Halloween night was a success.  We have 6 bags of candy and 6 happy kids.  My youngest son yelled, “Dad! Lets get that Candy!” about 101 times tonight and every time he said it, it made me laugh.  It is all about the hunt!  We met up with our friends and confirmed that it is now a tradition.  I love traditions, especially with good friends.  It makes holidays like this even more fun…..

So tonight I am tired….and my kids are happy!  Good friends and good times!  can’t ask for anything better!



It is also the end of Down Syndrome Awareness month!  Whew, there were a lot of Mamas who worked really hard to get the word out that individuals with that magical extra chromosome are more alike then different!  I wanted to share this post again because well I just love that video.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope the goblins were good to you!