Work obligations changed this weekend and allowed us to get out of town.  The car was packed when the kids climbed off the bus friday afternoon.  We bought dinner for the road and jetted out of town, with a swing through the redbox of course.  This Mama deserved a “peaceful” trip across state lines.

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Our weekend was filled with a whole lot of nothing but family.  As we poured into Grandpas cottage Friday night forts we made.  The kind with snacks and pillows and lots and lots of blankets.  The boys have found a new love.  They constructed them all weekend with different chairs and tables.  They were frustrated as roofs caved in when the little ones tried to army crawl through the hallways.  Building forts happened to be one of my favorite things to do a child when we had babysitters.  I of course have years of experience under my belt and when the frustration reached an all time high I introduced the heavy book.  Solves all the problems of blankets sliding.

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I was able to spend time with my older boys at our favorite antique stores and exploring the forests. They are growing so fast and are so close to being who they will be.  It is crazy.  Where did the time go?  They are 2 pretty cool human beings and I am pretty lucky they call me Mom.

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I always feel refreshed after our weekends away.  My mind is clear and ready for the week ahead.  We have a huge family celebration this weekend.  My baby brother is getting married and as crazy as that sounds I am hugely excited for him and his bride.  I am looking forward to spending time with him, with family and just being home.

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4Q3B0860 copy4Q3B0873 copyI am so thankful for all the beautiful emails I have received in response to the video my children made in honor of their sister and Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  We are all proud to do our part by sharing our journey and celebrating Grace.

4Q3B0879 copy4Q3B0888 copyI am putting out a casting call…..there has been such a huge response to my letter to Tori Spelling and the advertising image and video I put together for “Little Maven” that I am ready to do it again.  I will be casting another group and recreating another ad!  I am looking for babies 6 months to 1.5 years.  I am looking for all children of all abilities!  I want everyone included.  If you have a child and would be available in the next couple weeks to come in for a short session with me in my Palos Park Studio please send your childs name, age, picture and something that makes your child unique to my facebook page (inbox) .  You will receive 2 images from the session.  Lets change perceptions and encourage inclusion in advertising together!

Happy Monday everyone!  OXXO