I got up early this morning and brewed a hot cup of coffee.  I had ideas and thoughts that needed to be put some where.  I typed out a deep Mothers Day post and saved it to finish at the end of the day.  Now it is the end of the day and I am ditching it completely.  Tonight I am in love with Mothers Day.  The symbolism and the “club” that I am an honorary  member of.  I am proud of it all.  So proud and caught up in this day that I don’t even have words.   I dug in this weekend and pushed away the extras.  I spent the majority of the weekend with my 3 littlest children as we did a divide and concur and it felt good.

My husband and 3 oldest drove 4 hours to join us this morning and although we did nothing out of the ordinary.  The ordinary felt really good today.  So here is our weekend through my lens, sand and all.

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This girl would rather crawl up the dunes.

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The last image melts my heart.  The older boys made it to the cottage and Grace wouldn’t leave their side.  Watching my family be a family makes me the happiest.

Tonight I am packing my gear and looking forward to spending 3 amazing days at GiGi’s Playhouse, Inc. working on the 2014-15 calendar.  I am SO excited to see faces I know and new faces that I get to the opportunity to meet!  I am nervous and looking forward to being a part of this amazing project.  The best part is I get drink my morning coffee with the Hugs and Mugs team! Mornings don’t get much better then that!  So here is to an amazing week!

To all the Moms and the women and men who care for another.  I celebrate this beautiful day with all of you.  I am proud to stand next you.  You make my world a very happy place.

Happy Mothers Day! OX Katie