I am still reminiscing about the weekend.  It was filled with friends and family, along with a little organization of this house.  The weather was near perfect.  Windows open and fires at night.  I can feel the season changing (for real this time).  We are ready.

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Life is a funny thing.  When seasons change I always find myself saying there will be more.  There will be more spontaneous dinners and trips to the ice cream shop that are  unexpected.  There will be more calls to friends saying we are heading out the door can you meet?  Even if they can’t make it, the call will be made and the message, “I care about you” sent.  I want to send more of those messages instead of the excuses that life is too busy or I’m tired.  “Energy makes energy” as my husband always says.

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Sam and Libby folks!  I got my first pair in high school.  They are now at Target!  Run don’t walk!  They are so comfortable.

4Q3B1463 copy

This weekend was a prime example.  Our plans to head to the cottage for a quite weekend were quickly reevaluated at the last second.  Thoughts of, “what exactly were we thinking?”  were spinning around in our head.  My husbands family consists of 5 siblings, and a whole lot of cousins.  As much fun as it is to get together the thought of the event is overwhelming.  No one wants to be the one to put out the invite because along with that comes 12 adults and 20 adults/kids.  So I put out the last min, “Hey, I will host if you don’t have anything going on.” and my sister in law answered, “You are welcome here!” and I said, “Thank you God!”   Because of that little transaction we all landed on her front door step at 1:00pm on Easter Sunday and memories were made.

4Q3B1476 copy 4Q3B1481 copy 4Q3B1485 copyEven at 12 years old the excitement of an egg hunt lives on.  We literally had to bar the door till all the eggs were strategically placed.
4Q3B1487 copy 4Q3B1498 copy 4Q3B1503 copy

It was the perfect day!  Egg Hunt at all.  To think if we would not have connected those dots we would not have the memories of the trampoline, the kids running through the neighbors “grown up” party with no shoes and water guns and just good conversation.  We left late and the kids fell into bed once we arrived home.  Dirty feet and melted chocolate stains, both of which are signs of a successful family party.

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Part of the seasons change is recognizing the need to have those personal connections.  The real life hug and the hand shake.  I am craving them lately.  I want to suck every last drop out of the moment and hold on to the conversation, the laughs and the hug at the end.  I am grateful for the people who are in my life and missing those who are no longer.   I feel a shift.

I have butterfies in my stomach and I am super excited for Spring!

A couple things going on here in the studio!  I had an amazing week of successful sessions for 3 amazing designers.

Soft – A fantastic line for all kids.  It is super soft and all the seams are on the outside of the clothing.  Check them out!


Seam – Once again her designs amaze me.  They are beautiful and comfortable.  They move so nicely with the kids and cover those cute little bellies.

AH3A2142 copy

Molo – oh my…..Amazing!  The colors, textures and the stylish designs.  I.love.them.  If you are a boy mom, you will LOVE them even more.

AH3A2539-2 AH3A2577 AH3A2513 copy AH3A2475 AH3A2460 copy

The best part is that all these designers 110% believe in children of all abilities!  That my friends makes this photographer one happy lady.

I am also excited to announce that I will be doing the photography for the upcoming GiGi’s Playhouse annual calendar for 2015!  The shoots will be taking place in the coming weeks.  I am pretty giddy about this project.  It is one of those bucket list things. Nancy the founder of GiGi’s has an amazing eye for imagery and the fact that she chose me as the photographer this year is such an honor!  If you are interested in participating in the calendar for next year please get in touch here!  The shoots will be taking place in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Happy Monday Friends!  OXOX