So the turkey is in the Brine!  Isn’t that an awesome thing to say.  It is Brining….. not sure if that is even a word.  Basically the bird is soaking away in a ton of herbs, salt and sugar until the morning.  I have always wanted to brine my bird and this year I made it happen.  The pies are baked, the house is clean and the fire in the fireplace gives us the full feeling of the excitement of a weekend of thankfulness and family.

While driving around picking up groceries for our feast, Dani and I were reflecting on Thanksgivings that have past.  It is amazing how each year travels by and we question what happened to all the time.   As the kids pulled up from school today they proudly exclaimed, “Its Thanksgiving, Mom!”  They do not fully understand what day Thanksgiving  actually is, they just know that for the next 4 days the have fun and family and it makes them happy and thankful.

Meet “Sitting Bull”.

It is no secret how much I love this holiday.  The holiday of no expectations and no gifts.  The holiday that requires good food.  Something I love to provide to just about anyone who walks through my door.  This holiday is easy for me and I love that.  I am so very thankful for all of you, this blog, and the beautiful campaign “Changing the Face of Beauty”.  Our family has been blessed in so many ways this year but the biggest blessing of all is the feeling of community that you all provide.  Knowing we are walking this journey of parenthood with all of you is comforting.  It does take a village and a big beautiful community.

Very very thankful for the little mama I share this home with.

As we enter the holiday season I am slowing down and focusing in and it is a good change of pace.  With the weekend filled with holiday celebrations I wanted to make sure I shared with you another child who needs a forever family.  Please forward and share with your friends and family this boy along with Noah are right here in the USA and are going to bed every night alone, without a family to love them or care for them.  It breaks my heart to know they do now know the feeling of security and love that a forever family provides.

So while we are spending the weekend with our family this sweet boy spends his holiday in a facility.  This is the only public posting for Jonathan so this is his chance right now.  We are his chance……so take the time to read his profile and share him with others so that his forever family can locate him quickly because he needs a family just like we need our family.


Jonathan is 14, is Hispanic, and has Down syndrome. He is currently residing in care facility; he needs to be in the loving arms of a forever family!

 He receives nightly dialysis for Renal failure, and is on a chopped diet. He needs a family that can attend  to his medical needs and appointments. He was born with an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect). He is also diagnosed with MRSA.
Jonathan is in a 9th grade special education class that meets his educational needs and he is on an IEP.
Jonathan is mentally and emotionally stable, but a behavior plan is in place and he will need consistent behavioral modification from his plan.
There is a subsidy that will travel out of state with him as well as medical coverage.
To keep updated on Jonathon, Noah and all the other children posted on this blog that need forever families please feel free to like 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook as I will post immediate updates there.

May you and your family have the most blessed day of good food, laughter and tons and tons of love.  Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours…..