My clan before Gracie’s birthday brunch.  The ties are from etsy and I embellished Graces dress!  So Fun!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Only about 3 days late but hey who is counting!  I had big plans to roll this blog out on New Years day but life got in the way and that is OK!  I am going out on a limb here. This is a very uncomfortable place for me right now but I am excited.  You see there is allot going on in this big family of mine and through trial and error I think I have something to offer people out there.  I look forward to sharing my kids and our life with you.  We are planning on ROCKIN OUT 2012 so watch out!

I have created some tabs at the top of the blog to provide you with a littlebackground information on our family.   We have 6 children just as the title says and 5 of them are boys with the last remaining child our baby girl.  We have had a lot of bumps in our little road these last couple years but so happy to say we survived and we are strong.  Our daughter was born with a little something extra, that being an extra 21st chromosome.  Although this can bring allot of extra health issues with it we are so blessed to have a perfectly healthy toddler.  We just celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 30th of December.

I like to say Grace was given to us for a reason because she opened my eyes to things that I never would have given a second glace.  You see our son Ryan had severe reflux for probably 2 years before Grace was born.  I took him to the Pediatrician, the Gastrologist and the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.  All came up with severe reflux and prescribed Prevacid and sent me on my way.  We all know Prevacid takes the pain away so he would be able to rest at night but it still does not stop the food coming up into his mouth and it sure doesn’t protect the esophagus.  

My friend Steven, that man who saved my Ryan.  Many thanks to you!!! OXOXO  Boy was I in the right place at the right time!

Once Grace was born the doors opened to a world of natural medicine and dietary choices as well as connecting me to amazing people and resources.  After researching his problem I found myself talking to a new friend who was gluten free.  A friend I had just met!  He explained to me his story and it inspired me.  It inspired me to drive directly to the health food store and buy everything I could to replace all the gluten in my sons diet.  I was determined to try it.  I had amazing results within 2 days my son stopped vomiting.  Within 3 weeks I could hold a conversation with my son that he participated appropriately in.  It produced such amazing results that I took the next step.  I booked an appt with a well respected naturopath, Barbara Griffin, she then confirmed the gluten along with Dairy.  Once I pulled both of those from his diet he began to bloom.

I am so thankful for Grace and for the new opportunity she brought our family and her brothers.  I am not quite sure where we would be without her. 

I am excited about this blog because over the past 1.5 years I have studied this diet and made life long changes for my sons.  Their health as well as neurological development has benefited from these changes.  I am starting this blog in response to many friends and family asking for resources and wanting to share them with others.  They see the difference these changes have made in our family. 

So stay tuned there will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that over here!  I promise I will not completely bore you with food allergies! HAHA!  Although ask a couple of my good friends I often do!!!  The resources are up top and I will be adding additional information to those tabs so keep checking back!  Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions, I love to help!

PS Here is a little treat when you are stuck in a crunch.  My Fav King Arthur Chocolate Cake Mix with this vanilla vegan frosting recipe = YUMMY!  All my kids love them!

Here I go….wish me luck!