We are back home from our “Mom and Kids Road Trip” to Memphis and everything is now a distant memory.  As I was scrolling through the images from our week with friends it kind of feels like the credits.  You know, the credits at the end of a good movie.  Those.  The end – kind of thing.



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This vacation was by far the best time I have had with all my kids at once.  They were amazing from the min we climbed in the car at 5:00am on Monday until we crossed the boarder into Michigan on Friday.  It might have been the threats I laid down on Sunday night but I will take it.  I am sure the “yeses” that I passed out through out the week helped a bit too.  Just being there and present.  No distractions.  It was amazing.

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Siblings, families and friends coming together.  I still shake my head at the thought that my friend Diane would send a text saying,

“Hey, you should come to Memphis!”

Really?  I mean did I forget to mention I have 6 kids!

All the way down to their house I told the boys that it was not normal for a family our size to be invited anywhere so remember to be gracious and thankful.  They honestly looked at me like I had 3 heads.  They could not even comprehend why it would be strange to invite a family of 7 to their house.  Some day they will understand. HA!  Maybe.

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Our week was filled with day trips to Graceland and to hear the sounds of the Memphis music.  The nights with the pool, great BBQ and friendship.  Late nights of clinking glasses and watching reality TV.  All of us, together.

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I could have stayed a month.  Diane has a house that you can just slide right into and stay along time.  It is not often you get to spend the week with a girl friend, let alone a girlfriend who shares a whole lot of similarities.  Big family, lots of boys, and 1 tiny extra chromosome.  Those three similarities are comforts and not many people can share but we can.

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As we were driving home my kids were asking to return.

“When Mom?”

“When can we return?”

You know you done good when they are asking to return before you have even hit the front door.  Next time with Dad! Thank you to our Memphis family.  I say that because you truly made us feel like family for the entire week.

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We are back in the groove of summer clean up and clean out.  A little porch make over and plans for a very Red, White and Blue week coming up.  Bring on the sparklers and the fruit pizza!  We are ready!  More to come on that!

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OXOX Katie