2013 is here and 2012 is now history.  Time to start over, make new memories and work out the kinks.  Something about the stroke of midnight gives me a burst of creativity like the start line of a race.  The guns goes off and I can’t get off that start line fast enough.  I am feeling a little of that right now.  I am ready to tackle it, throw my lasso and pull it in, Rock it out!  you get the drift.

When I look back at 2012 I start with the first day I blogged.  The first day I bought a domain and started typing about our life.  I have grown a lot this year by writing thoughts, feelings and experiences right here and sharing them with others.  I feel stronger, a bit more confident and I feel happy.  As I spent sometime this past week looking back at past posts and remembering the feelings and thoughts associated with those moments, it reminded me of the blessings we received and continue to receive.

My children are a whole year older then they were at this time last year.  I miss who they were in 2012 but am so excited to see what they become in 2013.  They are crazy amazing!  They do not allow me one second of rest but what in the world would I do without them.  My hands need to be busy all that time and they ensure that.


I can’t wait to see where photography takes me this year.  I am continually blessed with beautiful faces to capture.  Through those faces I make the best of friends.  I took 2012 and self taught myself.  I invested a lot of time growing and expanding my skill set.  I look forward to sharing these new skills and ideas with all of you and my clients!

I have a million and one ideas swimming around in my head.  So much so that I can not even organize my thoughts enough to put them on the screen.  I do know for sure I will continue to partner with Down Syndrome Adoption Network in assisting them in finding homes for orphans who happen to have Down Syndrome.  So please check back this Friday as there will be another child featured looking for a forever home.  I plan to feature these children every other friday.  Lets continue to work together to help these children find the parents they deserve to have.

(My little men are totally into music, I love it!)

So as a quick recap of the year and this blog…… in 1 short year we found a sweet baby a home and we assisted in 3 more children.  WOW is all I have to say to that.  The campaign “Changing the Face of Beauty” was born!  We featured some amazing individuals on Fridays…. people who make this world a better place!  I showed up a week early to vacation and had to turn around and drive home, only to return they next week! EEKK Still can not believe I did that.  We were elected the most popular large family blog by Circle of Moms!  I have met and made relationships with fantastic Mamas, small vendors and business owners!  Thank you to every single one of you that take the time to click over here to see what my crazy family is up to!  You made all this happen and you continue to support it and for that I am forever grateful!

Sharing a little piece that makes me so happy!  We are HUGE Infantino fans in this house!


Cheers to 2013!