I struggled this year to come up with a way to do my part.  To celebrate my daughter and the thousands of other people living with Down Syndrome on this blog.  I decided to reach out to my family.  This is their journey too.  They are growing and learning right along side their sister.  They were more then thrilled to let you all know exactly how they feel about their sister as well as her diagnosis of Down Syndrome.


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It became an interesting project because when I pulled them into the studio I did not tell them what I was going to ask them.  I asked the question and they gave me their answer as simple as that.   I hope you enjoy our family video in honor of our Daughter and their sister.



Grace is a blessing just like all our children are.  She is growing, learning and creating her own path in this world.  I can’t wait for her to be able to tell you what it is like living within our crazy family.  I look forward to the day she can communicate her thoughts on Down Syndrome to the world.  Until then we will continue to do the best we can to educate and encourage others to take the time to get to know Grace as well as all people who happen to have an intellectual disability.

People are people first and their disabilities are always second.  Our hope is for a more accepting and united future for everyone.

Love – The Driscolls