Precious baby girl needing a forever family…..

This week has been like riding a roller coaster.  A roller coaster of emotions.  You see just a short 5 days ago I was having lunch with my kids and an email popped up in my inbox.  The email came from a friend and for what ever reason she knew this email needed to get to me.  The email originated from an Adoption Lawyer who was seeking assistance in finding a sweet baby here in a Chicago hospital a most special home.

Family time: Spending time with Grace in the sunshine

This precious baby girl was born with the same magical extra chromosome my Grace was born with.  She remains in the hospital as she recovers from a necessary heart surgery that she came through with flying colors.  This little one of just 4 weeks young is a fighter….I know it!Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

Well I spent the last 5 days brain storming on how our family could be the chosen ones.  I sent emails, made phone calls and well lets just put it out there I begged! I am not afraid to admit it!   My husband told me over and over if it is meant to happen it will happen and I did the whole,”yeah ok” and then made the next online search or phone call to try and find someone that could help me make this happen. I the mean time my friends rallied and sent heartfelt emails to the case manager for this sweet baby and I am forever grateful.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

During the last 5 days I dreamed of my daughter having an extra special sister just like her.  Someone to grow up with, go to ballet classes with, a companion….. Someone to motivate her and for her to motivate…..I dreamed.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

As it turns out we are not the family for this sweet baby.  It is required there be a home study in place to even be considered and that process takes at a min. 8 weeks.  There are no guarantees this baby would still be available and the process is expensive.  So…..I am sad….no other way to put it, just sad.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

I feel like the pregnancy test read 2 beautiful lines and I went to the Dr only to find out it was a false positive.  I get it, there are regulations that have to be followed but they are hard to swallow when you are emotionally in it.

The case manager called me and thanked me for my strong interest in this baby girl.  She understands how badly we would love to have this baby as a part of our family but rules are rules and they are there to protect everyone and well….. it is just not going to work for us.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

So…..I have to change my direction and pray this baby girl finds a loving and supportive family that will believe in her.  Help her reach for the stars and most of all love her.  This world is great and there are sooo many awesome families out there so my hopes and prayers for this baby are that she is able to be the beautiful person she is meant to be.   That extra chromosome is such a small part of who she is and the light she will bring to her adoptive family will be radiant….and beautiful.

I am putting this out there, right here and right now there is a baby in a hospital needing a forever home.  A beautiful home filled with love and understanding.  She needs parents.  I don’t know if you or someone you know are considering adoption but if you are and are HOME STUDY approved….that is the Kicker.  They will accept no less and if they would I would be first in line!!!!  Please contact me @ and I will give you the agency case managers contact information.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

Forward this to any group, any friend, any organization you can think of.  You never know, that one forward just might make a difference in this precious babies story.  Her Life.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

Once I had the bad news yesterday I took my kids to the lake.  I needed to breathe….move forward and accept.  I took time to thank my lucky stars for the 6 beautiful children I have.  I am thankful for this week…..I learned a lot and found out things about myself that I never knew.  I know now that if the opportunity arose I could love another child.  A child that needs love and THAT my friends is a fantastic feeling.

Family time: spending time with my children at the lake

Please check back Friday because WOW do I have an amazing person to introduce you to.  The owner of 3ELove!  Mr Stevie Hopkins.  If you do not know who this guy is you need to!  At 28 years old he not only has his own printing company but he has a mission.  A mission to spread the word about acceptance, love and strength!  He believes in his mission and he believes in himself and all people with disabilities!  This guy is A-MAZ-ING his story and mission to come.

3ELove: Company that celebrates acceptance and love for all people with disabilities

Have a great day and look outside the box.  Find someone who needs you and lend a hand! – Just a thought! OXOX

58 thoughts on “Precious baby girl needing a forever family…..

      • Hi Kathryn,

        Our very dear friend Colette From Down Right Awesome had forwardedyour SOS for this beautiful baby our way. We have a foundation for heart defect research as my little boy has had 3 open heart surgeries and we solely raise funds for research but do hear of families looking to help save a child…is there any way to find out where she is as we are based here in Chicago and if there is a family that is already in the process of bringing this baby into her new loving home? What a true blessing you are doing – how remarkable her future will be because of you:-)

  1. I am so sorry this did not work out for you. my heart breaks for you. i will post this to our down syndrome connection and pray for this sweet baby.

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Reading this makes me wish I lived in the Chicago area and had a home study done. Instead, she will be prayed for.

