These past couple of days have been challenging to say the least.  We woke up on New Years Eve to a little boy who had gotten sick on Grandpas carpet.  From there it lead to another and then another.  Yesterday the entire family was laid up with the stomach flu!  I always remember the wise words of my father when he said “This too shall pass”.  When I find myself in situations where I am not quite sure if I am going to make it through the day I play that wise old saying in my head and some how, some way it gets me through.  Like he threw a life preserver and I caught it just as I was tired of treading water.

I know you totally get my drift.  We have all been there it is like the right of passage for a Mother.  The time that you have to push through your own upset stomach to throw another load of pukey laundry in the machine or fill another glass of 7up!  We have all been there but I am not going to lie I HATE it!

The house is a disaster and I need to call in the bomb squad to get all the germs out of here but I am leaving all of that for tomorrow!

Today I am sharing yet another sweet boy who needs a forever home.  He needs the loving security of a real parent.  Every time I receive a profile of another orphan my heart hurts a little more.  It makes me so sad to know that these kids have lived most of their life with no place to call home.  As you read the details of this sweet boy please consider sharing with your friends and family.  Facebook is a powerful tool and just 2 days ago it proved its power again.  Facebook once again found a precious child their forever family and it is now raising the funds for this family to take their new son home.  We can do this together!  If you are not interested in this sweet boy then please share with others because you never know if someone you know or they know would be!  Lets make 2013 a year to remember!  Lets help these children find a place to be loved and to give love back!

Meet Marc!

oh how I wish I could blow this picture up poster size.  He is so beautiful!

Marc is 11 years young and he is oh so handsome!  He is a cheerful boy and he was born with that magical extra chromosome.  Marc loves music – He loves to sing and dance!  All video and board games that include music bring a smile to his face.  He keeps himself entertained by coloring and his ideal family would provide the patience and love that he needs to continue to develop into the fine young man he was meant to be.

Marc has been in state care for six years and there are NO FEES associated with Marcs adoption.  Single and Married couples can apply and they will receive a Medical Subsidy, SSI, and Medicaid (prior to the adoption finalization).

Marc needs a family yesterday!  His face tells a beautiful story and he radiates love.  If you are interested in Marc please feel free to send me a note at and I will get the contact information to you ASAP.

Please feel free to like 5 boys + 1 girl = 6 on facebook for regular updates on the kids I feature here on this blog.


If you are interested in reading about the 2 other orphans I profiled on this blog who are still hoping for a forever family you can read about them by clicking their name Noah and Jonathan


Happy weekend everyone!  It only takes a min to share Marc’s story and while you are sharing Marc you are also giving Noah and Jonathan another opportunity to be seen.  Just one click at the top of this post!  Lets give Marc a chance at a real family and give a family a real chance at a beautiful journey with Marc.