Well here we are, over half way to the end of October!  I have been lovin’ all the information and love being shared across the Internet about Down Syndrome.  I hope that people now see that Down Syndrome is a diagnosis and it is not a person.  There is no such thing as a “Downs Child” there is a child who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Children born with Down Syndrome are not a mistake, there is a reason behind their life just like any other child.  A prenatal diagnosis is to provide time for education.  It is not a selfish decision by a parent to bring that bundle of joy into the world.

No family wants anything to be wrong with their child.  We do not want our child to struggle but unfortunately the cards are not in our hands.  God makes those decisions and although we question him, he has a plan.  He has a plan for us and for our children.  Who are we to question the story he has for us.

I created this video for many reasons. The first is my hope is that this video shows you a glimpse of the work Grace puts in each day.  She works so very hard to walk, read, recognize letters, numbers  and colors.  She does this like any other child except her work started at 3 months of age.  I also hope that you can see the love our family has for her.  It is unconditional and although her siblings treat her no different they know that milestones are hard for her.  They are there to cheer her on.  In fact I could not have created this video without them! Lastly I hope as this month comes to an end you can now see my daughter as Grace.  The sweet baby I gave birth to December 30, 2009.

She is precious, she does matter and we love her so unbelievable much.