening night and they knocked it out of the park.

It was a beautiful reminder to me of what is possible.  I am ready for more opportunity and this is a perfect example of what is possible when given it!  I met the director, Orion Couling and WOW does he believe in people.  He asks his actors for their best and they give it to him.  I took it all in, from his opening speech to the moment the actors took their bow and then busted out in a dance party to the song “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. (how appropriate!)  Heck we were all dancing!

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We left the show and all three of us reminisced about our favorite parts.  We were pretty sure everyone else did the same.  The best comment of the night came from my oldest son.  He threw his hands up and said, ” Mom, I am just so refreshed.  I just needed that.”    I got it.  I needed it too.  Was it easy making the hour drive?  Not so much.  But anything is possible with good friends and for good friends.  We made it happen and because we did we received so much more in return.

Sometimes I just want to climb a tree and yell at the top of my lungs that it is ok to include everyone who wants to be included.  It is ok to dream and it is even ok to dream, dreams that seem impossible.  Then there are other days that I smile and realize others are shouting it for me.  They are shouting loud and clear through their abilities and their actions and that makes my heart happy.  Change is coming for the better because of those who go before me and those who go after me.  Questions are being answered, believers are believing and the bar just continues to be pushed up.  Just a little higher.

One more thing!

Mothers Day is right around the corner and it is a perfect opportunity to do something special for someone else!  I am holding a little giveaway for 5 lucky moms.  It is super simple and everyone can enter.  I want to hear from you.  I want to hear your story.  What makes YOU a mom unique mom? What makes you happy and what makes your heart go pitter patter?  I wanna know.  So send me an email to  I will read them all and pick 5 lucky moms to receive a photo shoot with their kids on April 30th from 11-3pm.  (I know this is during the school day but I promise it will be worth it.)  I will gift you 5 images to share or hang in your home.  All sessions will be in my studio in Palos Park, IL.


*****Edit~  comments are not working on my site.  Please send me your stories to and I will choose from there!  sorry for the inconvenience.  Unfortunately my tech skills are a little behind and I can not figure out how to fix!

mothers day


Happy Monday!  I celebrate all of you because you make my life full.

OX  Katie