A couple of days ago, Mr Steve Harvey made a big ol mistake.  He crowned the wrong person for the Ms Universe pageant.  AND he did what any other gentleman would do.  He admitted his mistake and crowned the correct winner.  It started a whirlwind of stories talking about the pageant as well as the mistake.  I thought to myself.  Really?  I mean it definately wins the grand prize of mistakes, but man, that guy apologized like 100,001 times and it still didn’t seem to be enough.  I totally get that.  I have gotten myself in sticky positions where saying “I am sorry” sometimes didn’t work.  It didn’t fix my mess up.  I wonder what does work?  When you make a mistake.  What makes it better? Makes it resolved?  Are you banished to the “corner of screw ups” for life?  BTW where is that corner and won’t we all end up there at some point?  Because we all screw up. Right?

Who knows.  I for one don’t have the answers.  What I do know is saying sorry is hard.  Admitting your wrong, even harder.  And then growing from that moment, well that is the hardest.  My own personality?  Well if I have to put an adjective on it, it would be passionate.  Passionate about a lot of things.  Sometimes anything that I know just a little bit about.   I am not going to lie and say that doesn’t quickly lead into the adjective of overbearing,,,,and well you get the drift.  This adjective is a blessing and a curse but aren’t all personality descriptors?  There are good and bad parts of all of our personalities.

Anyway…..I have been working on this trait.  Trying to breathe though the “passion bursts” and delivering them in a little less of a passionate way.  Taking a min, or an hour, or a week to let someones disagreement settle before overreacting.  Because what does overreacting do? It leads to another difficult “Im sorry”.  It works by the way, taking a moment and processing.  Trying to focus on a positive and constructive conversation instead of wandering around in should have and could have.  I am proud of this growth in 2015 and feel like personally 2016 is going to be an even greater opportunity to grow this practice.  Truth telling with a side of a little passion and a whole lot of understanding.  I’m in.  I swear the description of 40 is self help books and self improvement practices.

So that leads me into what makes our Christmas “merry” this year! Passion and all!

1/ We are all here, all 8 of us.  Under that same roof, getting along (most of the time) and healthy.

2/ Contentment where ever we are.  We move around a lot, between houses and events.  Some how there is always a feeling of contentment where ever we are.  Something that wasn’t there a couple years ago.

3/ Knowing there is a military family that was blessed by our gifts this Christmas is better then anything my husband could have wrapped up under that tree.

4/ There is a Mama, Mollies Mama to be exact that is cancer free right now.  Chemo and surgery done and although she has a road to recovery and radiation ahead she is home and right now there is no cancer.  What could be more “merry” then that?

5/ We have all our parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.  All of them safe and sound this holiday season.  With two beautiful angel babies who watches over us.  That feeling of knowing the world is filled with a whole lot of our people.  That feels good.

In the scheme of things, the screw ups, the tears, the yelling,the laughing, and the learning that took place this year they made us a little stronger, a lot more wiser and whole lot more grateful.  I read an article this week that stated this, “Happiness does not bring gratefulness.  Gratefulness brings happiness.”  I BELIEVE.

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This place.  Not only is it owned by the kindest family.  It is beautiful, so beautiful.

4Q3B0783 copy 4Q3B0784 copy

The cottage is dressed and reading to be filled with out of town friends for the new year.

4Q3B0788 copy 4Q3B0791 copy

Christmas break is a license to eat hot wings for lunch.

4Q3B0797 copy 4Q3B0800 copy 4Q3B0815 copy

cookies baked.  nuts roasted.  its gonna be a sweet Christmas.

4Q3B0820 copy

the magic of the season. makes my heart explode.

4Q3B0838 copy

sleeping late….and naps….

4Q3B0843 copy

“Frozen” in bed.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

4Q3B0705 copy Untitled-1 copy

I always worried about what my girl would do when we are gone.  Who would look after and what I realized is that my kids need each other.  It has nothing to do with one having more needs then another.  They stick together like glue.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Merry Merry Merry!