My cup is full this sunday evening.  Our weekend was filled with cackling fires, good food and friends.  It was the perfect kick off to the holiday week.  I will share just a small part of our weekend here tonight because I have an afghan and 5 crazy boys calling my name tonight!



I love when a friend emails you a great idea.  We had so much fun playing around in the sheets.  I am so excited to use the studio more this winter with creative sessions like this one.

4Q3B6102 copy


Sister is loving the pen and paper lately.

4Q3B6106 copy


4Q3B6109 copyWe are so blessed to have so many people that enjoy spending time with our family.

4Q3B6111 copy

4Q3B6138 copy

4Q3B6123 copy


First snowfall for us at the cottage.  It was pretty magical.

4Q3B6114 copy


4Q3B6130 copy


4Q3B6119 copy


Lots and lots of balloon animals.

4Q3B6143 copy


4Q3B6144 copy


4Q3B6163 copy


4Q3B6164 copy


4Q3B6165 copy


4Q3B6155 copy


And the cottage is ready for December.

Cheers to all of you as you begin this week of gratitude.  OXOX