Chicago is covered a whole lotta snow.  There are piles so high they just might melt by June and the cold streak is back it was -7 today.  We seem to have become immune to it because no one even talks about the temperature anymore and everyone seems to be in that just dealing with it mode.  I am still trying very hard to see the beauty in the snow and the opportunity to spend time in doors but that too is growing a little frustrating but the days keep marching on and February is a very busy month for us.  We have 2 very special birthdays to celebrate!

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The last couple weeks have been filled with a couple unexpected road trips and just creative ways to shake things up around here.

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My heart is bursting with goodness after spending the weekend with some of my favorite people.  One I had never met before and another I have known for awhile.  Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing mom, Maria and her daughter Erin along with lots of beautiful faces.  Maria created a line of glasses that fit people who happen to have a flattened nose bridge!  They are pretty amazing because when they are fit perfectly these glasses stay put and they are super stylish.  Our shoot took most of the day and I had the opportunity to ask her questions about running a business and how she does it.  I love listening to another mom’s story, they always have something within that gives me a fire of motivation.  Check her out at Specs4Us. (this is a sponsored post)

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Sunday I spent time at the Neighborhood Parent Network Developmental Differences Fair as a guest of Chicago Parent.  I have been lucky enough to shoot 4 of their covers over the past 2 years.  They are pretty awesome over there and they are always looking out for parents and providing them the best resources out there!

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(sneak peak of the cover image coming out in just a week!)

So today I am tired and motivated.  I have a million and one ideas swirling around my head and I am not quite sure which of them I will actually act on but I am thankful to have them in there anyway.  This is the week of love and I am looking forward to baking some cookies and creating some valentines in honor of that!

Happy Monday everyone! OXOX