  3. Oh Katie, my heart breaks for you. I have known that. Love forr other children other than my own. The llove you weren’t sure you could ever have for another child is heartbursting.

    I will pray for the special little one and I know God will find her a forever home?

    See yyou Monnday ;-)

  4. Can I have her agency name? I think she might already be chosen. I have been looking into a little girl that fits your discription, but if not I’d love to see if I can adopt her. Thanks. Lisa

    • Hi. She is very much available. I sent you the casemanagers info to your email.
      Thanks!!! And good luck to you! Please know you must have home study approved.

  5. I saw a link to this blog on a friend’s facebook feed tonight, and I felt compelled to write in. My husband and I are awaiting our first foster care placement, and just yesterday I wrote my own blog about why we are doing foster care, and basically I said that it’s because there are children – right now – sitting alone and scared in a cold hospital room. Can you imagine, as an ADULT, sitting in a hospital room scared and completely alone? So this blog really hit home for me, especially because of the hospital room aspect. I hope this little one finds her forever family very soon!

  6. We did not have a home study either, nor money to accomplish that. If it is Gods will, there is nothing that can abort that.

    And AFTER they chose a different family with home study and cash in hand … They called to say that they could not put their finger on it … The other family was great but for some unknown reason they felt strongly he should come to us.

    Home study payed for by the Dave Thomas foundation and accomplished (all that 8 months worth of work) … in 36 HOURS. At the 48 hour mark I met my son.

    Either you were meant to advocate for this precious baby …. Or meant to not give up fighting for her. <3

    • Oh friend! What a miracle indeed! I hope for the same but know she will probably not be mine. Maybe she just needed my heart to help her find her perfect family! Thank you so much for sharing your story! Oxoxo katie

  7. So sweet. i have adopted two children with special needs and all I can say is it was the best decision of my life. my kids are so amazing. they are not the first children i sought out to adopt. The “loss” of a child even if it is to another home is so hard. I still think of the first child that drew me to adopt older, special needs children. i was so sure that child was meant to be mine and so devistated when it did not happen. What I learned was that child had a purpose in my life, not to be my forever child, but to open me up to the knowledge that I could do this, that I could adopt older special needs children and that first child is the one one who led me to my children. Perhaps this sweet girl came into your life not because she was meant to be yours forever, but because she was meant to lead you to the child wh is waiting for you…

  8. BTW there are hundreds of legally-free special needs children of all ages waiting in the foster care system to be placed for adoption. DCFS agencies will conduct home studies for free.

    • Boy, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of us in IL it’s just not that simple. In IL, in order to be approved for adoption, you have to also be approved for a foster care license. This means that you can have no more than 5 children in your home. Yes, they say, they will grant extended capacity licenses on an individual basis, but I challenge you to find an agency who will even begin to work with you to do this.

      For us larger families in IL, the only way to adopt is to do so internationally and from a country where the adoption is final in the country of origin. That way the child is already ours when we enter IL and we can circumvent the foster care laws. Yes, IL would rather have children in foster care (or in hospitals) rather than place them with large families.

      Sorry to sound so negative, but IL is not adoption friendly and especially not so to families with more than a few children.

      • I’m sorry that you have been disappointed by the Illinois Foster Care system and feel discriminated against by the system. Yes, DCFS has many shortcomings and many kids are hurt by that. Yes there are regulations in place as far as licensing. There are square footage requirements for children, bedroom requirements etc. Many of our kids have been traumatized and abused. For many of our kids it is not safe or healthy for them to share bedrooms. I do have families with more then 5 kids, it depends on the family and the children. I still hate for anyone reading this to automatically “rule out” working within the system to adopt or foster because of your experience. there are half a million kids in foster care in the US and they all need safe homes either perminately or just for now. I hate that the system makes it difficult for good dedicated families but I hope that some are still willing to work through the red tape and support these kids!

  9. Do you know if either of the above families are going to pursue her?? If not, I am going to get on the bandwagon and FIND her family for her. We are waiting an adoption of an older boy from Ukraine and are home study approved for 2…but I just don’t think we can take it on right now…but I KNOW there is someone out there who IS ready!!!! Please let me know what you find out about either of these other 2 families…and then I will start my mission!!! 8-)

  10. How expensive are these home studies? I would definitely be interested in spearheading a campaign to raise the funds for one for your amazingly generous and loving family. Please email me :)

  11. We are home study approved. We were going to adopt a baby that was due Feb 3,2012 and on January 20th I got the call that our son no longer had a heartbeat. He had a heart defect which we knew about but still did not expect this outcome. We have a 4 year old boy with Sensory Possessing disorder who is amazing. We are looking to add another child to our home specially abled or not.

