The weeks leading up to Christmas are so magical.  The anticipation, the excitement and the wonder.  I love it.  Just trying to get lost in it right now.

We added some magic to our traditions this year with a little elf called “Bob”!  He is a welcomed addition to our traditions.  My kids are obsessed with his story and what he is doing here at our house.

Their eyes are full of magic and right now I am  loving that magic.  I am remembering what it was like to trace the carpet back to the front door when I was a little girl looking for a glimpse of the big man in the red suit.  I remember and I hope my kids remember too.

Right now I am living in the moment and enjoying that moment every single one of them.

We are still hoping that Noah finds his forever family but in the mean time there are amazing families that have stepped up and are adopting him for Christmas.  Noah will be receiving all the things his caseworker listed on his need list.  If you would like to read more about Noah please read this post.  He needs a Mom and Dad, a forever family.

I am hoping to hear from Jonathons caseworker this week because I have more families that would like to adopt him for Christmas.  We are still hoping and praying for a family for him as well.  If you would like to read more about Jonathon please check this post.

I love the beauty of this season……that inspires families to help other families.  Just beautiful.

Please share your families traditions of the holidays.  I would love to hear them!