As the weekend ends once again, I do not have the uneasy stomach I normally have because I am questioning whether I used my time wisely.  If I really got it and spent real time in the “Now”.  Well we did, even though we shuffled the kids around to birthday parties my husband and I managed to get some good quality time in and that is what makes weekends like this so fantastic.  We are slowing down and living in the right now.  I will not let these holidays squeak by me without feeling every bit of the excitement and anticipation.  I want my kids to remember that we celebrated and we lived the moments.  They only come around once a year.

My son Patrick and I had a “date” Saturday morning.  We went to breakfast and hit the store early to start our outdoor illumination project!  I am excited about this holiday season.  I am diving in….Christmas shopping and all!

So tonight after roasting hotdogs and marshmallows on a fire outside in NOVEMBER I am so excited about the week to come.  The family who will travel miles to get to our house to spend time with us.  I love when my house is filled with family.  It is a comforting feeling… the planning starts, the menu, the movies and the dessert!

A quick update on baby Audrey…..there are a handful for families interested in this sweet baby girl and there are family interviews taking place.  They are hopeful that she will have a family by Christmas!  As for sweet Noah, unfortunately the news is not as positive.  Not one family has contacted us.  So for now Noah continues to wait for his family, the one that will love him forever.  There are some Moms who have asked about sending care packages to Noah and his friends in the group home.  i am working on getting the information to any family who would be interested in making Noahs Christmas a little brighter.  If you would like to participate please feel free to email me at with NOAH in the subject line and I will get right back to you.

Happy Thanksgiving week friends!  Enjoy your beautiful family and friends.