November is HERE and that means tons of warm pumpkin bread and cozy fires!  I was typing away tonight  about Thankfulness and Gratitude, about how they go together to make beautiful happiness and well…. it just wasn’t flowing.  Not sure why but it wasn’t. Something was missing.  Maybe it was a sign……maybe I needed more time.  Who knows but tonight I received an email.  An email from the same adoption agency that placed this precious baby girl just a few months ago.

Their is another sweet baby girl who happens to have Prader-Willi Syndrome, right here in Chicago, IL.  She is 3 short months young and she needs a forever family.  She is currently doing well.  She is working on her oral feeding skills and has a g-tube for supplemental nutrition.  She is also receiving physical therapy for her low muscle tone.  She needs a Mommy and/or a Daddy.  She needs someone to love her forever.

Unfortunately not every family will work.  This family has to be HOME STUDY approved.  Believe me I know…..and quite possibly would be the first in line for this precious baby if that was not a requirement. So please do not respond if you are not home study approved because it will just lead to heart ache.  What you can do for this precious baby is SHARE SHARE SHARE this post.  Share it with your family, friends, co-workers and encourage them to share.  Send it to your church, any special needs associations you can think of.  Do it, do it for this precious baby because all life is precious… just is!

This blog community is beautiful and we made a difference for this sweet baby Sofia.  She has a forever family.  She is loved and so very wanted.  I was humbled to see all the families stepping up and standing in line in hopes that she could become a part of their family forever.  We know how beautiful these children are and that is why the adoption agency is coming back to us.  They know we care and they know we get it…..we understand that our children are so much more then their diagnosis.  We know they are much more the same then different.

So here is your chance……a Christmas present to yourself.  Help this little girl… her find her perfect fit, her most special family.

As I click Publish tonight I am holding my breath……I am excited to see what you all do with this tiny little post.  So lets do this…. lets show this agency once again what we are made of and who we are.  If you or someone you know is interested in this baby please email me privately at  I will then disclose to you the contact information for the case manager.  (Please do not email me and ask if there really is a baby.  YES, I am telling you there is a baby and she needs a home.  When her placement has been made I will make you aware.  I promise!  For in-between blog post updates please like 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on Facebook as I will update as much as possible on that page.)

So….. my thankfulness and gratitude…..they come directly from the 6 faces included in this very important post.  I am grateful for them and they teach me gratitude each and every day.

Happy Friday everyone!  Lets make a difference in this tiny most precious little girls life…..