    Sarah B.

  12. We adopted our Princess while in the middle of our home study. We flew to California to meet her and thankfully were able to stay with my parents until the homestudy was finished. She has an extra 22 chromosome with some 11 mixed in (known as Trisomy 11/22 or Emanuel Syndrome). She has brought us more joy in 12 years than you can imagine! I hope they find a solid family that isn’t afraid of real life. Also, if they choose the right agency to pursue this, they can get help with all of the adoption costs as well as medical care and stipends. Ours was a private adoption but it was handled by a knowledgeable agency.
    Oh, one more thing, my adoption fever kicked into full gear just seeing this post! *sigh*

  13. I’ve been where you are. My husband used to work at a children’s hospital PRN, and he would come home and tell me about the precious unwanted children there. This was what first caused us to begin talking about adotption. We couldn’t adopt any of those children, because we had not prepared, but it motivated us to get prepared. Our two adopted children are now both 23 years old, and I thank God for all the babies before them that softened my heart toward adoption. Nevertheless, you should go ahead and do a home study and see what happens. Try not to be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out, but start the process just in case. You never know, she might still be available by the time you are ready. OR, another child that God created just for you may become available at just the right time.

  14. Well, just look at my big sister making a HUGE difference. Proud to be your sister! You have definitely started a chain reaction. I think the Lord definitely whispered out to you to help this baby girl. This blog is amazing.

    Love ya!

  15. We are looking to adopt a baby with DS. We are working with Bethany Christian Services in La Mirada, CA. Would love to pass the info on to our social worker we are working with.

  16. Hello! Do you know whether this sweet little one has a family yet, or should I help to spread the word? Please let me know, as I don’t want to send out a message if she has a family. Thank you so much!

  17. We adopted to baby boys this past year with ds and we have friends wanting to adopt baby with ds.. Can you email me info? Thank you ;)

  18. Not all homestudy agencies are created equal. We had ours done quite quickly and without a lot of the unnecessary stuff that costs so much with other agencies (honestly, I sometimes think that they come up with stuff to do, just to make it seem worth the enormous fees). But, perhaps this is a wake-up call for you. Maybe there is ANOTHER little one out there for you! Check out a LOT of agencies. TEN years after we first thought of adopting, we finally did it – and the sad delay was all due to my dismay at the astronomical costs of the first agency we checked. Just to show you the difference – the cost of our adopting our son, Sergei was $14,000 (most of that reimbursed by the Tax Credit – don’t forget THAT!). Another family adopted a classmate of his, using a different agency, and paid $45,000.

  19. I would love to have the contact information. We have a home study complete and we have a six year old son with Ds who we adopted three years ago. Life has been a blast with him in our home. If you would e-mail the info – we will submit our informaition ASAP!

  20. i saw this post via bethany balsis – can’t help but have tears for you and your family as i read this and hoping by sharing your post on fb for others to see this little girl will find a family of her own! your family is beautiful!!!

  21. I am posting this for a friend who asked that I do this. That is her email. They are homestudy approved and have adopted from Illinois before with no problems. They are very interested. Please contact her at that email address. She sent you an email this am also.

  22. Sounds like God put this special angel in your heart for a reason… please start preparing for a special adoption blessing to come your way… That’s the way it worked with our special needs daughter- we thought and prepared to go to Russia then found out about our Beanie Baby- to be born soon, with special needs, had to be paper ready- luckily we were- changed our Russian Home Study to Domestic and she was ours… lots of medical hurdles behind us… she’s starting 2nd grade in August!!!

    Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Best of Luck!!!

  23. We are a home study approved family that would very much love to learn more about this precious baby girl! Could we please have her contact information? Thank you! :)

  24. Oh Katie! How sad for you, your family, and for this precious little girl. I will be praying with you for a forever home for her. God bless you all! :0)
    -Brenda :0)

  25. Just to let people know, I emailed the social worker and the birth family requested the adoptive family have no more than 3 children.

  26. I have been looking for a little girl to adopt. I live in PA. Could you give me more info please? We already are qualified to adopt and be foster parents. Thanks!

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