Ever have those weekends that give you anxiety before they even start….yeah those.  The ones where you have no idea how in the world you will fit every.single.thing in.  We made it and we are still standing.  Everything has a check mark next to it and we survived.

Our weekend highlights.

IMG_9163 copy


(Can not get enough of candy corn.  Serious fall epidemic in our house)

4Q3B9529 copy

(Sweet little Session with Unicorns and Apples)

IMG_9227 copy

4Q3B9920 copy


(I had the opportunity to photography a fantastic event for Neighborhood Parent Network – Stroller 5K!  Check this organization out at www.npnparents.org what a fantastic group of parents coming together to celebrate family!)

4Q3B9977 copy

IMG_9338 copyIMG_9342 copyIMG_9356 copy


(Autographs…boys LOVE them!)




IMG_9377 copy(We celebrated this boy 2 months early because he wanted to take his friends to a baseball game, so a baseball game we did!)

Lastly we attended our second dance class, this time they practiced Tap.  My girl did not dance but she observed.  I know these things take time.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

and try we will continue to do just that….

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4Q3B0214 copy


4Q3B0220 copy


OXOX Katie