My husband and I had a great weekend, just the 2 of us doing things we used to do before we became a Mr and Mrs with 6 kids.  Day trips, breakfast out, all of it.  I felt naked running out the door without the worry of the dogs following or kids breaking the perimeter. They were in good hands and it allowed us the opportunity to be just Tom and Kate.

So many unfinished thoughts were finished this weekend.  There is something about opening space for ideas to grow.  It just takes a little less responsibility and my mind soars !  About 48 hours into it I turned to my husband and said that I was sure I was not missing anything.  All those afternoons when life got out of hand and I was longing for a road trip with just him and I.  It all sounded dreamy but the trips are not the same without the 6 kids in tow.  I missed them, like really missed them.

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If you find yourself in Saugatuck, Mi stop in and see Mike at Amsterdam.  You will not be disappointed.

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So we woke up this morning, grabbed a scone and hit the road.  It felt good to walk into our house and be just as missed.

I am looking forward to seasons shifting.  Gathering up as many memories that August 2014 will allow and preparing our family for another successful school year.  I seriously can not believe I am writing those words.

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What I learned this weekend is although everyone needs that time away to spread their arms and really grab onto the future.  It is not a comfortable space for me.  I am Mom.  It is my number one job and although I struggle with it pretty much it is where I am most comfortable and I am glad to have slid right back into my roll this afternoon.

We wrapped the weekend with a homemade pie and the beginnings of some refurbishing projects I am working on.  Michigan delivers when it comes to vintage treasures. (More to come!)4Q3B1482 copy

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Happy Sunday friends.  My mind is chocked full of ideas that I look forward to sharing with you all over the next couple of weeks.